Professional Opinions

New Series Giving You The Most Accurate and Articulate Opinions on the Internet

1.) Politics are dumb, usually involves alot of propaganda and are not actually effected by the vast majority of people who believe they are making the difference. Don’t believe the hype.

2.) Music is super important, not just like “omg this song is so good, such a bop.” But it actually has an effect on people; Their thoughts, ideologies, mood, intelligence, the list could really go on forever. Firm believer that music is more important than we make it out to be and should be protected at all costs, no matter your taste.

3.) The internet changed humanity as we know it and this world will never be the same because of it.

4.) Tik Tok is too over-stimulating for humans, the vast array of emotions it can make one feel is just not healthy for the brain to handle, not saying we physically can’t handle it just that we shouldn’t. I still totally use it though.

5.) Gen Z is a completely different beast from any generation we’ve ever seen before and will move society forward more than any other has in recent generations. Whether that be for good or bad.

6.) The pineapple on pizza arguement is stupid and we need to move on. It’s good, and that’s ok. Anyone who disagrees just don’t get it on your ‘za and keep my name out of your mouth with any slander.

7.) Not all cops need guns, especially in today’s country/social climate. I do think there should be units in all police forces with full access to any kind of weapon they may need, but the dude giving me a ticket for going 35 in a 25 does NOT need to be strapped, I promise.

8.) Anything is possible with the right intentions, hard work and a firm belief in what you’re working towards.

9.) Most all devices with a camera or microphone are always watching/listening, regardless if we have anything good to say or not.

10.) Anime is for everyone. You just haven’t found the one for you yet.

11.) Wu-Tang is for the children (rest in peace/power ODB)

12.) Regardless of your thoughts on the series, the MCU was/is groundbreaking for what it means to create a lasting franchise in the film industry.

13.) Do what makes you happy. If anyone ever gives you shit for doing something you love break their nose and spit on their face. No questions asked.

14.) Super Mario World is the best video game of all time. Anyone at any age can jump in and have a great time regardless of skill level or knowledge of the series. Do not try to argue this one with me, I will die on this hill.

15.) You don’t need to chop/dye your hair to get over him/her, just go to therapy already.

16.) Having good communication skills is one of the most important yet overlooked traits a person can have.

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