Fun Things To Do During Fall

There are many things to do during the spooky season and I’m here to tell you my favorites.

1. Go to a pumpkin patch

While at a pumpkin patch you could do all kinds of things other thank picking out your perfect pumpkin, many of them have corn mazes and other attractions to enjoy.

2. Go to an apple orchard

Apple orchards are a lot of fun you could pick your own apples or enjoy hot apple cider they might also have some tasty teats there too.

3. Haunted house

There’s nothing better than being jump scared by a teenager in bad makeup with a group of friends.

4. Hiking

Once it cools down outside and the leave start to change it’s the perfect time to get a little exercise in the beautiful outdoors.

5. Go on a drive

I love to discover new things around where I live and with the fall scent in the air nothing is better than driving around with your windows down listening to music.

6. Get together with your family

I know it’s not too long before thanksgiving but the beginning of fall is a great time to do something with your family that doesn’t have any holiday expectations attached to it.

Just get outside before the snow comes that’s my only request.

blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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