About Style

“Radio’s Rebel DJ” Style

On-Air Host, Web manager, Assistant PD(CBW)

Jordan Toler, aka “Radio’s Rebel DJ, Style”, here. I serve as an on-air personality at CBW Radio for the Rock Revival every Friday and The Rebel Radio Show every Monday. I host a free content creation webpage featuring Radio, Podcasts, Articles, and more as well as manage the CBW Productions/Radio website. My passion is music and I surround myself with it in every aspect of my life. I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from the 1930s- today, which can be heard during The Rock Revival. I strive to create and carve my own path my way.


Cleveland and WIXY1260 Radio Legend Chuck Knapp Talks About Style
“A Valley View, Ohio, native, music has been Jordan’s life-long love. While many kids collected baseball cards and listened to radio Disney, he was busy studying music from the past 30 years. At 13 he started his band, Lithium, as its Singer Songwriter, and plays several other instruments. Jordan’s musical taste varies widely between Elvis Presley and Nirvana – this includes WIXY era artists and those emerging today. Our youngest DJ, he fits right in when it comes to passion for the music – a passion we hope spreads to his peers. He dubbed himself DJ “Style” after reciting Ric Flair promos about “Stylin n’ Profilin” (but we think it’s because of his hair…) A talented, ambitious young guy, Jordan enjoys writing music, watching wrestling, and nature – all while attending the Ohio Media School. His motto is, “Life’s too short to waste it not doing what you love.” – we couldn’t agree more! “   


"I met Jordan when he was a student and the Ohio Media School. I always like talking to Jordan because I can tell he has a passion for broadcasting. There's not many people that are under the age of 30 that seem to get it, I can honestly say Jordan gets it. Jordan understands a bit, he understands how to entertain. More importantly he loves radio and he loves broadcasting. His work ethic is second to none, He's a superb editor. And he's a great host, The best thing about Jordan's work ethic is how he can adapt, It's not often something will catch Jordan off guard. Jordan deserves to be in broadcasting because of how hard he will work and the pride he takes in his work. Any company that takes a chance on Jordan will not regret it. If there are any questions I can answer please feel free to reach out"
- Jake Underwood, WTAM1100

Jordan has a true love and drive to learn all he can about whatever the task calls for and more. With a solid work ethic, a deep passion for music, contributing to the team as well as being adaptable.
-Joe Czekaj, WNCX