5 Tips to win you’re Fantasy League!!!

As we move to Fall it’s football season that means hard hits and long runs. Also, it means Fantasy Football is back!!!! Were gonna walk you some tips you may use to win you’re league

Tip #5 DO Not Draft a Quarterback in the first round I know that it may seem like a smart choice given Lamar Jackson and other high profile QBs. The value isn’t there when other QBs like Dak Prescott and Tom Brady can be picked up in later rounds.

Tip #4 if you have a top-five pick take one of the many high value running backs from Zeke to Barkley you can’t go wrong with any of these beast running backs.

Tip #3 Do not Draft a Defense before the last 2 rounds I see this every year some take a top Defense in the 6 round. It’s a wasted pick when you get good value in the later rounds in this case defense doesn’t win championships.

Tip #2 To point out number 3 above please DO not draft a kicker before the last 2 rounds. I see that people take Kickers as early as the 5th round and that team usually ends up finishing in the last place. You can get good value in the later rounds at this positions.

And finally, Tip #1 Have fun enjoy playing that’s what it’s all about. At the end of the day you are the GM of you’re team make it how you want. Whether you’re playing co-workers, Family, or friends go out and have fun. Just please don’t take a kicker in the first round.

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Blog done by Half Point

All images rights go to espn.com and the NFL.com

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