5 of the best Breakfast foods to have anytime

Your stomach starts to rumble you look at the clock it’s 9pm. You want something good to eat but all you have is breakfast foods. Well today we’re gonna talk about the bests ones.

#5 Oatmeal not as popular as some of our other breakfast foods on the list. Things it has going for it it’s fast it has different flavors and it will fill you up.

#4 Egg sandwiches as a stable of breakfast foods the egg sandwich is the best food anytime day or night also really good and filling.

#3 Pancakes and sausage nothing is more yummy then freshly made pancakes and sausage on the side. A true meal that can be eaten anytime.

#2 On our list is a classic it’s Biscuits and gravy. Wether it’s homemade or bought at a restaurant you can’t go wrong with this classic. A delicious meal that can be enjoyed anytime.

#1 Our top spot on the list is cereal. A food that was made to be eaten anytime day or night. Quickly can be made with its many flavors. Your not living till you have had cereal at midnight.

Blog done by Half Point for stylesrebelradio.com

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