Different kinds of Texting

In this world people take advantage of texting and this is how they do it! There are several ways to type and several ways to phrase different things for example “okay” is one of the greatest you may of been texting your loved one and you may or may not have pissed them off so they hit you with that aggressive “k” everyone absolutely LOVES!! In my eyes there are levels of these abbreviations I’m going to break these down to you the best that I can!

1. “Okay” classic conversation nothing wrong just a typical okay maybe it’s an “are you okay” type thing

2. “OK” this one is a little complicated you can tell they’re getting aggravated maybe just to lazy to type “okay” shit maybe it’s an “I’M OK” but you really aren’t thing who knows but just know you’re in the safety zone still

3. “K” ohhhh boy YOU FUCKED UP or they just don’t wanna talk if you get a straight up “k” you’re either boring and that conversation just died OR you fucked up or you’re a parent that doesn’t like texting again this has many meanings but typically you did something wrong and my advice is to leave them on read because nothing good comes from “K” at that point you’re both now aggregated and you two just need a break


1.“I love you” full LOVE nothing wrong with it very underrated some people just say I love you cause it’s the common thing to say but my opinion is if they take the time out of they’re sweet day and write this out they generally LOVE YOU and they’re winning big love energy right there

2. “love you” okay pause! You guys ever see the type where they just say love you back they don’t even say love you too? LIKE JUST SAY LOVE YOU TOO DAMN IT! Don’t be like “loveeee youuuuu it’s just so corny just say “love you too”! Okay back to what I was originally saying this right here is an okay thing to say you got love for the person maybe you’re in a hurry and you just leave it at love you bye! This one plays by conversation it can go both ways but if you just get a love you odds are they’re kinda upset at something but yet I could be wrong this could be a good thing who knows no one texts me so I wouldn’t know

3. “ILY” same as “k” you messed up that’s your problem and again I think you should leave them alone for bit because if you reply “ily2” it’s just going to create issues but AND THIS A BIG BUT! This might be a cute thing you two might of just got together and be texting back and forth “ilyyyyy” “HA GAY” odds are you messed up and they just don’t wanna talk to you I don’t think family dose this as much as the “k” thing but on sure it happens at the end of the day if they don’t have the time to type out “I love you” and they put “Illllyy” you’re probably the best friend in the friend zone or you fucked up

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