Sexting: Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images, primarily between mobile phones, of oneself to others. It may also include the use of a computer or any digital device. 

Sexting can be a wonderful way to get to know someone and learn about their turn ons at a safe distance and a slower pace.

Due to the advent of dating and hook-up apps, it’s also likely sexting can be one of the first ways you start flirting with a new person. Sexting can also be used to spice up an existing relationship, or keep the juices flowing between dates or during long-distance relationships. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, sexting behavior is common among American adults, with 82.20% reporting sexting within the last year.

Should you start slow? Launch into the raunch? How do you determine what’s the best way to approach a new sexting buddy? And where can you find sexting examples to help inspire some of your own? You might be afraid that to be good at sexting you’ll need a rich imagination and huge sexual lexicon. Rest assured, it’s actually much easier than this.

The first thing to do when starting to sext with someone is making sure you’re both into it. The best way to find out is to ask. Here are some sexting examples to get the party started:

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Can I share one of the naughty fantasies I had?”

“I took a naked selfie and I think I look cute. Wanna see it?”

“I miss you. Can you send me something naughty?”

If your sexting partner is eager, go for it! Once you get the go-ahead, here are some sexting examples and frameworks to get you going.

Let’s break down sexting into a couple different styles:

• Flirtation

• Fantasy

• Memory

• Tasks/Requests

These four main categories of sexting are designed to help you come up with good sexting examples on your own.

Flirty Sexting Examples

Flirtation is perfect for getting to know someone new, though it can be a great way to introduce sexting into an existing relationship, too. The tone can be coy and playful. Rather than describing specific scenes or fantasies, it can be fun to play with innuendo. It’s also a good idea to start with complements and questions. Here are some Flirtation-style sexting examples:

“I like your profile pic. It makes you look like you have a secret.”

“I had a dream about you the other night. Would you like to hear about it?”

“Thinking about you makes me feel all warm and tingly. I would love to see you again soon.”

You may notice that this style isn’t necessarily about sex. Rather, it’s a way to dip your toes into sexting, and gauge where the other person is at. Here are some more flirtation-style sexting examples:

“I’m in bed. Want to give me something to think about as I fall asleep?”

“Thanks for the voicemail. My god, your voice just drives me wild.”

“I’m really excited for our date next week. I’m having fun deciding what kind of underwear to wear.”

“You really know how to talk to me. I can’t wait to see how you touch me, too. ;)”

Flirtation style sexting can certainly escalate to more explicit styles. It can also stay light and sweet, too. The key is for both of you to be on the same page about what feels comfortable and exciting.

Fantasy Sexting Examples

Fantasy-style sexting is all about telling a story or collaborating on a shared scene. Fantasies are a perfect way to assess someone’s tastes and desires, while also learning about what they don’t like. Here’s a great formula for sexting fantasies:

1. Gauge Interest

2. Share a sexy thought. It could be a setting, an action, or a scenario.

3. Ask them what that makes them think of.

4. Repeat 2 and 3

Mild Fantasy Sexting Example

Here are some sexting examples in the Fantasy style, using the above framework:

A: Can I tell you what I want to do with you next time we get together?

B: Sure.

A: I bought new massage oil. I want to lay you down in front of the fireplace and give you a full body massage. How does that sound to you?

B: Great.

A: What else would you like me to do to you?

Wild Fantasy Sexting Example

Or here’s another sexting example that’s more explicit:

A: “I can’t wait to taste you again.”

B: “Oh yeah?”

A: “I want to bend you over and eat you out from behind.”

B: “I want your sweetness to drip down my chest as you buck and moan. What about you? What do you want me to do to you?”

You can also play with creating complete scenarios. Here’s a sexting example that sets up a whole scene:

A: I’m imagining taking you to a glamorous sex party.

B: Tell me about it.

A: You’ll wear that outfit you wore on our first date. You look so sexy in that. We’ll arrive at the party in an opulent mansion in the hills. When we walk in, everyone will turn to admire how hot we look together. We’ll wander the rooms looking for a delicious third person to add to our scene. They’ll ask us what we want to do. What will you say?

And so on. Fantasy style can be the hardest for some people to master, because it can feel vulnerable to expose that much of one’s sexual psyche to another person. It can be a good idea to ask for positive reinforcement, by asking questions like, “Do you like this?” or “Is there something you’d like better?”

Memory Sexting Examples

Memory style sexting is great for established relationships where you already have a sexual history to pull inspiration from. It can be as simple as recounting a hot shared experience. Here are some sexting examples pulling from your shared sexual history.

A: Remember that trip to Maui?

B: I loved that trip.

A: You looked so hot as you held me on the balcony while the sun set. I wanted you so badly I felt like I could burst.


A: Thanks for the great sex last night.

B: What was your favorite part?

A: Probably when you pulled my hair just before you came.

Task/Request Sexting Examples

Finally, there’s Task/Request sexting. This is particularly good for people who enjoy playing with power-dynamics in their sex lives or are service-oriented in general. The tone you used is based on the way your partner likes hearing or sharing commands.

A: Do you want to do something right now to make me happy?

B: Yes.

A: I want you to jerk off right now and then I want you to tell me what you think of when you come.


A: Go to the office bathroom and send me a picture of your ass.


A: Did you get the package I sent you?

B: I did.

A: I want you to put them on and send me a selfie.

Sexting is an opportunity to be playful and flirtatious while communicating likes/dislikes, desires, and expectations. Have fun with it, play with your favorite sexting examples, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

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Fallout Weapons in Real Life

Real Life Fallout Weapons

If you’ve ever found yourself dismembering raiders in The Capital Wasteland with projectile coffee mugs and railroad spikes only to long for a reality where these implements if destruction exist, you’re not alone! Fortunately for us, the super-nerd exists. The following are some of the wildest and most impressive recreations of our favorite Fallout weapons!

Power Fist

Kicking it off with Ol’ Fisto himself, the Power Fist has been a Fallout series name stay. While having a few alterations throughout the years the base idea has remained the same, hydraulic metal fist. Often accompanied by rusty barbs on the end, The power fist is a melee build best friend. This real life adaptation hits the nail right on the head! Modeled off the basic Fallout 4 style Power Fist, this iteration is designed using compression similar to the in game design in order to propel the fist forward. Even to those who aren’t familiar with the Fallout series, this thing is 100% badass!



Continuing on with the both visually pleasing and lore accurate, This adaptation of the popular melee weapon, The Shiskebab, is constructed using almost the same concept design as in the game! Mirroring it’s virtual counterpart the real life model uses a motorcycle handle at the helm and three burners along the blade to deliver a scolding cut. Unlike the game design however, rather than having a front facing nozzle to expel the flammable gas, the creators opted for the more realistic and sensical fuel rod along the side witch is ignited by a park in the center of the blade. That being said, visually this model is still to the tee even going as far as to include the false nozzle and gas spicket.

Rocket Bat

Fallout 4’s creation engine gave a new lease to basic melee weapons the series had included from day one. With the inclusion of the revamped weapons workbench, and more damn aluminium than you’d ever thought you’d need in your entire life, normal everyday blunt objects became weapons of mass destruction. One of the simplest yet most satisfying of the bunch however is the Rocket Bat. With multiple alterations, the baseball bat changes from a throwaway scrap piece of wood to a jet propelled killing machine. Two rocket thrusters bolted to a swatter, what’s more american than that? The real life adaptation is not far off! While significantly smaller rockets are used, for obvious reasons, this adaptation is nearly spot on in every sense of the word!

Pipe Rifle

Unlike the previous entries this adaptation of Fallout 4’s Pipe Rifle does not follow the in game schematic. While the in game rifle is calipered in .38 rounds, the real life model is a simple BB build. While there is a significant difference in stopping power, this BB adaptation may be the most accurate and functional real life design, unlike some other cosplay designs. Hell, you’ve played the game, feels like a BB gun anyway.

Laser Rifle

Now unlike the rest of the entries on this list, this one does not come to us straight off the screen of post-apocalyptia. While this laser rifle is NOT inspired by the fallout series, it is the most accurate recreation of one. While other cosplays may have the dimensions and appearance, none can lay claim to actually being able to disburse a functioning beam. Now this is one badass piece of science!


How 5G will Change the world.

Verizon 5G networks are poised to change how people use the Internet. As consumers increasingly move from traditional, slower networks to more modern and fast networks, there will need to be a transition in technology. Here is a quick look at what Verizon’s network can offer customers.

Verizon 5G
Verizon 5G

Verizon 5G: Specs

5G Networks – Verizon’s 5G network is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity, delivering faster speeds and better reliability on more devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge technology with the newest high-end phones and devices, 5G promises connections that are multitudes more powerful than ever, with expected average download speeds of over 1 Gbps, just short of fiber-optic connections. When compared to current broadband services, Verizon’s network will be more powerful, faster, and even more useful. How can this be?

Verizon 5G
Verizon 5G

Faster – The technology that Verizon plans on using in its network will enable it to deliver incredible amounts of data with each signal sent to a customer’s device. The network will also have faster connections that last longer than standard broadband. In addition, it will also utilize the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology which is capable of delivering faster connections to users than other networks.

More Reliable – When it comes to connecting to the Internet, reliability is vital to customers. The faster connection speeds that Verizon can deliver will ensure that customers are receiving their information quickly and reliably. It is also expected that Verizon’s network will remain up whenever people are online. This means that people can stay connected no matter what. Whether they are sitting at home or work, users will always be able to connect to the Internet.

Verizon 5G: Faster Internet Specs

Verizon 5G
Verizon 5G

Multitudes of Devices – With the vast amount of new products and devices coming out each day, there will need to be a way for customers to access all of the new devices that they have purchased. Verizon’s network will provide an incredible way to deliver unlimited data and applications to all of these devices, giving customers the option to access them at the same time and on any type of device.

Faster – Internet access is something that everyone wants to have, but most people don’t have a chance to do so. Being able to access the web quickly and reliably is a necessity for today’s business people. With a service such as Verizon’s, it will be easier than ever to do so. With the latest technology in wireless networks, people will have the ability to access the Internet on their phone or tablet device without having to worry about losing the signal.

Verizon 5G: How it will help out Business

Video is CNBC credit goes to them and Verizon

Simultaneous Connections – Verizon’s network will allow people to easily connect to the Internet while on the go, whether that is through their mobile phone or laptop. With this technology, they won’t have to wait for a slow or unreliable signal to connect to their computer for the ability to connect.

As these are all features that are being offered by Verizon’s network, you are sure to see a lot of people talking about their experiences with their Verizon connections. If you want to find out more about the network and how you can start to see what it can offer you, visit Verizon’s website for more information.

Verizon 5G
Verizon 5G

As a business owner, you need to have access to the Internet at all times in order to keep your business functioning. You need to be able to connect to the Internet at all times of the day and night as well, in order to make sure that you are able to work with your computer and do what you need to do. To get the most out of your business. By having the ability to connect to the Internet, you will be able to save money and time, which can both be essential elements for any business owner.

Verizon 5G: Conclusion

Verizon 5G
Verizon 5G

With the use of mobile devices that you now use and the ability to connect to the Internet, you will be able to do just that and more. If you are a small business owner, this is the network for you.

By using Verizon’s network, you will be able to enjoy this great network, which is one of the best networks out there, while at the same time enjoying a reliable connection. For those who are looking to get started with a company and make it big, this is the network that you need to connect to. Get online, talk with your friends and family, and explore the network right now.

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Why Fallout Should Have Vehicles

The Fallout series by Bethesda has been experiencing a drop in sales over the past few years. Ever since Fallout 76, less and less people are becoming interested in the story and franchise. My boss and I were recently in a meeting discussing what would cause an increase of sales, and I proposed the idea of having a variety of vehicles around the wasteland.

Cinematic Cars


Everybody loves the stories of Dukes of Hazard and SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. But imagine yourself running into one of these cars whilst traversing the wasteland. You’d be hootin’ and hollerin’ too if you experienced this like I did in the picture above.

Speedy Bois

Also Bossman

Who needs mods to make your character go faster when you have the fastest car in the wasteland? Being able to find, restore, and drive around the wasteland running over ghouls and raiders will make you feel like the king himself.

Own Your Own Business

Another Bossman

A super reliable way to earn caps! Think of it as the player trading Fallout 76 offered but with sick ass cars. It’s a reliable way to get to the quests you want without fast traveling. You could also have the hottest car in the whole server making you a target, or a stud.

Become A Professional

You already know

Forza ain’t got shit on these new Fallout ideas. Become the most experienced and respected racer in the wasteland. Battling other players and NPCs in epic tracks and open roads. You could also use this experience for extremely effective drive-by’s on those who deserve it.

Learn the Trade


Learn the REAL LIFE trade in the newest addition to the Fallout series. Who needs schooling and an apprenticeship when you can make an online living repairing the vehicles of the experienced racers and criminals. Imagine yourself as Ellie from the famous Borderlands series and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.


Best cars of 2020 Ford vs Toyota.

In addition to its elegant looks, unique styling, and the legendary performance, the Toyota Corolla is among the premier luxury sports cars on the market today. But, when there is only one thread woven throughout the best car 2020, it’s practicality holds the title. In fact, this can be said to be the reason why there are so many people who have chosen to purchase these vehicles every year.

Best car 2020
Best car in 2020 guide

Best Car 2020: Toyota Corolla and Jaguar E

If you want to learn more about why the Toyota Corolla has been the top choice for the best car 2020 in the market this year, read on. First of all, you must realize that there are two different types of cars that are manufactured by Toyota – those that you drive and those that you lease or rent. Here are the two types of Toyota Corollas in your possession right now:

The first is the Jaguar E-type. Although it has a much shorter length than the Corolla and features a very compact engine, the E-type is still considered one of the finest sedans out there. It boasts of outstanding safety features, including airbags and a high level of driver involvement. The E-type is very fuel-efficient as well and will easily get you from point A to point B without experiencing any trouble whatsoever.

Best Car 2020: Honda Civic Facts

Best car 2020
Best car 2020

Next is the Honda Civic. This sedan comes equipped with a stylish and compact design, but it also has plenty of features that will make life a lot easier. Which also makes it the Best car 2020

Another great thing about the Honda Civic is its fuel efficiency. In fact, the fuel consumption is so low that it will even save you money on gas. Since the Civic only has two doors, you won’t have to worry about storage space – if you are planning to transport the vehicle from place to place. You also have lots of choices when it comes to colors and finishes.

Best cars 2020: Ford Mustang Info

And lastly, we have the Ford Mustang. This is perhaps the most famous and popular type of sports car in the world. The first generation of Ford Mustangs was designed for those individuals that wanted the ultimate in style and performance without having to spend much. For example, this type of car would be perfect for those people who are planning to race their cars. Compete at the highest levels of motorsport events such as Formula One and NASCAR.

While the first model of the Ford Mustang was not that good looking, however, this vehicle has undergone a series of upgrades that would turn the look of the vehicle into something close to perfection. The new generation has been developed to provide its users with a car that is as smooth and sleek as its name suggests. If you want to learn more about how well the Ford Mustang holds up against its competition, there are numerous magazines, books, and websites that will give you all the information that you need.

Best Cars 2020: Guide on picking Your car

Best car 2020
Best car 2020

Regardless, of what type of vehicle you prefer – whether it’s a Toyota Corolla or a Ford Mustang – the truth is that these cars can all serve as the best vehicles in the market today. But, if you want to be able to choose which among them will become the best ones of your dreams, you need to look no further than Best Cars 2020 guide.

Aside from providing you with a full list of the best vehicles currently in the market today, Best Cars also makes it possible for you to get a great car. This way, you will be able to test-drive these cars before making a final decision on which one to purchase. Although many manufacturers offer this kind of service, only a few actually offer it regularly.

It’s good news for those of you who want to get the latest and greatest automobiles. If you have never tried to test drive a certain automobile before, then you won’t know what to expect from it when you try to purchase one. However, you can try to do it on the best cars review website that is on the Best Car 2020 guide.

Best Cars 2020: Counclusion

You must keep in mind that while there are many different kinds of cars out there, some may be just a better choice than others for you. So, if you’re going to purchase one, it’s always best to look for the best car that will allow you to enjoy all that life has to offer. We hope you have enjoyed this best car 2020 Guide

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Top five date ideas on a budget!

If you are like me and you don’t have money like ever here a few date night ideas that won’t break the bank, a fancy night out doesn’t have to be your only choice.

  1. Honestly nothing beats sitting on the couch eating dollar menu items from mcdonalds while watching a movie on your friends moms netflix account with your man.

2. You could always get five dollar foot longs and have a subway picnic in the park, you didn’t go bankrupt on the foot and the park is always free.

3. Build a fort, don’t tell me it’s childish to build a fort you could be fifty and I wouldn’t judge you for building a fort. stay creative!

4. Take a nap together, honestly you can judge me for saying that a nap together is a date but I can not think of anything better than when he turns to me and says “wanna take a nap” ah man my heart melts.

5. Watch him play his video games… I know ladies the one thing as a woman you’re supposed to be bothered by welp I love sitting on the couch watching my man play through the Fallout games he enjoys it and honestly I really enjoy it, i’ve personally tried to play Fallout 3 and well I’m not that good so I watch him and it feels like we’ve played it together.

I know this isn’t the list for everyone but you might want to give it a try you never know what you may or my not like. These five things are my personal favorite things to do with my man that really don’t hurt the wallet at all, the most you’re going to spend is on food and if you do that right it shouldn’t cost much either.

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Fallout’s Best and Worst: Ghouls

Fallout’s Best and Worst Ghouls

For those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to seek shelter from the events of total nuclear annihilation in a state of the art underground vault brought to you by Vault-Tec, 200+ years of residual radiation will take it’s toll. Regardless of which game played host to your first encounter with one was, we all recall our first interaction with a ghoul. There are some out there who despise them, some who fight for them. and those who simply ignore them. Regardless of where you stand one thing is for certain, all ghouls are not created equally. We took a detailed look at the series and decided who are the best and worst ghouls in Fallout!

Best: Gob

An easy going, radio listening, rotting, bartender, We meet Gob in Megaton‘s Moriarty’s Saloon in Fallout 3. Gob is no stranger to the waste ridicule on ghouls and isn’t afraid to show it. While you do have the option to continue these antics and refer to him as a zombie, the latter shows how appreciative Gob is towards the civility. Possibly the only person in Megaton without his head firmly planted up his ass, Gob is also a solid source of information about his fellow residents as well as on the journey to find your dad.

Worst: Raul

Fallout Wiki

A prisoner found in the Mohave Wasteland, Raul has all the making to be one of the absolute greatest characters in the series. Voiced by legendary actor Danny Trejo, Raul comes to us with an interesting backstory, mustache, badass name, knowle of guns, and Mustache! So where does Raul fall flat? Unfortunately his biggest downfall comes by association.In a game like New Vegas with companion options such as Boone, Rex, and Gannon, Raul seems to fall by the wayside. While having the smokey, intimidating, legendary voice of Danny Trejo behind you may be awesome, the illusion of the ancient ghoul fades quick because of it. Apart from his voice and that sweet mustache, Raul lacks any interesting physical features coming off as just a typical ghoul.

Worst: Billy “Fridge Kid” Peabody

A remonderonce again, you cannot kill children in Bethesda games. Billy Peabody is found inside a fridge in The Commonwealth. At first introduction he’s just a scared kid, a 200 year old scared kid who somehow never grew up, who just wants to find his parents. However, Billy makes it increasingly difficult to help him. No only do you have to deal with the fact he is a useless temporary companion in any altercation, but if you can put up with that then his non-stop bitching will set you over the top. Seemingly every 5 minutes this kid is whining about this, crying about that. It’s just one of those times where a character fails to be sympathetic to the point of annoyance. Fortunately for the annoyed and evil players, you do encounter an option to have someone take him off your hands.

Best: Hancock

Ever dream of wandering the post apocalyptic radiation scorched earth with the decaying body of the man who proved he’s got the biggest balls in American history? Well you’re in luck!… Kinda. Actually the brother of the mayor of Diamond City, Hancock is a more recent ghoul self created by radioactive drug use. Hancock took up the name of the hung revolutionary and began serving as the laid back but never taken for granted mayor of Goodneighbor. Not only does the man have a cool, calm, collected complex that rivals Rob Van Dam, but when he gets down to it Hancock is all business. A companion that will provide hours of fun and compelling commentary and combat, Hancock is not only one of the greatest ghoul characters off all time, but companions as well.

Worst: Moira

Nexus Mods

Let’s be honest here, you blew up Megaton for one reason. You didn’t give a damn about Tenpenny, Simms, Cromwell or the entirety of the town. Moira’s endless tasks, childish voice, and oblivious personality that constantly put you in harms way crossed the line. You can’t kill her and make it out of town alive though you thought. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Boom! Bye bye Megaton. Upon returning to see your evil deed you find but one survivor. That bitch Moira Brown. Not only has she driven you to the point of using your own nuclear armaments, you did it for absolutely no reason. One last fuck you from not only the worst ghoul but one of the absolute worst characters.

Honorable Mentions

Vault-tec Rep


Roy Phillips


Weather you love them or hate them the ghouls of Fallout impact the paths you take and the stories we make. Let me know who your favorite and least favorite Fallout ghouls are in the comment section below! Be sure to check out even more Fallout content on Style’s Rebel Radio Here!


What Your Sleeping Style Says About Your Sex Life

Are you a fetus? A log? A starfish? No, I’m not talking about the animal you most closely identify with — I’m talking about how you sleep. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the U.K., did a study about what your sleeping position says about your personality. Identifying six common sleep postures, Idzikowski surveyed a thousand Brits about their sleep positions and personalities. The survey showed some interesting connections between the way people sleep and characteristics of their personalities. For example, people who slept in fetal position (by far the most common position) had a tendency to show a tough exterior, while being sensitive on the inside; people who sleep on their backs with their hands at their sides, in contrast, tend to be on the reserved side.

Idzikowski admits that while the survey gives real insight into how people sleep, the correlation between personality and sleep position is “probably [a] statistical curiosity” (In comments for an article about the study, Idzikowski suggests that the survey was done more for the sake of novelty than hardcore peer reviewed science; the results of the UK survey were not repeated when he tried the same thing with a Southeast Asian survey group). But still! This is a cool idea, no? The premise of Idzikowski’s study is fascinating, I think, because it suggests that we might express our feelings and attitudes when we are literally unconscious, when we have no ability to shape how others perceive us.

While we don’t have definitive proof that sleep position indicates personality, it’s fun to speculate about what our sleeping positions, which for most of us are deeply ingrained and instinctive, can tell us about ourselves – and especially about how we are in bed…when we’re not sleeping. That’s right, I’m talking about sex. If sleeping position can tell us about personality, might it not also tell us about what we’re like as lovers?

Come with me on a completely unscientific journey as I breakdown what your sleeping position might say about you.

1. The Fetus

Fetal sleepers lie on their sides, with their arms and legs curled inward. According to Idzikowski for BBC News, these sleepers are “tough on the outside but sensitive at heart,” with a tendency to be shy but open up over time. When it comes to their sex lives, sleepers who favor this position may be on the shy side at first, and tentative about reaching out for what they want, both emotionally and sexually. As they get more comfortable over time, however, they’ll become more outgoing and confident. Once they’ve established a solid foundation of trust with their partners, they’re sensitive, generous lovers who aren’t afraid to go for their desires.

2. The Log

If you’re a log, you sleep on you side with your arms straight down beside you. Idzikowski theorizes that log sleepers are social people who like hanging out with popular people and are generally easy to get along with. They trust easily, sometimes too easily. As sexual partners, logs may be fun, outgoing, and willing to try new things. Their tendency to trust people can come back to bite them, however—they’ve had their hearts broken before by people they shouldn’t have trusted.

3. The Yearner

Yearners sleep on their sides with their arms extended in front of them. Idzikowski’s survey suggests that these sleepers have an “open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical.” They take a long time to make a decision, but once they have, they stick to it. In sexual situations, yearners can be standoffish at first and slow to trust—they tend to assume the worst about potential partners. But once someone has finally gained a yearner’s trust, he or she will be in it for the long haul as an open, dedicated partner.

4. The Soldier

Soldiers sleep on their backs with their arms by their sides. The survey suggests that soldiers are characteristically reserved. These quiet people hate drama and expect others to act according to the same high standard that they do. Sexually, soldiers may prefer to stick to a routine – they are not ones for wild sexcapades. That’s not to say they’re bad in bed: they do their best to please and expect the same consideration from their partners. One hint of drama, however, and they are out the door.

5. The Freefall

Freefallers sleep on their stomachs with their heads turned to the side and their arms up around their pillows. The survey showed these sleepers to be “gregarious and brash people, but […] nervy and thin-skinned underneath.” They’re not comfortable with being criticized or with being involved in extreme situations. By this logic, freefallers are fun and outgoing in bed — to a point. They act like they’re into more adventurous sexual behaviors, but they draw the line at hardcore kink. They act uber-confident during sex, but that confidence is fragile. Criticism will send them into a meltdown.

6. The Starfish

Starfish sleep on their backs with their arms up next to their heads. Idzikowski suggests that these sleepers are good listeners who love to help out but don’t like being center stage. As sexual partners, starfish are good, generous lovers who listen to their partners and try to fulfill their needs. They have a hard time, however, advocating for what they want in bed. A good partner to a starfish will need to make sure that he or she gets his or her needs met – even when he or she doesn’t easily speak up about them.

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Dr. Chris Idzikowski’s BBC News article:,and%20a%20bad%20night’s%20sleep.

3 Healthy and Cheap Meals to make at Home

Cheap Healthy Meals that you can make at home

When you notice that you are spending too much money on food, you will come across the need to learn more about cheap and easy meals that you can make at the comfort of your home. There are numerous such cheap and easy meals available for you to prepare. To make your life easy, we thought of sharing information about the best meals out of them. You can simply go through this list and locate the easiest meals that you can prepare without spending a lot of money.

  • Sticky rice with soy sauce and vegetables
cheap healthy meals
cheap healthy meals

If you are interested in preparing a fulfilling meal without spending a lot of money, you can take a look at sticky rice with soy sauce and vegetables. At the time of preparing this meal, you should steam rice, add some vegetables, and heat them after placing inside a microwave-safe bowl. Then you can add some soy sauce as per your preferences. This is not a flashy meal, but you will be able to get your stomach full easily. If you can purchase frozen or canned vegetables, you can make this meal for under $5 and serve up to six people.

  • Tomato soup with grilled cheese
cheap healthy meals
cheap healthy meals

People who are concerned about nutrition can think about preparing cheese and tomato soup. This is a good idea for cheap healthy meals you will be able to prepare this meal for under $6 and serve up to four people. To begin with, you should purchase sliced cheese and use that to prepare grilled cheese. You can easily make grilled cheese. All you have to do is to butter some bread slices and keep them in a frying pan. Then you can place a slice of cheese for every slice of bread. You should heat both sides until they become golden brown. At this point, you will be able to see your cheese melted.

Then you can move to the next step, which is to create the soup. You can purchase creamy tomato soup from the market for under $3. Then you can follow the directions available in the package to prepare the soup. And another great Idea for dinner you can make.

  • Black beans and rice
cheap healthy meals
cheap healthy meals

Most of the people who have packed schedules prefer to prepare black beans along with rice. You can also get this meal ready without spending a lot of money. On the other hand, the taste offered by this meal is something that everybody would love. You can find this as a staple dish in numerous cultures out there in the world as well. You just need to use some inexpensive ingredients to proceed with preparing a lack of beans and rice. However, you can end up getting a perfect flavor out of it.

To begin with, you should take a stockpot, add some oil, and heat it under medium heat. Then you can add garlic and onion to it and sauté for around four minutes. You can then add rice and sauté for two extra minutes. After that, you can add the vegetable broth. Increase the temperature to boiling temperature, reduce the heat, and then cook your meal for a period of around 20 minutes. You will need to make sure that you are adding the perfect combination of black beans and spices before you serve this. Then you can end up with getting the best taste offered with it. This meal can be prepared for under $5 to serve six people.

Final words

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Now you are aware of three of the easiest and cheapest meals that you can prepare at home. Go ahead with these meals and you will fall in love with how they can save you money.

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Pros and Cons for Social Media!

Social Media why its both Good and Bad for you

Social media
Social media

People in today’s world are quite addicted to social media networks. We tend to log into our social media profiles daily. While using social media networks like that, it is worthy to learn more about the nature of the impact that they can create on your life as well. Keep on reading and you’ll be able to figure out the answers.

The positive impact created by social media

Social media
Social media

networks provide us with enhanced convenience when we are trying to remain connected with other people. It is the most convenient method available for us to get in touch with friends and family members all over the world. On the other hand, social media networks offer quick access to research and information. Hence, you will find it an easy task to locate something you want. On the other hand, social media networks have helped us to get in touch with businesses in a convenient way. We can even interact with the businesses and get to know about their latest offerings and promotions.

If you are a business owner, you can use media as an excellent marketing tool. It will be possible for you to take your business to greater heights with it. That’s because all your potential customers are on online media. You just need to get in touch with them and promote the products. On the other hand, media networks are offering numerous opportunities for remote employment as well. There are numerous initiatives taking place on media networks to create social awareness and fundraising. All these efforts contribute a lot to the betterment of the community.

The negative impact created by social media

Social media
Social media

Along with all the good things that come with media, there are some negative effects that it can create on your life. Addiction to social media is the biggest concern out of them. Online media networks are quite addictive, and we tend to spend a considerable amount of our time in using them. This can create a negative impact on our productivity levels.

When you start using media, dopamine will be released in your brain. As a result, you will feel good about the time you spend along with the social media network. That’s where you will eventually get addicted to it. Once you notice all the positive comments and notifications popping up on the screen, you will get the temptation to browse media.

After you get addicted to online media, you will have to deal with the fear of missing out. That’s where you will come across the need to continuously log into your media profiles and see what’s taking place out there. This can create a direct impact on your mental health.
It is also important to keep in mind that things we see on online media are not the same as we can see in reality. For example, the friends that you can find in social media networks might not actually be friends of you. They can even be strangers to you.

Final words

Social media
Social media

Now you have a clear understanding of how online media can create an impact on your life. If you can be aware of this, you will be able to take appropriate measures to get the good things offered by media into your life and stay away from the negative impacts that would come on your way. Along with that, you will get the chance to enjoy your life and make your life easy.

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