If You Could Have Witnessed An Event In History, Which Would You Choose? And Why?



I started my love for Furbys in about mid 2000’s since I am in fact a 90’s baby i’d beg my mother to head to McDonald’s it started up there then just about last week .

I bought a complete set for $86.00

I would of loved to be there for the idea 

I would & still have so many ideas for these little guys my favorite has to be this guy because that’s what my inner soul looks like.

But anyway that’s why I would of loved to whiteness the making of FURBBBYYYS*


Well while we’re all here and I have everyone’s attention  I’ll add one more historical event I would have LOVED TO WITNESS! 

 This is the making of styles hit band Lithium they make the greatest music I’ve ever heard and they’re totally not lame.

I would of loved to sat down while they’re created they’re greatness from the name to the studio sessions everything about this band is A1 SINCE DAY 1 

And if I could go back when it all started I totally would thank you style for making 

Such great music over the years 

-Jake Schrader

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