The Untold Truth about Money.

You see the rich owning there own homes buying sports cars you could only dream of. With no credit card debt, no student loan debt, no debt at all just enjoying their dream life. Then there is you, you are probably working a job right now maybe even two. Maybe you went to college and got a job from that. Like most American’s you probably have no savings, a high living cost and you feel trapped. Making Good money, making wealth that will make you feel better feels like a dream. One day you stop to ask yourself a question how did they do it, How did they get there the Millionaires and Billionaires especially the ones you got their fortune at a younger age. It blows your mind.

You start to think to your self that somehow it was magic. That they somehow rigged the system that they got lucky that they did not earn it. Or that money does not make them truly happy. Then you come to the chilling fact that you will never buy that fancy car or suit or you will never be able to travel to your dream vacation spots around the world. You just give up and go own with the same old same old lifestyle of “living”.

What if I told you there was a way to change your life forever a way to make a change in your life that you always wanted. Now it will not be easy as change never is but I got I feeling if you listen and learn this article might change your life forever. Lesson 1 how do you get money? This has been a question most of us ask our self’s every day. Most people would say work a boring 9-5 every day to get it. Others may be lucky enough to inherit wealth. I say this because the fact is most people’s wealth is a result of their up brings. There is an old saying from nothing comes nothing. This means if you have nothing you’ll probably never have anything which isn’t your fault you never really learned about wealth. Another flaw is that education we talked about most schools do not talk about wealth how to make it, how to keep it and to grow wealth which is a serious problem in our country.

I know, I know we’re gonna have to talk math for a second because there is an equation most of us understand, and its this that working a job brings in a salary mind-blowing I know but it’s wrong you will never make a wealthy amount of money from that. You will how ever lose your most important aspect of being a human and that is time before you know it you have traded time for money but you are too old to spend any of it which is a bad trade-off.

worker running after a sneaky dollar

you have to stop chasing after money like a rat on a wheel you go after money it is what runs your life. What you have to understand it’s about value people will pay someone big time if they are valuable to them. That is what separate’s Lebron James from your local janitor both work but one is more valuable to a company than the other. And are paid accordingly. The oldest way to become very valuable is to solve a problem. someone has more problems you help, the more valuable you become the more money you will make.

Finally to wrap up this article up you have to put this together in a way that you can solve problems in a scalable way and remember you are not trying to do 50 things at once find a problem people talk about make something better because once you find that problem that makes peoples lives better. Money will never be a problem again.

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