Guilty Pleasures

Everyone needs that time for themselves to do what they love best, even though it may not be the most productive, it is known as your “Guilty Pleasure”.

Here are the most common guilty pleasures amongst women:

  1. Reality TV
  2. Romanic Movies
  3. Listen to Music on repeat
  4. Indulging on your favorite snacks
  5. Calling in sick to work, when you are really not sick
  6. Watching other people on their day to day life
  7. Celebrity Gossip
  8. Binge watching a TV series
  9. Relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine (of course)
  10. Procrasination (on cleaning, laundry….chores)

My current guilty pleasure other than binge watching tv series is painting, what’s yours?

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Twilight is back!

So netflix put all of the Twilight saga on it’s network and it’s going crazy.

Watching them over again brings me back I still can’t believe that they got approved for more after how cringy the first movie was but honestly going back to my pre-teen self the first one wasn’t cringy when I was 11.

However me being 20 now I’m still as in love with these movies as I was when I was younger.

I had some thoughts while watching the first movie again and here they are.

  1. I forgot how (literally) blue this movie is.
  2. I also forgot how bad Jacob’s wig is.
  3. I’m pretty sure Bella’s excitement over getting a shitty old truck is the most emotion she shows in the entire movie.
  4. Anna Kendrick is in this! Wow!
  5. I like how all of these dudes are immediately going after Bella and she’s spoken like . . . 4 words to them.
  6. The Cullens walking into the cafeteria is, hands down, the most Iconic scene in cinematic history.
  7. LMAO Edward’s reaction to Bella walking into Biology class. Subtle!
  8. The way Edward is looking at Bella is genuinely disturbing I am screaming.
  9. “I’ll just . . . have to ENDURE it.” Edward is so dramatic.
  10. OK, Bella is so dramatic too . . . a match made in heaven.
  11. Why is Emmett like hanging out of the top of the Jeep? Who casually rides in a car to school like that?
  12. I’d forgotten about the scene where they show someone getting killed by three mysterious figures. The vampire drama begins.
  13. Oh, finally a civil interaction between Edward and Bella!
  14. Edward’s brows are IMMACULATELY groomed.
  15. “It’s complicated.” “I’m sure I can keep up.” Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk to you about her personal life, Edward. Boundaries are important.
  16. I love Kristen Stewart as much as the next person but why is she so damn fidgety in this movie?
  17. “It’s the fluorescence . . . uh . . . ” Honestly Edward is my hero.
  19. I know that Bella questions the logistics of this whole situation but how did no one see Edward run at vampire-speed to stop the van?
  20. Carlisle Cullen: an icon, a visionary — protect him at all costs.
  21. What are Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward whispering about? God, I love the drama.
  22. Edward is straight up gaslighting Bella and I am not OK with it. This is emotional abuse, people!
  23. Bella waking up to Edward standing in her room . . . I once found this romantic, but I now realize it’s creepy as hell.
  24. Edward creepily asking Bella, “What’s in Jacksonville?” when he’s across the parking lot when she’s talking about that? Again, Edward is killing the subtlety game.
  25. And then he immediately gets angry at her when she trips. Can he relax?
  26. I love how they threw in Edward catching the apple to recreate the cover. So meta!
  27. “What if I’m not the superhero here . . . what if I’m . . . the BAD GUY.” The absolute D R A M A.
  28. I totally forgot how Jacob tells Bella the story about the Quileutes in this movie! Neither he nor Bella are aware that the legend is, well, true. “It’s just a story, Bella.” Nope, it’s not!
  29. Uh-oh, someone else is getting attacked by the three mystery figures. Except now we’re finally seeing who they are!
  30. Ugh, Bella getting cornered in an alley by those creeps. Awful.
  32. Edward’s driving in this scene is me pulling into the McDonald’s drive-thru at 10:28 a.m. before they had all-day breakfast.
  33. I know that Edward is the hero in this scene, but the man was just casually following Bella around? It’s just as creepy!
  34. I used to swoon over this restaurant scene so much. Bella finally learns that Edward can read minds, but not hers. “Money, sex, money, sex . . . cat.” (The person thinking about cats was actually a personal cameo by me.)
  35. I used to think the pacing of this movie was perfection but now I realize they’ve only had three conversations.
  36. Bella is realizing some shit here.
  37. We’re finally to the forest scene! So good!
  38. “How old are you?” “17.” “How long have you been 17?” “A while.” CHILLS.
  39. “I know what you are: a vampire.” (But imagine if he wasn’t a vampire and now it’s just really awkward.)
  40. As much as I loved this scene, it’s striking me as kind of abusive now? He just grabs her arm and starts dragging her up the hill. Not cool.
  42. Edward talking about how much of a killer he is as he casually rips entire tree limbs off . . . Bella, sweetie, throw the whole man out.
  43. Imagine if Edward and his family weren’t “vegetarians”, though, and they did eat humans? Would Bella still go for him?
  44. I remember reading about how Twilight was inspired by a dream of Stephenie Meyer’s, which was the scene in which Edward and Bella lye together in the flower field. Ugh, so poignant.
  45. At this point the only real reason Edward is so attracted to Bella is because he loves her smell so much. He literally just wants to drink her blood. I feel like there should have been some more development here about them falling in love for like, normal reasons?
  46. “About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him — and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with him.” Um, really? You’re irrevocably in love with him? Sis, you’ve known him for two seconds. Also, you’re literally 17.
  47. Edward comparing his diet to humans living on tofu and that it’s not fulling satisfying is BS, sorry. Vegetarian and vegan diets are 100 percent sustainable Edward!
  48. Bella meeting Edward’s family for the first time is one of the funniest scenes of the whole movie.
  49. “Is she even Italian?” “Her name’s Bella”. LOL.
  50. Rosalie straight up shatters the glass bowl, so iconic.
  51. There’s constant commentary about how much the vampires all have to literally restrain themselves from killing Bella, and Bella seems chill with it.
  52. It just now dawned on me that since vampires don’t eat or drink anything, they can’t drink alcohol or get drunk. And, obviously, they don’t sleep either. What the hell do they do for fun?
  53. Oh, right. They listen to Debussy.
  54. “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” What?
  55. When your date monkey-crawls up a 50-foot tree with you slung on their back . . .
  56. Edward busting in through Bella’s window when she’s talking to her mom, and then admitting that he’s been doing it for “the past couple of months.” OK???
  57. Edward can’t fully make out with Bella because he wants to kill her so bad. How did 12-year-old me not realize how bizarre this is?
  58. Also, how does Charlie never hear full-on conversations and shuffling around in the room literally right next to his?
  59. Edward watching Bella sleep when she willingly invites him to do so is 100 percent cuter than when he was creeping in. Glad we’re past that phase.
  60. Seriously, how did I never noticed how beautifully groomed Edward’s eyebrows were?
  61. I know I say this a lot, but the baseball scene is *peak* cinema. The storm. The cinematography. “Supermassive Black Hole” playing in the background. Iconic.
  62. Rosalie hates Bella’s guts so much.
  63. Oof, here come the bad vampires. I love this drama. Also I love how they come onto the field like they’re walking on one of those flat escalator things that are always in airports.
  64. Seriously, they weren’t able to smell Bella until there was a gust of wind? The Cullens could smell Bella from the moment she came into their home.
  65. God, Edward is so freaking aggressive with Bella sometimes. It’s not romantic.
  66. I’ve always really hated the whole fight scene Bella and Edward simulate to give her an excuse to leave. And when she insults poor Charlie so badly so he’ll let her leave . . . #justiceforcharlie
  67. Bella passing by the diner and seeing the normal kids just living life — so thought-provoking.
  68. “Bella, you ARE my life now.” Again, y’all are 17.
  69. I like how James threatens Bella and tells her that if she brings anyone to the ballet studio, he’ll kill her mom. Is going alone REALLY a better idea, Bella? He’s obviously still going to kill you both either way.
  70. Uh-oh, Bella got bamboozled.
  71. Pepper spray on a vampire. Good move, Bella.
  72. The whole movie, Edward is always like, “Vampires are INDESTRUCTIBLE. INVINCIBLE. NOTHING CAN KILL US.” And then they kill James in like, .0005 seconds.
  73. Edward sucking the venom out of Bella’s arm is . . . uncomfortably sexual.
  74. “Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder.” So deep, Bella.
  75. They just accept that Bella simply fell down some stairs. Are y’all just going to ignore the gaping bite wound in her arm???
  76. Bella wears converse to prom. Ugh, she’s so quirky.
  77. Jacob just casually shows up to Bella’s prom to tell her that his dad wants her to break up with her boyfriend.
  78. Ohhh, Victoria is still alive — and she looks PISSED. The perfect set-up for New Moon.
  79. 🎶 “HOW DID WE GET HERE? I USED TO KNOW YOU SO WELL” 🎶 “Decode” is the song of the decade and that is simply objective.

Therefore I am now encouraging you to watch it again and relive it like you did before.

I only pose one question… Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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Cheap Fun

Concerts, vacations, activities can add up quickly, leaving you with an empty bank account. Even if you’re on a budget or saving up for a big expense, you can still have fun this summer for less.

Here are 41 fun, cheap, and free (minus the fuel costs) things you can do while it’s warm outside. There are plenty of ways to have fun without spending a lot.

Free Things to Do in the Summer

Most of these ideas are free, but some may require paying a small fee. Try a few or do them all and have a fun-filled summer for less.

1. Go to the Park

Explore what your city has to offer. Research the best playgrounds in your area. Make a goal to see all the parks in your area and swing on every swing set. You’re never too old to play on a playground just move out of the way of children don’t hog the playground.

2. Swim at Your Community Pool or Spray Park

Slather on the sunscreen and head out to the pool for a few hours. Many parks also have a water playground or splash pad for hours of fun in the sun. This is my favorite kind of summer fun.

3. Visit the Library

This place is awesome. The library can save you money. It is the perfect place to enjoy free air conditioning in the summer months. Many offer free lecture series or cheap classes where you can learn anything from pottery to genealogy.

Some libraries also have kids’ areas with free games and activities. Check out your library’s calendar to see what events are coming up.

4. Play in the Sprinklers

Throw on your bathing suit and run through the sprinklers. You know you want to.

5. Go for a Hike

Scout out a nearby state park for good hiking trails. Ask your friends and family for recommendations on their favorite outdoor hiking spots. Grab a backpack with water, snacks, a compass, and your map, and have fun.

6. Play a Board Game

Enjoy the cool air conditioner and gather around the kitchen table for a fun family board game. Play an old favorite or borrow a new one from friends or family.

7. Learn a New Skill

Learn to play an instrument, knit, etc. Look for free or cheap classes from your local library. You can also check out the free classes they have at Home Depot. They teach everything from building a bird house to laying tile. At the end of the summer, you’ll have “mad skillz.”

8. Take Pictures

Even if you’re not good with a camera, this can be a chance to get better. Get a book from the library on photography and use what you learn to get better with your camera.

Better yet, organize the pictures you already have to make it easier to enjoy them.

9. Make Popsicles

Pour some of that Kool-Aid in the ice trays, or in some small cups (juice works well too!). Add a spoon for a holder and pop them in the freezer. In a few short hours, you can enjoy delicious popsicles.

10. Watch a Movie

You can rent one from the library, watch it on an over-the-air channel, or go to a movie in the park event.

11. Read a Book

They have these things for free at your local library. Curl up next to the air conditioning vent and read to your heart’s content.

Many libraries also offer audiobooks and ebooks in addition to the paper kind. They can be great for reading on the go or listening in the car.

12. Play Online Games

Look up some free games on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are plenty of fun, free games. Angry Birds.

13. Visit a Free Zoo or Museum

Find out if there are any free zoos or museums (or at least free days) in your area. Show up and have a blast. Don’t forget to pack food and drinks so you don’t get tempted to buy snacks.

14. Learn to Cook Something New

Try out a new recipe. Summer is a great time to make something new such as gazpacho or Thai curry. Prefer spending time outdoors? Fire up the grill to cook a rare meat (i.e. ostrich burgers).

15. Start a Blog is free. So is Starting a blog is a blast. Use your creativity and build a following.

16. Write a Book

Don’t stop with a blog. Write your own book. Have you been putting off writing a novel or a book? Is writing a book something that has been on your bucket list? Self-publishing is easy these days. You could have your book on Amazon in a few days.

17. Play a Sport

Find a free basketball court and organize a game with a few friends. If it’s too hot outside, plan an evening game or look for a basketball court at a church or recreation center.

Basketball not your thing? How about frisbee, volleyball, or tennis? Look for free facilities at local parks or recreation centers. Don’t have a tennis racket or a volleyball? Ask to borrow it from family and friends. Better yet–invite them to join you in the fun!

18. Attend a Free Workout Class

Many gyms, boot camps, etc.; will let you try their facility or program at least once for free to see if you like it. This may be the perfect time to take a pilates class or try out CrossFit.

19. Blow Bubbles

Make some bubbles using dishwashing soap, water, and sugar (for consistency.) NO ONE IS TOO OLD FOR BUBBLES!

20. Have a Garage Sale

Have fun (and make money) getting rid of all of your unwanted stuff. Your house will feel so much cleaner and better organized after all the excess items are out of it. A successful garage sale helps you meet your neighbors too.

21. Start a Garden

Find some scrap lumber to make a square foot garden in your back yard. Seeds are cheap.

Check the library for books and other information about gardening. Some libraries also offer classes on gardening and may even have a seed library where you can get seeds for free.

22. Watch the Sunrise

Get up early. Find a good spot. Look east. There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise and basking in the cool morning air.

23. Go to the Beach

Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and snacks and have a fun, frugal outing. Bring a towel and take a dip.

24. Ride Your Bike

You can find some great trails through your state and local park services and even in your own neighborhood. Have fun and always wear a helmet.

25. Build a Fort

Pillow and blanket forts are awesome. Or go big with a fort made of scraps of lumber.

26. Write with Sidewalk Chalk

Unleash your inner artists and show the neighbors what you got. You can even use the chalk to draw a game such as hopscotch for hours of entertainment.

After it rains, do it again.

27. Start a Collection

Summer is the perfect time to start a collection of stamps, coins, rocks, or other freebies.

28. Have a Picnic

Instead of eating lunch at your kitchen table for the umpteenth time, break out the pic-a-nic basket and blanket. Get some sun while you eat.

29. Go to a Festival or County Fair

Check out your community calendar and find free events in your area. 

30. Volunteer

Find a local person or organization in need (it could be your older neighbor). Offer to help for an afternoon.

If you’re good in a sport, offer to coach a kids’ team. Many kids’ sports organizations rely on free coaching help from volunteers.

31. Go Fishing

Find an ocean, lake, river, pond, or puddle, and start fishing. Make sure fishing is allowed at that location. Borrow equipment or spend a little money to rent it from the bait shop.

32. Have a Parade (or at Least See One)

Find a Memorial Day, Independence Day, or any other day parade to attend. Many homeowners’ associations (HOA) also put together free parades for the neighborhood.

Or, start one yourself and lead the way.

33. See the Sights

There could be many things your town or state are well known for go see them.

34. Watch a Baseball Game

There are many minor league baseball teams all across the country.

Even if your town doesn’t have one affiliated with a major league baseball (MLB) franchise, there is often an independent league team in many small towns with guys who are still dreaming of earning a shot at an MLB team.

A day at the ballpark can be a great and cheap family event.

35. Spend Time with Your family

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning again. Summer is the perfect time to reconnect with your family and make memories together.

36. Have a Cookout

Nothing screams summer like a cookout. It’s a fun way to hang out with friends and family, and enjoy the warm weather.

37. Go to an Outdoor Concert

During the summer, many parks offer free outdoor concert series. Grab a picnic blanket and some snacks and relax on the grass while enjoying live music.

38. Go See a Play

Many small communities still have a theater, playhouse, or an opera house where you can see local productions of plays and musicals. Seeing a locally produced play can be a thrilling experience, and many have discount nights.

39. Go Camping

If you already have camping gear, head for the great outdoors for a cheap and fun-filled way to enjoy summer.

Don’t want to drive anywhere or pay the campsite fees? Camp in your back yard. Pitch a tent, light a fire, and roast some marshmallows under the stars. If you have kids, they will love this idea!

40. Look at the Stars

There is nothing quite like enjoying the starry sky on a clear summer night. If you live in the city, it may be difficult to see the stars because of light pollution.

Hop in the car and drive away from the city. Find a spot near an open field and look up at the night sky. Try to identify different constellations or individual stars. Big Dipper anyone?

41. People Watch

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and head to a park or the downtown area of your city. Find a good spot and watch the world go by. It’s a great way to disconnect and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Create a hypothetical life behind a stranger see where your creativity brings you.

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Grey’s Anatomy secrets

If you read my last blog you know this is the second blog of a list of Grey’s Anatomy secrets that many people don’t know.


Rhimes told Oprah that although she had always loved shows about surgery and emergency rooms, the unique angle for her show was sparked after a doctor mentioned how hard it was to shave her legs in the tiny hospital shower. “At first that seemed like a silly detail,” Rhimes said. “But then I thought about the fact that it was the only time and place this woman might have to shave her legs. That’s how hard the work is.”null


Grey’s Anatomy refers to the series’ main character, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), of course. But the character and show name were chosen as a nod to the medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, penned by English anatomist Henry Gray and first published in 1858. The book is considered the seminal work on the human body and is in its 41st edition today—with a few updates from the first edition, of course.


Kate Walsh, who played Addison Montgomery for three seasons in Grey’s Anatomy‘s early years, once revealed that other possible titles for the series included Doctors, Surgeons, and Complications.null


Part of the main actors’ character descriptions included the contents of their lockers. Meredith: Stacks of old birthday cards that she never got around to mailing and three alarm clocks to prevent her from oversleeping. George O’Malley: Medical journals and old textbooks. Cristina Yang’s include “a Palm Pilot featured with the latest research articles … high heels to go out in after work, condoms because you never know.”


Since the very first episode, “A Hard Days’ Night,” named after the Beatles song, every episode has shared a name with a song title, including everything from Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” to Elmo & Patsy’s “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” The one exception, so far, was a season 14 episode titled “1-800-799-7233”—the real-life hotline to report domestic violence, which was the premise of the episode.

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Things you didn’t know about Grey’s Anatomy

There have been so many seasons that it’s crazy how many things that nobody knows.

Bokhee is a real life scrub nurse.

She may not say much, but she’s been a staple background character of the show for years.

And according to a 2013 tweet from Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang, Bokhee really knows what she’s doing.

“The nurse in that scene, Bokhee, is a real surgical nurse,” Oh wrote. “She’s been with us since the beginning. She’s like my 2nd mom, she’s the best.”

The medical Jargan is all correct.

According to McKenna Princing, who wrote about being a medical advisor on the show for UW Medicine in 2017, the series employs real doctors to make sure the writers are getting some procedures and jargon right.

But until the advisors filled in the jargon, the writers just put “medical medical” as placeholder text in the script, according to show creator Shonda Rhimes’ book “Year of Yes.”

Rhimes wrote, “Meredith will say, ‘I need a medical medical to medical!’ And someone else will go, ‘Well I have medical medical.’ ‘Well hand me the medical!”

She also revealed that on the show “Scandal,” it’s “political political.”

Only three members remain from the original season.

After over 300 episodes, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber) are the only original leads who are still on the series.  

Derek and Mer had a real wedding registry.

People reported in 2009 that the fictional couple had a real wedding registry on The Knot.

It encouraged fans to donate to research organizations that Derek and Meredith would have approved of, like the American Academy of Neurology Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association.

there are many more things that fans had no idea about stick around for next weeks list…

To be continued…

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Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Colors?

Scrubs are the short sleeved shirts and pants or gowns worn by nurses, surgeons, and any other operating room personnel when “scrubbing in” for surgery, worn under sterile surgical gowns.

The wearing of scrubs has been extended outside of surgery in many hospitals. Scrubs are now worn by any hospital personnel in any clean environment, for cleanliness and hygiene issues, and are worn under lab coats.

Grey’s Anatomy

All staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have a standardized set of scrubs that is usually worn by the staff, if some form of formal wear is not worn. Different colors in scrubs indicate which department and/or rank they are:

  • Surgical attendings/fellows wear navy scrubs
  • Surgical interns and residents wear light blue scrubs
  • ER residents wear brown scrubs
  • Psychiatry residents wear beige scrubs
  • Nursing staff generally wear green scrubs
  • Scrub nurses generally wear the same light blue scrubs as surgical interns and residents
  • Dermatology residents wear peach scrubs
  • Diagnostic staff (e.g., pathologists, radiologists, techs, etc.) wear gray scrubs
  • OB/GYN attendings and residents wear purple or light pink scrubs
  • Oncology residents and nurses in the oncology outpatient clinic wear red scrubs
  • Infectious disease staff wear yellow scrubs
  • Clinic staff wear turquoise scrubs

The standard scrub caps are light blue fabric scrub caps as worn by residents, and attendings have navy blue scrub caps although some have personalized scrub caps. Paper/plastic scrub caps are available as well, including hair nets available to non-medical personnel in the OR (more frequently the case in caesarean sections where the partner is present).

Private Practice

All staff at St. Ambrose have scrubs, and all medical staff on the show have been shown to wear purple scrubs, and the nursing staff appears to wear blue scrubs.

The female staff at Oceanside Wellness Group also have their own pink/purple scrubs, which are worn by both doctors and nurses. Dell has blue scrubs (similar to that of St. Ambrose nursing staff) as part of his conditions of working at the center and Pete has his own set of black scrubs. Most staff have their own personalized scrub caps.

Notes and Trivia

  • Visitors to Seattle Grace Hospital who perform surgeries or are present in the O.R. wear attending scrubs. However, Colin Marlow wore black scrubs, and Erica Hahn wore red scrubs when she was still employed by Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Personalized scrub caps can be enlarged and shaped to be more of a hair net to accommodate extra hair, as in the case of Margaret Campbell.
  • Mark Sloan was the only main character attending without a personalized scrub cap. This was later modeled by his protégé, Jackson Avery, who is the only other main character to have completed residency as of season nine not to have a personalized scrub cap.
  • In A Hard Day’s Night, Bailey wore a personalized scrub cap, but in every subsequent surgery until she finished her residency, she wore the plain light blue caps.
  • In Grey’s Anatomy, although surgical attendings wear navy scrubs, OB/GYN attendings still wear pink scrubs.
    • Addison, though she was the OB/GYN head, most likely wore navy scrubs because she’s also the neonatal head, practicing neonatal surgeries.
    • Perinatologists and maternal-fetal medicine fellows do not wear pink scrubs, as they practice fetal surgeries and wear navy scrubs.
    • Some OB/GYN attendings opt to wear navy scrubs.
  • In Grey’s Anatomy, no attending anesthesiologists have been shown to wear personalized scrub caps
  • In Grey’s Anatomy, Some hospitals use other colors for scrubs
    • Seattle Presbyterian Hospital uses red scrubs
    • Mercy West Medical Center used orange or gray scrubs
    • Mayo Clinic and Tufts Medical Center use dark green scrubs.
    • Dillard Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, and Bauer Army Medical Center used blue-green scrubs.
    • Columbia University Medical Center used turquoise scrubs.

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Children’s movies that had the dopest soundtracks.

Growing up as musician I always appreciated a well put together soundtrack in a movie so here we go…

  1. The 1999 Disney film Tarzan

All I’m saying is that Phill Collins and Mark Mancina lit that shit up the song You’ll be in my heart was the best song to ever come from anything disney.

2. The 2006 film Curious George

Jack Johnson is one of my favorite artists every single one of his songs will get stuck in your head not to mention how much of a banger the song upside down from this movie will never not play in my head constantly.

3. The 2019 film Frozen II

I wouldn’t normally put either of the frozen movies on the list but the song Lost in the woods by Kristoff played by an amazing artist Johnathan Groff this song hits different.

4. The 2006 film Cars

This film had some absolute bangers including Real gone by Sheryl Crom, Our Town by James Taylor, Route 66 by Chuck Berry, Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts and many many more the soundtrack to cars happens to be in my Spotify liked music so take that for what you will.

5. 2012 film Wreck it Ralph

Wreck it Ralph was not the best film by far but it did have an awesome soundtrack like Owl city’s when can I see you again, sugar rush by AKB48, and not to mention Rihanna’s shut up and drive also not excluding the complete Rick Roll at the end phenomenal.

Moral of the story here is not every movie is great alone but a dope soundtrack can really elevate a movies greatness.

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Feminine hygiene products ranked worst to best

There are plenty of products out there that work for some and not for others. All items listed are my personal opinion but I would love to hear what you think.

Absolute worst being pads one they make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper, they are either placed too far back or too far front and there is always and issue and finally they are just a little too squishy for me.

A little better but not great are tampons they are the less squishy option because they are internal but I don’t particularly like them because as a woman that works long hours you don’t really get the opportunity to run to the bathroom a couple times a shift and change them out, and I don’t even want to talk about TSS that shit is scary, also let’s talk about the painful removal of a dry tampon… yikes!

And finally the holy grail is the diva cup honestly the first couple insertions are terrifying but you get the hang of it and the fact that you get 12 hours no leaks is a beautiful thing and it’s silicone so no TSS also men might find this a bit gross but the fact that the cup has little measurements on it is very interesting and you only replace it annually so instead of spending thousands of dollars on boxes of pads or tampons and just spending $34 on one item for the whole year is magnificent.

I know there are many more items out there but as of right now this is where I’m at. Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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Rules for my wedding TikTok trend

I’ve seen this trend everywhere and I decided I wanted to do it so here we go.

I’m not that picky of a person so it’s not a big bad list of demands but it’s a pretty big day so I have some requests.

1. I’m not trying to be rude but don’t bring your kids.

2. Don’t be that asshole that wears white, it’s not your fucking day.

3. NOBODY better be planning on proposing at my damn wedding! HELL NO! You do that and see who stands up and objects at your wedding…bitch.

4. If you’re hanging out with me before do NOT post any pictures of me before I walk down the aisle.

5. No flower toss tackling, the longest married couple gets my flowers.

6. No garter toss, no free show here.

Honestly that’s it for now but my wedding probably won’t happen for a long time. I will not be changing my mind about the rules though so.

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