As we all know our beloved warped tour was taken away in 2019 that’s when the madness began so with everything going on I think we deserve a warped tour 2020! So Here are my personal top 10 bands I’d love to see at a warped tour reunion enjoy

Photo found on tumbler, WHO uses tumbler anymore REALLY

1. Bowling For Soup, I perfect comeback waiting to happen!

2. SMASHHH MOUTHHH, all I can imagine is Shrek moshing in the crowd

3.doodle bops, they’re better than Icp What can I say

4. Old blink 182, because we miss Tom

5. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, because daddy never took me to the black parade 😦

6. Lithium, because they deserve all the attention they can get

7. Sum 41, one of my favorite bands


9. papa roach, because “I cut my life into pieces”

10. Puddle of mud, because she fucking hates me!

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