2020 It’s not over yet!

As we look to 2021 it can’t seem to get here quick enough we’re going to look back at some of the moments that made 2020. Also, we’re going to look ahead because we still have a presidential election to look forward to so strap in.

January was the start of a new year so hopeful. But things soon changed has not only did half of Australia burn. We were also near war world 3 with Iran after a drone was shot down. Thankfully we did not.

February with the thought of war over we move to next month we’re more bad news starts hitting The world with a mysterious virus hits the planet. They call it COVID?

March now we know this horrible virus has the chance to make a lot of people sick and is killing people in numbers not seen in a long time.

April we now go on full lockdown here in The United States has so does many other countries. Many ask what’s next?

May with the country on lockdown and almost half the US out of work. The US is a tinder box and is sent off after the killing of an unarmed black man.

June the US goes through night after night of riots in major cities. As many people start looting and burning businesses down not seen since the early 60s. Also unemployed is at an all-time high not seen since the 20s

July some good news as some cities and states start to ease up on the lockdowns allowance of work begins again things seem to have turned around.

August again riots start to pop up again this time in rural Wisconsin also in New York, LA, Portland, and Seattle. Nobody knows when the riots will stop.

We are now in September wake me up when it ends. Little word on play there to try and easy the pain. If you have survived all that congratulations now we still have to look forward to. A Heated and probably the most important election of our time so go out and vote also. Except for more riots after the elections so please be safe and also check out Stylesrebelradio.com we will keep you updated with all the info in this crazy year. Is it New Years yet?

Blog done by half point for stylesrebelradio.com

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