Drive Thru Covid Testing

There are many things that I did not expect when taking my covid test like:

  • You become your own doctor, they give you your test kit and you perform your own test.

  • Touching your own brain (it feels like) with an extra long q-tip is the most unsatisfying thing you will ever go through.

  • Why in the world do they need to know your race and ethnicity in order to put a q-tip up your freaking nose.

  • You break your q-tip in half and put it in the tube that contains something that looks like a light cranberry juice.

Honestly I understand that they don’t want to come near you incase you are infected or whatever but how are we to know how to do the swabbing correctly if we are not trained professionals. All I’m saying is that the whole system was a little misguided even though I did receive a youtube link from my test site on what steps to take while going through the drive thru process.

Blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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