Let’s Talk Hypothetical

This world is a simulation and however you may feel you are not the main character in the story none of us are this is a test.

This test is put in place to see what works and what doesn’t including but not limited to planes, cars, medications, diseases, and even politics. These are the type of things a superior world would like to know they take what they have learned from us and apply it to there world that is why our technology, transportation, and even clothing have changed and evolved so much they try out things here then apply them to make their lives easier we are just the mice in their experiments.

If you think about it what happened to the egyptians, the Romans and many of other ancient civilizations dead and gone because they didn’t work out so hypothetically what happens when things in our modern world don’t fit needs for the powers that be?

Do we all get sick and die in some kind of plague?

Does it all go the way of the dinosaurs?

Are we going to get wiped out by tragic weather phenomenons?

What if we all just drop dead?

The point here is we don’t know and hypothetically it might never happen but if it does, will we know?

And since this is hypothetical this isn’t real so there isn’t anything to worry about… or is there?

Blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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