Top 5 Dumbest places to have sex!

There are a lot of places that people would think are really romantic or “I saw this in a movie once” type of places but nothing beats the safety of a good old fashioned bed so anyway let’s get it on. 😉

1) The Beach

I’ve selected the beach for the number one spot because there are so many things that could go wrong and will go wrong while having sex on the beach not to mention, sand where sand shouldn’t be, the intense yeast infection that is inevitable, but also the lack of privacy.

2) The Car

sex on the car is simply just a lack of space, don’t even get me started on the leg cramps that can be disastrous!

3) Your Parents House

There are many reasons why having sex at your parents house is a bad idea but the top reasons are your freaking parents are there, you can’t be too loud, and honestly everyone in the situation is just uncomfortable.

4) The Shower

I know it’s all hot and steamy but there is water in your eyes and really not a lot of room to maneuver not to mention it’s slippery.

5) The Pool

I’m not even going to go into the fact that you should never have sex in a public pool but if you have your own pool you may have already found out that sex in a pool is nearly impossible water is not a lubricant!

There are many creative places to have sex in your own home, you don’t really have to go searching for a fun new place that may ultimately be very embarrassing.

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