Rules for my wedding TikTok trend

I’ve seen this trend everywhere and I decided I wanted to do it so here we go.

I’m not that picky of a person so it’s not a big bad list of demands but it’s a pretty big day so I have some requests.

1. I’m not trying to be rude but don’t bring your kids.

2. Don’t be that asshole that wears white, it’s not your fucking day.

3. NOBODY better be planning on proposing at my damn wedding! HELL NO! You do that and see who stands up and objects at your wedding…bitch.

4. If you’re hanging out with me before do NOT post any pictures of me before I walk down the aisle.

5. No flower toss tackling, the longest married couple gets my flowers.

6. No garter toss, no free show here.

Honestly that’s it for now but my wedding probably won’t happen for a long time. I will not be changing my mind about the rules though so.

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