Is Pokémon Go Still Popular?

Personally I believe that every mobile game comes and goes popularity, like i’m pretty sure we all still have minecraft mobile hidden somewhere on our phones just in case we feel like doing a little crafting every once in a while but I don’t think Pokémon Go will ever die.

In January 2021, Pokémon GO had approximately 827,000 daily active uses via iPhone in the United States. Released in July 2016, the game has remained popular and is still regularly ranked among the leading mobile games worldwide.

There are many reasons I believe that this game will never go away putting it simply it’s an easy game and it gives you something to do if you’re really bored for example if you are itching to do something you can always look where the nearest raid is or walk to multiple pokestops and get your exercise in as well.

Anyway Pokémon GO isn’t going anywhere i’m still playing.

Blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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