Why the Debates we’re Doomed from the start!

Why the debate were canceled and how it looks going ahead in the future debates.

It’s no secret that nobody wanted Biden to do the debates at all. They have planned to hide in the basement and let trump ruin his chance of winning re-election. The Orange man bad routine so that means not answering questions like will you pack the court? Will you add DC and Puerto Rico as states? Will get more into that and why the presidential debate campaign looks bad.

Why the presidential Campaign looks bad?

The “moderator” for the second debate was supposedly “hacked” on Twitter when a tweet came out to ask if he should “respond to trump” this is a horrible look for an organization that is supposed to have to not have a favorite candidate just facts for the American people.

Then right after that mess they come out and say because of the risk of Covid-19 they are doing the next debate virtually which only helps Biden because again he can sit in the basement get spoon-fed questions and answers all night with no criticism. While Trump could have “delays” not allowing him to respond to the hard-hitting questions he would get. But I think it backed fired a little on the Presidential Debate Committee.

Why Doing a virtual Debate hurts the Debate Committee

It Backfired for two reasons again Biden will not get in front of the American public and explain how he’s going to fix us with real plans not just the “Get out the vote “ stick but real plans because we are in real trouble in America from deaths reaching 100,000s of thousands of life’s to riots that are burning our cites to the ground to a poor economy that will likely hurt 50% of small mom and pop business if nothing is done soon these are the questions that should be answered by the candidates in the public view.

The second way it backfired is because trump can just do a rally that will bring In thousands of people along with the press and get free air time that will. He sets the tone and what they talk about here. Also, he as a crowd something that helps him be himself. It’s just sad in today’s world that everything has become political.

To wrap up here there are no winners the American public can’t see who their voting for the candidates themselves can’t get their message out if they have one. And the committee looks like it’s playing favorites with Biden. All in all, will have to see what happens from this. But we can’t live in a functional society with the mindset of Orange man bad. When he hasn’t been.

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