Unisex Fashion Trends

Schrader here telling you what should be wore in public and definitely SHOULD not this blog is going to cover a lot of fashion statements and it might piss off the Gen Z but let’s all realize a lot doesn’t piss them off so here we go

I wanna start this off with guys heading to the Solon now it’s okay to take care of yourself but these guys are doing the whole nine yards they are skipping Saturday with the BOIS and getting they’re nails neon purple with their sparking toes I personally would feel so uncomfortable heading to a Solon saying yeah “give me the works mani with a Pedi and oh yeah don’t forget the color” I guess we can call it Solon Sunday’s I can only imagine a group of the boys heading to the Solon instead of cracking a cold one

Next on the list has to be for the lady’s when are you going to stop stealing clothing and never giving it back.. let’s take a moment of silence for all the hoodies & shirts guys lost because some girl seen a nice piece of clothing just to barrow and THEY NEVER GAVE IT BACK (okay if we’re being honest here I have quite a bit of styles clothes. SORRY BOSS)

Okay moment of silence is OVER.. continue the blog.. NEXT.. this ones for the gentleman wearing leggings I’m so confused on why this is a Trend NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR DOWNSTAIRS MIX UP put on some skinny jeans like the rest of us and call it a day I get wearing skinny jeans but come on now you can only go so tight! How tight is tight ya know what I’m sayin 😉 (that’s what she said)


Face masks are going on the list cause I feel like I see anything used as a face mask and half of them look like they been threw 2 percent or 3 anal surgery’s if you’re going to rock a face mask PLEASE switch them out OR get a cloth one wash it regularly a side note please stop throwing them everywhere pick them up toss them away clean up our lovely merica

Now here’s the time of the blog where I point out my favorite fashion Trend

My personal favorite & I think I need to work on is PATRIOTIC! MERICA BABYY If you are having trouble finding a style That fits you this will never let you down it’s a perfect Freedom Flow a mixture that everyone looks good in and it‘a sold at your local Walmart make sure you get there before 8:30 though!!!

1. Let’s start off with cheap old swimming trunks and if you don’t have those let’s grab some old work jeansand CHOP CHOP CHOP them bad boys at the knee make sure you don’t go above the knee because you’ll end up like one of those uh Hipsters and no one wants that


2. NEXT.. let’s grab you a beat-up merican Flag Shirt… Now we’re talking now if you in a predicament and can’t find a merican flag shirt just find the closest Harley Davidson shirt you can find & Rip the Shit out of it I promise you it’ll go with the Leather skin you’ll probably get from floating in that Walmart pool you spent ya last paycheck on

3. YOU WANNA GRAB YOURSELF A BANDANA You can either do the gardener style OR You can hand band that shit any design will do! You can also use it as a handy dandy face mask these bandanas have many uses after a long day of sweating you can wipe your head then if you believe in the rona virus you can wrap it around your mouth and head into Walmart and grab some more stylish clothing that’s hip and trendy!!

Alamy Stock Photo

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