Why the worlds gone soft not everyone is a winner

We look around the world today and we see it everywhere Baseball games, concerts, talent shows the list goes on and on where everyone is a “winner”. Well today we’re going to give some reasons why this happens, what it does to our brains and how we can fix it.

Why does everyone have to be a “winner” in life

This idea that people can always win is a dangerous road to go down. Why, because you are teaching people that they can always have their way no matter what. That they are “special” and are above everyone else they never feel the feeling of failure which is a key part of life, and boy when they do finally feel that feeling of failure the first thing they do is blame someone else. Which is why we must stop this idea of everyone is perfect and special if you earn something whether its a blue ribbon or a trophy. Truly earn it by being the best because not only does it give you the self-respect that YOU DID IT, But it shows you that in life if you do your best it’s not always gonna work out.

Here is an opinion from Dr. Hoedel who specializes in character development and leadership on the subject of giving someone a second place trophy. ” Dr. Hoedel’s Perspective: I’m old school on this one. I think participation, competition, teamwork and enjoyment should be its own rewards for participating in sports. I say skip the additional fee of the trophy and hold a team banquet at Dairy Queen. I believe that a coach, parent and teammates can do a better job of improving self-worth throughout the season than a trophy can provide after the season. I believe that building character is more important than trying to give a child self-esteem via a ribbon. Learn to lose with dignity, applaud those that bested you and work hard to improve. I believe these lessons will translate from the athletic field to school, college, career and life. As Hellen Keller once wrote, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

How we can fix this?

It’s really simple parents, coaches, and school staff need to stop this idea that it’s not OK to lose. We need to teach everyone but children the most that life is not fair and everyone is not a winner because if we don’t it will start to take over until they teach their children and so on until we come to the chilling world that know one really knows how to lose and don’t know what to do about it.

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