Who Is Jet Star

This Friday afternoon, 04/22/22, local Cleveland musician Jet Star will appear on CBW Radio’s Rock Revival show, But who exactly is Jet Star?

CBW Radio prides itself on being The Last Station You’ll Ever Need, Providing the best variety of music you can find anywhere online. Spanning all decades as well as all genres, one of the most important genres of music when it comes to Radio Resurrected is Independent and Local music. Always an honor and a privilege CBW brings to you some of the absolute best around. As previously showcased with local Akron band, The Breezeway, CBW will be adding Cleveland native, Jet Star, to their regular rotation! But who exactly is Jet Star, The following is a short interview conducted via SMS to help answer just that question!

How would you describe your sound?

“I’d like to call what I do space funk, but I really enjoy working in multiple genres. Maybe jazzy synthetic space funk? I like to work in one genre but include elements and staples of others. I like to make very odd or less familiar Melodie’s, and I “Manually” Dj. I use my vocals as an instrument as well, and I was in several different choirs throughout high school, so layering vocals and building a choir of my own voice is common in my music.”

She continues,

“I also have synesthesia so I like to work in colors. I’ve been producing for a very long time, and since I started I’ve been making collections of colors and how they sound to me. I prefer to produce my music so that it’s an experience in its entirety. Something immersive.”

Who are your musical influences?

“Grimes, Marc Rebillet, Filler, Saint Motel, and Caravan Palace. I was raised on a lot of jazz but a lot of what I make now is the result of overindulging in these particular favorites.”

Where does the name “Jet Star” come from?

“My old fried ace started calling me jet in 2019, then Jet star. One of My favorite movies is Tank Girl, she’s one of the characters. I always went by fake names growing up, but Jet has stuck. I feel like it fits me better than anything, honestly, it’s the only name I’ll respond to right away. Thanks, Ace boogie!”

How did Planetary Gore come to be?

“I have a r i d i c u l o u s amount of music, and this particular album has gone through many different transformations over the past two years. It was ready in 2020, then I made stuff I liked better, and then it happened again, and again. This year I narrowed it down from 32 songs to the 12  you hear now. Only five of them were absolutes, the other seven just stuck and were work-in-progress acoustics. None of the songs from the original three versions of this album actually made it into this collection, but that’s not a bad thing. 
I wanted Planetary Gore to be an ALBUM. Like a mosaic, meant to be heard in that order. I feel like there’s a very good balance to it, and I’m very happy with the result. 

Fun fact- the original title for this album was QUARANTUNES. “

Jet Star will join me this Friday, 4/22/22, During The Rock Revival on CBW Radio to showcase some of her music featured on Planetary Gore, as well as play all of your requests! Be sure to keep up to date and follow Jet Star on Instagram as well as CBW to keep your finger on the pulse of the next up and coming musicians!

This article was originally written by Style for StylesRebelRadio.com

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