It has become painfully obvious to me that the whole plot to the movie tangled could have been avoided and now I’m going to tell you about it.

In the movie tangled Rapunzel has magic hair and gets kidnapped as a child by Gothel then for the time that she is with Gothel every year on her birthday her birth parents (the king and queen) light off Chinese lanterns to show that they never forgot about her… Idk something like that but that’s not my point, anyway after some time Rapunzel’s birthday is coming up again and she wants to go see these lanterns so she enlists the help of a run away thug Flynn Rider anyway long story short they fall in love and she finds her parents Gothel stabs Flynn and he chops off Rapunzels hair which kills Gothel and then Rapunzel saves Flynn.

Okay now that we are on the same page of how this movie plays out all of this could have been avoided if Gothel would have told Rapunzel she was born on a different day. Hear me out if she was told her birthday was a completely different month then she wouldn’t have wanted to go see the lanterns as a gift for her birthday I mean yeah she still may have left her tower at some point but she may have never come across the Kingdom of Corona also she may have still met Flynn bc he did climb into her tower but she probably would have just sent him on his way without asking him to take her to see the lanterns.

Honestly I believe that this whole thing was Gothels fault and nobody could change my mind.

Blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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