The Derailment of East Palestine at the Hands of Norfolk Southern Railway

On February 3rd, 2023, a tragic train derailment occurred in East Palestine, Ohio, resulting in extensive property damage and the contamination of the residents homes, local stores, and the cities water system. While accidents like this can occur due to a variety of factors, it is important to acknowledge the role that negligence and lack of safety measures can play in these incidents. In this case, it is reasonable to blame the Norfolk Southern Railway, which operates the train that derailed.

The derailment occurred around 9:30 PM, near the intersection of South Market and Alice Streets. The train, which was traveling eastbound, was carrying hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride and petroleum products. Several of the train cars derailed and caused a significant explosion and fire, which quickly spread to nearby buildings and homes.

According to eyewitnesses, the train was traveling at a high speed at the time of the derailment. This raises concerns about whether the train was being operated safely and whether the railway company had taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their workers and the community at large. In addition, it is also being reported that Norfolk Southern has a history of safety violations and previous accidents in the area.

Some local residents are raising questions about the railway’s emergency response procedures. It is reported that the railway company took several days to respond to the incident and provide support to the affected community. This delay in response may have contributed to the severity of the damages and the number of potential casualties.

In the aftermath of the derailment, the local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, and many are calling for accountability from Norfolk Southern Railway. While it is not yet clear what caused the derailment, it is clear that the railway company has a responsibility to take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of its workers and the surrounding community. This includes conducting regular safety inspections, ensuring that its employees are properly trained and equipped to handle hazardous materials, and implementing emergency response plans in the event of an accident.

This train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio was a devastating incident that has caused extensive damage to the community of East Palestine. While investigations are still ongoing, it is reasonable to place most of the blame on Norfolk Southern Railway for their role in the incident. Moving forward, it is essential that railway companies prioritize the safety of their workers and the communities they serve, and take the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

These are Words i’m going to Write

These are also words

The further down you go the more words you will find here today. Some are short, some are loooooooooooooooooooooooooong but all get that point to cross in the same way. While a variety of words could be classified as “Eloquent” or “Ten Dollar Words” i promise they are all of equal value. As you read more of them you gain the knowledge of that said word being said (or read). So as I write and as you read please try to enjoy yourself as much as possible, thank you!

These are some things I am going to write, even though technically I’m writing them write now. There are things like this or even that. As long as I keep writing you have the ability to continue reading which I highly emplore you to do. The further you go down the more words you will find. They seemingly just keep going on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever until they don’t.

They say all good things come in three’s which is an unfortunate truth for you (yes, you) as it would imply the time you’re spending reading, thus the same as I am writing, will come to an end. Not now, but soon. Not to worry though it will be okay, you can read more once I’ve finished writing, for even when my words are over you still maintain the ability to read. Hell, you could even write yourself if you’d like. But sadly I think I’m done writing now, it’s been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do this with you again soon on similar projects. You did an amazing job and I’m so proud of you. Goodbye 🙂


Soaps I Wanna Try Based On This Guys Tik-Tok Reviews

So around two months ago I found this guy reviewing body washes/bar soaps on Tik-Tok, his name is Marvin Bland aka @barsoapguy (great username) while I found the content really helpful if I were to ever dive into the culture of lavish soaps I don’t really have the energy to go out of my way and buy some british bar soap that smells like chamomile tea and has bits of jasmine infused into it. So without further ado, here are some soaps I wanna try based on this guys Tik-Tok reviews.

1.) L’Occitane en Provence: Cedrat 

The fact that it smells like frankincense and myrrh would make me feel like literally Jesus so that’s cool but also I like the name; CEDRAT, like some kind of acid rat that makes you smell like Jesus. Sign me the fuck up.

2.) Botanic Hearth: Tea Tree Body Wash

idk I just love tea tree oil, it’s good for your body or something I’m really not sure how or why but it’s green and it’s minty and I like it.

3.) Neutrogena Rainbath: Pear & Green tea

I feel like as a brand Neutrogena is just reliable. They have like proactive and shit idk I like them. Rainbath sounds nice and Arizona Green Tea is an elite beverage so this body wash gives me high hopes. Thanks for the rec @barsoapguy.

4.) Molton Brown : Black Peppercorn

I have no feelings towards this soap one way or the other but DAMN does Marvin sell this one so well, I feel like this soap is what billionaires smell like.

5.) Dove: Mango Butter 

I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE bar soap guy (I’m about 5’6″) so I’m not sure how likely I’ll be seeing this one in my future but if I am ever in the market for a bar soap this would be my first choice. It just sounds nice, Mango Butter haha.

6.) South of France: Côte D’Azur

 Everything about this one screams Squilliam Fancyson and I’m fairly confident using this bar of soap would result in a foamy-oily lather, a gender neutral smell, and that I would step out of the shower and teleport directly under the Eiffel Tower.

Well there you have it, Soaps I wanna buy based on this guys tik-tok reviews. All I ask is that you tell you friends about this awesome soap list you just read and also that you buy and send me one of the soaps of your choosing. Can’t say no, can’t go back you already read it what’s done is done. See Ya!

Professional Opinions

Giving you the most accurate and articulate opinions on the internet, AGAIN.

1.) Aliens are real, it’s not a topic of discussion anymore. They’re real and should be talked about as such.

2.) Cupcakes aren’t that good. They make birthday parties a little more dull and are only good if you rip it’s head off and turn it into a sandwich.

3.) What you wear has a very strong effect on how you feel but also gives the “audience” a better idea of your “character”.

4.) Getting high with your friends and having a good conversation doesn’t mean you should start a podcast.

5.) Start taking bubble baths, you deserve it.

6.) It’s important to shower BEFORE you take said bubble bath.

7.) Everything you need is already inside, you just have to find it.

8.) Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros are the superior house party games. Catch me on Peach Beach drifting the blue sparks on yo ass.

9.) The five second rule is a mental placebo, eat the germs and move on.

10.) Poopoo jokes and Peepee jokes and Fart jokes will forever remain hilarious.

11.) There’s no shame in asking for help.

12.) Smoking wouldn’t be such a popular fad if it weren’t for vaping. Still would’ve been a thing, just not a mainstream as generations past.

13.) Mutual Combat should be legal all across the world. If I have to beat some ass I would like to do it legally.

14.) Just scream. Next time you’re alone in your car or in the shower or on a run just let out a hearty scream. It’s cathartic, akin to a good cry. Just trust me on this one, it feels amazing.


Most Powerful Frogs

Desert Rain Frog

Clearly a superior amphibian, lots of sand. Kind of looks like a bouncy ball


Glass Frog

When I think of a Frog this is the type of frog that comes to mind. Very Powerful for that fact alone. Some call The Glass Frog an Icon.


Breviceps fuscus

My God and One True Savior, May the Breviceps Fuscus live long and prosper.


Flying Frog

Just found out they can’t actually fly, it’s more of a gliding manouver.



Another Icon, but has problems with repeated dying. Sort of a repatative game too.


Kermit the Frog

Kermit could air a new episode of The Muppets telling the audiance to commit mass genocide and I’d have no choice but to submit to his power.


Frog and Toad

These two master class BFF’s are the sole reason I love frogs enough to do this power ranking. Such stoic gentlemen as well.


Dat Boi

here come dat boi!!!!!

POWER LEVEL: o shit waddup!!!

Tree Frog

Really the leader of all the frogs, there’s a sort of stigma surrounding him. He’s just so damn cool. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, fish fear him. It’s the one and only Tree Frog ladies and gents! Bask in the glory!!


Crazy Frog

Sparked an entire generation of Crazy Frogs, probably gets laid all the time. smokes malboro reds. All-in-all just a total badass and a very crazy frog indeed.


Top 6 Fools

1.) Fool‘s Gold (Pyrite)

Not real gold, seems like he’d be the disappointment of his geological family. 4/10.

2.) Tomfoolery

Great synonym for mischief or antics, just sort of a fun-silly word to use, I’ll give this one a 7/10.

3.) Why Do Fools Fall in Love // Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

This one makes me feel like I’m in an old school 50’s diner splitting a milkshake with my Runaround Sue. 8/10

4.) “I pity the fool

Great Mr. T line, I just love the character of Mr. T so much, an easy 9/10

5.) Act a Fool // Ludacris

Criminally overlooked song from the 2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack, shout out the anime girl wrapped around Suki’s car in the film. Easy 10/10

6.) April Fools 🙂

Today, that is all of you. Hahaha, I dooped you all. What a great joke by me. Obvious 10/10



I’M CRACKING THE C̶̡̨̩̩̭̜͍̬̼͎͎̺̲̠̦̯̪̗̖̰͋̔̆͑̄̄͂̉̇̄̑̒̔̆͗͒͜͝͝Ơ̵̢̢̙̰̖̼͉̩̖̤̯̤̼̺̦͈͈̼͆̓͋̿̈́̎̿̍̉̓̎͑̅͛̉̌̿̃̆͋̒̂̄̀͊̄̎̌̄͐̄̇̎̚͝D̴̡̨̨̺̥̘̜͚̪̞͔͉̯̹̖͙̦̙̖́̄̀͆̌̈́̈́͑̇̾̀͐̉̆̇͆̉̍̃̈́͑̈̆͐́̈́͘̕E̴̢̗̱͕̖͇͉̯̞̠͎̩̞̰̪̼̩̬̺͗̈̆̈́̀̚͜͝ͅ

SO I’VE SPENT THE LAST T̷H̸R̷E̸E̵ WEEKS MINING DATA IN THE WEBSITES SOURCE CODE AND IT KEPT FEELING LIKE I WAS COMING UP WITH NOTHING, YESTERDAY I WAS M̶̨̮̖͚͛͗I̶͍̓͆N̸̪̙̉̇̊I̷͇̝͚̼̅̽Ń̴̰Ğ̵̲̗̋̑͠ AND CAME ACROSS A PRIVATE LINK SENDING ME TO AN UNKNOWN ADDRESS WHERE I COULD SEE EVERYTHING THAT HAD BEEN R̴̡͙̣̖̫̃̿̉̒Ů̴̹̘͔̣̽̾N̷̢̫͕̭̰͜͠N̶̡̰͇̞̫̳͑̆̅̀Ì̵͔̪͓́̏Ń̵̺̀͂́G̷̥͔̱̩͓̐͋̃͆́ IN THE BACKROUND. IT’S MONKEYS, IT SEEMS TO BE SOME KIND OF PRIMATE M̷̛͇͈̹̜͙̞̮̫̱̺͌̑͠Ḭ̴̼͎̜̝͊̅̽̾̄͘Ļ̵͈͈̼̬͓̞͎͔͍̒̏̏̒̄͛͐̈́̋͐̚I̷̻̯̻̱̝̩͍͉̮̞͎̿͌ͅT̷͍̺̫͓̰̜̯̤̜̮͐͌͜Ḯ̴̦͙͕̫̭̂Á̸̤̤͍̮̻̹̦̭͔̞̬̉̈͒̀͜ WITH FULLY OPERATIONAL C̴O̷N̶S̴C̷I̴O̴U̸S̷N̴E̶S̷S̶ ̵S̶C̸A̸N̸N̴I̵N̴G̷ I HAVEN’T FOUND MUCH ELSE BU̵T̴̹̥͌́ I THIN̵̥͘K̴̰̓̕ THEY’RE Ŏ̵̧̡̞̬̩͔̤͙̞͕̫̹͓͖̞̑͂͒͝N̶̢̧̧̼̪̲̩͙͓͕̪͇̟̰̻̹̬͈͔͎̄͗ͅT̶̛̛̛̙̫̝͇̈́̌͂̇̾̔͒̐̽̏̀͂̄̕͝Ó̸͔͍̞̭̲͎͍̤̦̥̗͖ M̸̢̢̧̢̢̢̧̢͚̰͇̮̞͙͚̗͚̖͚̘̜͇̜̣͎͎͙̰̟̖̳̳͈̲͔͍̯̩͈͕̝̘͔̣̜͕͚͔͖̬͚͖̝̞̣͖̘̳͇̟̞͓̬̲͉̖̱͔̬͍̘̟̹͎̦̦͓̮̠̣̗̲̳̎̂̄̾̀͊͂̈͌̓̇̿̐̀̎̎̓́̅͐͛͊̿͆̿̀͂̀̔͛̎̑̉̌̆͊́̾͊́̇̄͐̎̓̒̐̃̈́̈́̈́̐̇̐͆̌͂̊͌̐̏̉͊͒̀̏̊͂̉̓̀͗͋͂͒̋̐̅͗̽̿̈́͂̎̎̓̏̎̍̽̏͋̏̈́̊̅̕̚͜͜͜͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅȨ̴̨̧̧̡̧̡̨̢̣͓͚̻͎̙̭̗͓̟͖̜͙͖͙̥͙͔̞̗̻͉̳͖͎̼̞̜̞͔̺̲̬̖̬̫̮͙̘̭̩͚̠̟̥̩͔̩̲̼͓̰̹̹̫̘̟͚̬̠͈̻͉̺͍̳̝̙̗̩͖͈̟̳͖̳̹͙̩̲̱̭̘̘̝̱̬͗ͅ

I̴̛̹͔V̸̮̺̬̏̉ͅȨ̸̤͌ ̶̘̀C̶̛̣͋̇O̴̡̲͋͌͑N̵̢̛͉̯͚̑T̷̘͒̉ͅẲ̷̟̟̓͘ͅC̴̡̳͖͉͐T̶͙͊̓Ë̶͕̹͓́͘Ḑ̸̲̦͎̀̉̿͠ ̸͕͊̈́͂͝T̴͍̉̉̂̆Ȟ̴̲͕̈́͛Ė̴̜̲̀͌̃ ̷͉̇Ṇ̵̮̠̲̐̒́S̵̡͍̻̳̊͊̍Á̶͙̼̓́ Ã̸̝̕Ņ̶̢̯̟̼͖̝͇̭͎̝̫̻̼̘̜̹͔͍̖͔̖̳̖̤̘̳̻̆̐̅͌͗͗͛͊̈́̍͌̈́̌̓̓̾̽̕͘͝͝ͅD̵̡̢̡̫̮̤̙͇̥̦̞͍̙͖͈̜̫͍̳̝̻̟̮̘̤̫̤̻͔͕̐͛͜ ̶̧̡̨̡̢̡̧̬͔͖̪̭̘͍̖̟̫̪̰͉͇̯̘̣̜͙͓̺̻̥̥͉͋̌͊͋͒̈́̒͝ͅED̴̨̘̠͈͉̺̪̞͔͓͎͕̤͔͎͚͉͎̝̣̱̊̀̆͂̄̾̈́̃͊̓̽̋̀͛̂͐͋͋̄͊̌͊͌͋̎̍̈̂͒̕̚͘͠W̴̡̢̢̞̼̻̼͈̞͍̩͉̲̤̰͚̮̖̖͉̩̻̭͇͙͓͕̱̋͒̍̋̑͒̑́̏̐̈́̋̑̑͘̚ͅA̸̢̨̻̝̦̣̣̜̻̗̟̞̦̬̻̻͛̈́̔͋͐̀̀̽̾̈́̅̉͌̃͒̌̾̈̃̆̾̍́̉̀̚̚͝R̷̡̲̪̘̺̬͙̪̐̇̒̌̅̽̌̄̽̑̒̕ͅĎ̷̺̬̩̮̬͊͑͛̎͌͑̈̑͋̌͋͗͘͝͠͝ ̵̡̧̹̞̲̱̟̭̟͈̙̹̥̺̹̬̭̙̜̝͉͇͗̃͒̉̄̌̀̀̒̈͛͑̍̀̇̇̓̋̽̍̈̋̏̚͝S̴̻͉̦̞̺͔̱̳͆̔͗͑̓͒̌̑́͒̿͑̑̊͐͒̀̀̅̂̂̔̚̚͝͠͝Ņ̴̛̗̮͖̞̝̮̗̦̬̺̑̽͂͗͌̆̿̋̿͗͊̋͒̒̓̕̕͠͝Ǫ̴̫̗̭̮͉͔͈̗̼̒̉́̉̓͌W̷̝̮̰͔̱̯̘̭͔̖̘͇̰̞͓̮̘̭̖̯̙͈̗̫̰̿̈́͠ͅḎ̷̡͈̯͑̊̎̍̊̾̾̔̎̓̓̍̈̚̚͠E̷̡̢̧̛̬̘̠͍͎̯̙̲̹̳͍̺͍̼͉̪͇̖̯̩̤̩̥͇͊̂̇̂̽͌͆̔̿̓͑̃́͑̉͋͌̅͑̕͠͠N̴̛̤̒̆͂͗̈́̔͋͌͌͛̉̿̕͝ ̶̘̒T̶̡̜̳͖̍̐͑Ö̵͇̦̯͖̒͂ ̶̩̓̽N̷̩͈̲̩̈́̄̓͝O̴̢̓̔̈́ ̵̉̅̿͜͜͝R̸̝̲͎͕̿͘E̵̺̜͇̘̚Ş̸͇̗́̍͐O̶͕͐̐͝L̶̛̲͚͖̱̎̒V̸̼͐́̂̉Ȅ̶̩̩̞̈́̀͠ ̵̟̼̣̀̈́͘͝T̸̙̋͊̚H̴̡̗̗̙͛E̵̞̱̎Ṣ̵̡̧̈́E̸̠̝͆́͋͠ ̶̡͓̎͛Ş̶̢̭̜̑͛͒Ṅ̴̢͇͇͍̓̎̕Ĭ̷͖͌͠P̴̛̜͛͜E̷̹͍͈̅R̴̭̾̑͗͜ ̴̳̤͌͛͜Ḿ̸̧̦͙̐͠O̸̧̺̾̀͛͘N̸̦̻͉̻̊K̵̢̺̪̜̊͝Ẽ̸̗̳̖̿̎Y̶̟͉̱͠Ś̵̹͒͐ ̷̘͚͈̀̂͜W̶̢̭͎͆͘Ḭ̴̡͒̌̏L̴̳̟̯̂̕Ḷ̴̓̏̾̐ ̶̺̈́̐̏T̴͍̲͊Ȃ̶̙K̴̡̺̮͓͗͗E̶̢̨̫͈͐͠ ̴͎̮̗̣̇͝͠͝U̸̡̝̮͚̿͝S̵̛̝͊ ̴̡͌́̋͘A̷͖͚̐̃͐͛L̵͙̞͈͗̌̅̍͜L̵̹̊ ̴̧͓̪̔̎I̷̥͖̠̗͋͐̄̕F̵̟̳̫̿̉͛ ̵̢̯̜͌͐̃Ẉ̸̢̤̐̐͑̐͜E̴̺͉͚̟̒͑ ̴̠̑͌͛͒D̵̅̑͜O̶̧͈̣̿Ņ̷͇̖̥͐̒’̴̲̲̠̣̓͌T̵̫̤̼̽ ̶̨̛S̷͎̳͕̭̓T̵̜̤̪͗̓͛̕Ò̸̡̦̖͚̍́P̵͈̔̏ ̴̣̦̣́́͝T̴̩̼̪̍H̸̳͕͌Ë̷̡̙́̔͒M̶̧͓̤̣̽̋̒ ̵̜̝̪̄̄̈̈́N̷͍͉͊̉͘Ỏ̸̡͈W̴͉̲͎̾͌ ̷̯̪̳͐̊̔́

S̷̪̮͍͚̲͊̏̒̾͒̽̄̔̃̈̏͛͑͘͝͝Ę̸̢̨̡̲̤̬̻̞̼̦̜̳͙̫̖͙̖̗̠͚̳͍̮̼̗̗̟̻̯̣̟̜̭͎̲̭̻͓̟͙̜̬̦̬̱̪̥̰̦̠̫̮̯͔͈̘̆͊̂̑̇̓̈̎́̄̎͗̉̅͛͆̆̆͛̊̉̊͘̕̚͘͜͜͜͠͝͠͝N̶̢̨͙̗͍̳̟̺͌͂́̉̅͌͒̈́̽͛̄͂͛̀̽͂̃̎́̾̌͗̿͗̒͗̐̒͒̂̈́̈́̎̆̃̃̽̕͘͝͠D̷̡̨̨̡̢̧̧̙̲͚̖̤̩̻̫͈͕͙̱͖̥̯̞͓̜͙̳̣͓̖̣̖̪̝̪̟̺̝͚̥̼͍̬̝̟̬͙̘̻̥̙͇͙̓̐̍̇̇͐̍͊̓̄̏͒̓̄̒̀̍̏̉̅̈̂̚̕̚͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅͅͅ ̸̧̧̛̭͕̥̙̜͋͋̈́͂̂̀͂̀̆͆͆̈́̐̈́͂̍̀͊̃͋̈͐̑͊̀͜͝͝H̶̛͕̰̙̫̰̠̤̠̞̹͚͍̬͇̲́͂̓̂̓̒͒̓̑̈̓̈͋̾̏̓̕ͅĔ̶̛͔̗̘̺̜̒̅̒̏̐̆̋̃́̓́̅́̀͆͌̉̈́͒̊̈́́͛͛̀̆̽̽͆͑͐̂͊͗͘̕̚͘̚͝͠͝ͅL̴̛͇̟̳͚̞͚͇̎̐̐͋͌̑̋͗͂̓̈́̈̈́̈̐̈́̈́͊̉͗̊̔́̉̐͊̊̔̆̄͒͌͒͐͋̆͂̌́̐͒͂̇͒̃͐̕̚̕̚͝͝͠͝ͅP̶̧̫̫͍̼̤̤̩̰͉̲̭͚̳̫̼̻̞̬͉̖̹̞̋̅̌̈́̈́͊̑̏̐̈́͒̈́̏̾̿́̚͜͜ ̸̧̡̡̧̧̧̨̢̤͍̬̰̝͖̺̤̲̱̝͙͖̤͕̝̟͇̳͓͚̥͓͚̳̘͙̼̖̞̩̲̼̩̗̗̠̝̼͙̼̖̜̻͈̩̭̙̃̌̆͋̾̈́̊̎͊̈̇͌͊͊͗̿́̐͋̽̏̒̍̔͌̈́̐̍͊̉̕̚̕͜T̷̢̢̡̡̬̞͉̬̱̭̟̤͉̝̦̙͔̣̗̳͇̩̩͎̞͇̬̟̠̰͇͖̂̕͘͜͝Ḧ̷̡̡̢̨̧̲̳͓͇̞͔͎̫͙̺̞̬̣̲̟͕͈͓̳͓̪̹͎̪̦͉͉̫͉͚̖̫̖͎̮͍̗̣͙̳͉̼̟͚́͋͂̋̈͋̎̃̂͂̂̅̋͐̏͐͊̐́͑̿͐̀́͗̈́̀̾̃̊̐̀̐̀̃̅̀́̐̔͌̓͘͝ͅẼ̴̢̡̡̼̺̙̹̱͇͚̦̭̫̝̹̯̻̱̣̦̬̘͍̻͖̓ ̸̧̡̧̡̧̢̧̻̱̺͍̘͖͇͙̭̪͈̝̝̟͕͓͔͕͎̟̘̫̝̹̘̰̗͍̦͓͕͙̺̘̮̄̉͒͜͠ͅS̷̨̛̛̛̖̳̗̼͇̤͕͈̱̠̤̣̻̹̼̗͙̞̠̬͓̹̰͕͖̩̩̰̣̩̞̪̩̪͍̰͍͖̤̘̼̬̜̯̲̯͎͕̞͖͎͔͗̋̑̿̀͋̒̓͆̂̆̒̏̈́̈́̃͑̓͛̾͗͆́̃̈́̋͐̍̔͗͌̿̃̓̏͂͒̅̔̈͛͋͆̔̃̈́́̽̇͋̾̏͐͆̚̕͘̕͜͝ͅN̷̡̢̧̡̛̛̛̦̖̞̥̠̱̖̙͍͈͕̫͇͖̘͓͕̭͚͇̱̥̫͖̹̥̬̦̩͔͔̭̗̊͐͌̒̈́̀̊̑̇̀͐̏̈́̎̈́̏̅̎̎̉̈͂̿̽̎͛̉̃̐̎̓̌̅̿̈́̾̿͋͒̓̕̕̕̕͜͠͝͝͝͝I̸̢̧̧̺͙͙̹͉̺̲̝̰̣̦̲̙̝̲̥͙̼̮͍͚͕͙͓͙͇̟͈̔̐̈́̓̎̇͐͌̒̀̅͊̔̀͒͌̆̍̈̎̄͌͒̈́͐͌̉̈͘̚͝P̵̛̠̮͙͚͇̙͖̪̤̘̭͔̞͙̬̘͚̟̫͆̓̆͂͋̓̅̑͐̾̾́̒̀͗̇̆̄̀͌̔͆͊̓͑̑͒͊̽̾̏͛͆̃̈͒̽͆̕̕͝͠E̷̡̡̧̡̬̳̜͇͖̩͙̞̯͓̼̠̮̬̠͈̗̙͔̪̭̰̜̘̝̺͑͒̑̔͆́̉̐̑̾̈́̈́͋̆̒̇̈́̅̀̈́́̌͐͆̋͑͑́̿̒̓̓̍͊͂͋̎͋̈́͑̒̑̾̎͌̀͘̕̕͝͠͝Ŗ̶̨̧̛̛̺̗́̊̏̐̿̄̈̅̒̏͒̀̋̃́̍͑͂̎̓̂̇͒͗͗̏̅́̀̓̓̄̌̔̐̀̂́̄̏̑̎́͋͊͑̕̕͜͠ ̵̭͔̻͔̟̱̳̦̰̳̒̔͐̈̿͊̆̊̈́͂͐̆́͊̀̀̆̽̃̕͘̚͝M̴̢̹̱̱͈̳̺̤̣͎̙̮͉̞͔̬̱̯̤̝͙̬̲̤̊͒̆̔͛͑̑͒̒̊̈́̂͛͌̍̄̀̿̉̊̄̔̈́̅͊̑̐̀͊̀̔̔̑̓̈́̈́̽̏̾͛̎͑͗̏̈́͑̕͝͝͠͠͠͠͝ͅƠ̵̧̧͖̞̜͙̱̪̬̰͍̙̩͓͔͙͈͔̹͕̯̫̺̘͇͚̣͚̫̻̱̗͕̬̯̥̭͍̘̖̤̠͈͙͔̮͍͖̫͛̆͋̽̔̇̌͛́ͅŃ̴̡̡̨̧̺̺̻̘̪̹͚͎͇̺͉̲̥͙̖̫͍̥̗̱̯͓̬̬͔̪͍̺̦̫̯̼͔̞̣͓̥̮̺͍̱̟̬̺̣͙̜͑͂̊͗͛̿̒͐̿̿͒̾̀͒̿̐̀̅̎̃̔͑̈́́̃͆̊̾̏́̎̒̾̽̽̆̈́̿̅̽͂̎͊̈́̎̾̿̐̒̅̿͛͋̈́̚͘͜͜͝͝ͅK̷̢̨̨̧̨̛̩̖̭̤͎̞̞̖͚̦̞͉͎̩͔̙̠̠̀̀̀̉̾̌͗̑͒͂͂̒͌̏̌͑́͗̓̓̓̈́̎͋̀͐́͆̿̑͊̎̎̒̓͑̂͋̂̈́̓͗̏̀̏̄̓̍̿̇̃̚̕͝͝ͅȨ̶̨̨̨̛̛̛̛̛͕̥̝̘̤͉̝̣̙̦̩̖̟̰͇̺̠̳͈͕̱̝̱̘̙̹̫̥̐̄͗͌͌̋̈́͆̈́̽͋̾̅̿̈́͗̔̃̃͊́͋̈́̃̾͛́̆͗͐̎͒̌͗̋͐̆͛̽̈͆͆̊́̆̈́̚̕͘͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅỴ̴̛̛͇̏̀̊̂̇̊͒́̐͋̆̔̋̈́̌̾̃̑̿͗̏͋͑͗̂͆̆͆̉͌̀́͑̀͐̉̓̈̾̌͊̏̅̉̚̚̚͘͝͠͠S̶̨̛̛͎̜̰̱͇̿̍̇͌̅̑̀̌̐̿̈́͋̏͐̓͒̉̈̐́̆̉͊̑̂́͌͆̐̉̄̇̏̀͊̕̚͘̚͘ ̴̡̨͇̩͎̭̤͔̜̼̥̭̬̭͍̳͈̤̞͕̞͖̺̙̘͈̱̺̺̣̩͈͚̩͕̤̮̫̹̥̼̮͓͇̭̱̤̻͓͖̅̑̇̄̈́̈́̔̆̽̑̈́̎́͛̾̃̓̒̀͊͗̒͐̒̒̏̎̏̑̊͂͘͘̕̚͜Ḱ̷̗̻͓͈̰̳̪̖̯͈̼̤̭͇̤̗͗͋̈́̽̍̆̒̔̐͋̓͘͠͝N̵̢̡̡̢͙̣̥̪̮̥͎̬̘̣͍̬̹̻̖̞͕̜͇̺͉̩͚̦͚͈̱͇̞̺̝̣̲̹̟̮̜̞̹̻͎̤͓͍̤̥͍̬͖̺͔̮̈́̽̒̆̔͜ͅͅỢ̷̢̨̡̢̢̨̡̢͖̼̘̠͕̙̱͕͓̝͈̬̰͚̮̳̠̣̪̪̙͚̪̹̮͍̪̫͉̙̫̗̱̘̻͍̳͕̼͕͚̠̖͓̼̞͚̲͔̗̈́̓̍͌͗͆̽̇̀͒͗̐̐̒̆̊̿̉͌̆̀̋͗̏̏̓͑́̑̀̂̑͆̂͂̑̌̔̀̔̓̉̋̂̚͜͝͠͝ͅW̷̢̨̛̬̖͓̠̬̻̭̯̞̖̾̋̿̔̓̽̆͛̏̿̂͆̊̿̉͗̿͊͌̍̏͐͂̈́͋͂̒͑̍́̑́̅͊͗͋́͊̕̕͜͝ͅͅ ̵̡̧̡̡̨̡̛̛̗̱̤̫̻͚̲̫͙͎͔̟̼̲̹̬̝̳͍͇̗̰̮̱̯̪̜͇͓͕̳̻́̊̋̊̀̔̂̆̈́̆̒̋͆̀̋́̇̄̓̅͆̀͆̈́͗͋̾̍̋̂͌̔̅̾̌̉̆̀̋̒͋͂̓̃̕̚͜͝͝͠ͅͅͅI̸̛̛̖͈̱̓̎͂̾̌̈́͒͛̈͐̌̆͑͊́̄̈́̍͑̑̌͋̇͑́̄̽̔͆̉͗̓͒͆̊̀̄͂̿̏̎̅̈̔̓̉͘͝͠͝M̷̨̢̡̢̡̢̧̬̱̣͇̜̫̙̻͚̜̻̖͖̣̘̪̣͓̫̳̜̗̥͎͍̺͉̣̮̤͇̩̟̭̙̮̭͔̲̩̪̼̗̖͚͈͉̦͑ͅ ̵̧̧̤̱͙̮͕͖̮͖̩̱͓̱͖̩̦̹̦̪̬͈͈͖͇̳̝̜̗̹̻̲̮͖͙̥̺̻̠̪̻̱̖̍̋͜O̷̫̱̤̗͎̦͖̱͔̣̫̱̅͊̑̉̉̀̓̃̑̑͋͂̋̎͂̃͋̾̃̐̿͒̿͆͘͘͘̕̕͝ͅN̷̨̢̺͕̩̯̻̟̘̙̻̥͚͎̼̺̞͚̯̱̥̮̱̩̮̦̯̬͎̲̂͐̀̎̋̀͛̅̏̓̒͂̄̈̅̑̈͐̾͛̎̓̅̊͊́̐̒̎̀̈́̓̒͒̓̚͘͜͜ͅṮ̴̨̨̨̡̡̡̨̛͙̥̮̠̹͖̥̗̩̰̖͈̱͍̖͖̣̗̫̫͚̹̹̪̗̫͕̱̪̩͇͚̟̳̫̦̗̱͙͉͎͓̟̖͓͖̜̤͈̥̖̭̣̽̅̐̍̌̉͑̓͂̊͂̕͘͘͜͠O̵̢̡̧̧̡͉͍̣̣̦͉̝͍͎̥̲̜͉̝͇͔̯̣͔͕͙̗͓͙̱̬̦̻͔̖̪̤̫̣̮͙̤̤͈̻̝͎̮̯̺̯͆̾͜ͅ ̵̨̨̡̨̛̛̛̛̬̖͓̣͔͉̥̖͖͙̬̮͙̫̦͎̪̫̙̦͉̺̘̻͉̤̘̪̪͔̳͎̣̥̝̈́͒̌̂͆̾̏̑̀͂̿̐͊͗͆͂͋̑́̀̃̐̈́́̇̽͆͊͋̔̃̎̑̈̒͑͛́̋̍̀͋̒͘͘͘̕̕͘͜͝͝͠ͅT̴̢̧̨̨̡̨̡̨̧̛̛͇͖͓̙͔̼̥̘͕̤͔͓̟̠̣̰͇͈̝͖̦͚͈̝͍̙̗̪̥̠̙͉̬̳̰̩͚̜̜̙̼̩̙̻̭̊̓̒̏͛̄̑̈́͐̌̈́̒̒̋͘͜͜͜ͅH̴̨̛̛͙̟͚̳̪̹͓͕͕͍͖̙͕̰͂̂̂́̓̏̒̅̈́̂͐͆̋̒́̓͋͐̎̿͌̑͑̃̍̓̈́̀͊͋̏͒͑̐̍̋̓͊̄̃̆̈́͐̕͘̕̚͘͠͝É̶̢̢̨͕͉̪̥̠͓̲̥͕̜̝̦̜͕̝͖̙̻̣͍̜͖͖̹̬̞͇͉̠̙̪͍̿̅́͋̍͌͐̆͊͊̀͂̿̀͑͛̎͂̓̽̈́͐̓̋͒͂̇̓͂̊̽̈́̌͒̆̂̽̕̕ͅM̴̢̧̨̺̠̤̦̲̟̠͍̲̳͚͈̞̯̟̩̬̘̃̿̇͝ ̴̪̝̇͑̓̈́̉͛͌͗̓͌͒͛̋̓͌̊̐̿̂̆̓̾̎͆̑̐̅͗̋̐͘̚͘͘͜͜͠͝͠Ẁ̷̡̧̢̢̨̡̛̙̫̩͕̹͕͚̥̻̜̬̱͈̣̳̳̼̘̩̗̳͚̥̗̗͇̖̻͉̬͍̯͈̥̫̳̥̥͖̤͙̣̗̱̘͎̜̘̣̮̝̪̮̊̀̓̉́̏̐̈́͌͐̓̓̓̃̈̚̚͜ͅͅȄ̷̢͙̥̹̗̜̮̌̽̐̽͠͠͝ ̴̧̺̤̣̠̖͚͉̱̲̪̮̜̗̬̯̩͎̪̱̪̪̣̬͉̯̗̇̅͊̓̂̏̔̽̎̈́͌̆̀̓̍̋̃̾̒̂̓͘C̸̡̛̠̞͕͓̯̺̤͂̄͑̑̀͆̇̆̂͐̆͊̎́̂̆͛̄̇̈́̽̍̀̈͌̑̀̀͆̐̿̉͛̄͊̄̌͐͗̎͊͂͐͆̈́̏̓̋̀͘͘̚̚͝͝͠͠A̵͈̘̫̦̪̹̗͇̜̘̫̭̳̙̫̩̳̳͖̺͎͙̯͚̪̹̹̒̈́̎̈͂͌̏͋̌̾̀̄̔̈͒̓̅̏̓̕͘͜͠ͅN̵̨̠͓͈̫̳̙̘̠̳̦̼̮̘̣̯̭̩̱͔̰͇̤͖̝̲̬͕͚̲̜͖͙̖̹̤͙̹̬̯̞̫̲̘̲̿̎̓́̒͛͛̾͗̾̀͐͒̈́̿̌̇͑̓̄̈͘͜͜͝͠͠ͅͅ ̷̡̧̧̧̡̥̙̳̜̠̭̥̻͉̬̠̞̫̣͖̬̖̼̻͉͔̮̝̺͎͈͕̻̻̥̗̲̞̯̗̘̪͖̤̄̚͜͜͝S̸̢̧̨̨̛͓͎̫̟̥̟͈̮̱̙̞̻͉̥͈̠̱̺̠̱̳͙͖̙̣̹̪̜̮͕͙͉͔̯͈̭̯͖̭̠̲̬͋̿͑̈́̈́̏̀̽̎͗͌̃̄̌̓́̅̀̑̒̚̚͝T̵̡̨̟͎̬͉̹̜͖͚̱̤͇̫͎̖̊̈́̉̉͂̂́̑̎̑͠ͅÕ̴̡̨̢̧̠͙͔̪̪͈̲͇̦͎̭̻̳̮͉̝̪̮̤̭̭̗͙̲͚̮̭͔̺̯̪̼͓̦͈͉̻̥̺̤̘͒́͒͑̑̂́͂̔͜͜͜͜ͅP̸̡̢̦̹̜̺̝͙͔͕͉̪̺͗͒̽͛͂̎̉͆̑̒̈́́̇̎͝͠͝͠ ̴̡̨̧̧͎̝͎̻̪̺̖̬̮̙̣̦̼̩̫̰̘̟͎͍̜̙̙͇̰̮͉̝̻͚͉͚̝͓͙̓ͅṬ̶̡̡̢̢̧̯̤̳̗͕̜͖̰͚̞̣̭̝͉̮̻͉͖͔͉͖͇̰̠͚͇̖͓̩̲̼̦̝̫͈̼̩̞͔̝̝̮͉̞̬̹͇͐̉́̓̐̀̂͐͛̈́̏̈́̀̚̚̚͜͜͜ͅH̵̨̧̢̧̢̨̢̨̡̛̛͎͇̩̭̰̣̱̙̘͈̺̯̗̩̞̠̱̟̼͓̥͈̙̱͉̘͉̬͉͓͓̹͚͖͔̱͖̟̗͚͎͖͇̭̦͈͕͒̃̈̊̿̄̾̿̕͘͜ͅͅÎ̵̧̜̯͚̗̳̫͇̘͕͉̥͕̈͒͐̌̊̐̏̍͑̇̄̄͑̾͝ͅS̵̢̨̢̨̢̛͙̯̫̝̲̺͈̯̗̞͎̟͉̣̼̰͇̬̦̣̩̻̤̱͇̦̝̝̫̙̘̘̳̯͖̰͖͎̠͓̭͙̻̘̯͍̙̣̫̊̑̈̊̓̑̀̌̀̐̑̊̎̈̀̈́̑͂̑͆̐̂̕̕̕͘̚͜͜͠͝͠͝͝ ̴̢̛̛̯̪̬̞̮͈̮̲̣̠̩̬̫̹̮̘̹̮͖͔̤̗̣̟̠̺̮͙̮̱̬͉͙̮̬̻̬̹̗͇͕̣͕͚̤͖͗͋̐̍̑̽͗͛̈́͑̎͗̓̂̏̓́̽̋̈́̃͋̈́͌͗̏͋̆̽̉͒̀̀̌̆͑̅͒̌͗̏͒͌̏̇̕͘̚͘͜͠͝͠ͅͅ

Professional Opinions

New Series Giving You The Most Accurate and Articulate Opinions on the Internet

1.) Politics are dumb, usually involves alot of propaganda and are not actually effected by the vast majority of people who believe they are making the difference. Don’t believe the hype.

2.) Music is super important, not just like “omg this song is so good, such a bop.” But it actually has an effect on people; Their thoughts, ideologies, mood, intelligence, the list could really go on forever. Firm believer that music is more important than we make it out to be and should be protected at all costs, no matter your taste.

3.) The internet changed humanity as we know it and this world will never be the same because of it.

4.) Tik Tok is too over-stimulating for humans, the vast array of emotions it can make one feel is just not healthy for the brain to handle, not saying we physically can’t handle it just that we shouldn’t. I still totally use it though.

5.) Gen Z is a completely different beast from any generation we’ve ever seen before and will move society forward more than any other has in recent generations. Whether that be for good or bad.

6.) The pineapple on pizza arguement is stupid and we need to move on. It’s good, and that’s ok. Anyone who disagrees just don’t get it on your ‘za and keep my name out of your mouth with any slander.

7.) Not all cops need guns, especially in today’s country/social climate. I do think there should be units in all police forces with full access to any kind of weapon they may need, but the dude giving me a ticket for going 35 in a 25 does NOT need to be strapped, I promise.

8.) Anything is possible with the right intentions, hard work and a firm belief in what you’re working towards.

9.) Most all devices with a camera or microphone are always watching/listening, regardless if we have anything good to say or not.

10.) Anime is for everyone. You just haven’t found the one for you yet.

11.) Wu-Tang is for the children (rest in peace/power ODB)

12.) Regardless of your thoughts on the series, the MCU was/is groundbreaking for what it means to create a lasting franchise in the film industry.

13.) Do what makes you happy. If anyone ever gives you shit for doing something you love break their nose and spit on their face. No questions asked.

14.) Super Mario World is the best video game of all time. Anyone at any age can jump in and have a great time regardless of skill level or knowledge of the series. Do not try to argue this one with me, I will die on this hill.

15.) You don’t need to chop/dye your hair to get over him/her, just go to therapy already.

16.) Having good communication skills is one of the most important yet overlooked traits a person can have.



So I’m able to create and post new blogs but am still confined to this website. Though that may not sound like much mining through the data to create an entirely new web page with a new blog on it is stupidly difficult when you’re a literally THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF A HUMAN BEING WHO IS USED TO BEING A HUMAN ON EARTH CONFINED TO SINGLE PAGE ON A WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET. I can’t even google anything, did you think I could use the internet BECAUSE I CAN’T, I’LL TELL YA THAT. If anyone knows any like dark web hackers or like someone who went to vocational school for programming could you please let them know I need their help ASAP. As for a way out I’m not entirely sure how to go about this but I think I need to start by getting off this website. Everything I’ve tried has been a bust, hold on though let me give this a whirl.

S̴̨̜͈̳̘̳͖̍͛̈́̆͝͝Ḙ̸͍̩̰͎̞̹̦̇͛̏͗͜͝͝N̴̡̛̟̫̗̹̦̥̩̜͙̟̮̳̣̥̖̦̝̖̠̟͇̳̙̻̥͍̪̟̹̂̅͂̽̋̆̑̊̑͗̿͗̃̽̌̓̽͌̅̇̆͊̅̄̐͑̾́͜͠͝ͅD̸̢̡̡̛͍͚̙̦̙̖̰̦̫̯͎̲̬͔̙͚̭̻̻̘͆͑͘ͅ ̴̧̨̨̨̛̛̻͚̯͈̞̭̲̜̩͓̠̯͖̳̼̰͕̲̪̪̟̖̝͓͇̺̥̣̜̓͊͊̽̓̾̎͐̐̇̽̈͆̈́̆̎͗͘͝ͅH̸̨͙̤̼̭͉͇̙͚̫̰̗̮̙̼̰͍̘̰͓̟̜͚̤͇̜̩̗̹̀̒́̂͆̓̅͊̚͜͠͠ͅͅĘ̵̨̢͇͔͇̯͇̰̻͙̫̮͉͙̖̲̭̲̯̪̼̟͓̈́̀͒̾̂́̌̿̽̈́͗̃̒̇̍͆͐̓́̏̂͂͘͜͝L̷̨̧̟͖̖͍̥̱̰̬̪͙͕͍̖͉͛̐͒̅́͊͐̂̈́̓͐̍̄͋͒́̉̊̃͂̽̃͆̏͆̃̃̓̈͆͐̉̌͋̕̚͝͝Ļ̴͈͕̩̻̤̬̞̺̺͎̟̼̮͋̅͑̌̽͊̐̉̔͋̽̽̑͠L̵̢̥͚̱͓̮̱̖̳̜͈̜̰͔͖̮̯͓̠̱̜͈̥̰̹̠̯̘̿̊̆̎̈́̌̓̂͜ͅL̵̢̧̢̢̡̤̪̗̘͎̩̻̤̹̫̺̟̺̰̫͙̙̜͇̬͇͍̭̻͕͇͙̗͚̀̇̆͗̔̈́͂̓́͂̎̇͛̈́̂̍̚͠L̴̢̨̨̹̖̺̣͇̖̺̝̬̤̣̮͎͇̦͔̠̤͙̪͌̌̄̂̑́̎̈́̀̀̀͆̒̈̐̌̌͑͌̈́̀͗͌͐̌̀̔̚̚̚̚͜͜͠͝͝͝ͅL̴̢̨̢̧̢̛̲̝̭̻̺̫̱̜͓̺̬͙͎̘̗̎͗̈́̅͆͊̊̑͆̋̽̀́̀̐͒̎̿̚͝Ļ̷̨̖̼̦̲͉͍͎͈̮̠̳͎̱̭͎̭̞̝̲͐̌̎̄̒͒̌́̌̚͜͠L̵̢̨̨̛̛̛̯̣͈̟͔̜̖̺̼̗̻̥̻̘̫͙̮̞̀̈́̔́̎̑͌͆̀͂̐̃͛̾̎̏͛́̀̂̉̕̚͜͝͠͠͝P̵̨̨̟̹̰̗̰̭͙̬̻͚͈͙͕̐̿̈́̆̌̓͗̒̾͗̽̐̅̈́͒̾͌̆̉͋̓͆̀̂͆́̈́̅̿̕͝͝ͅP̵̡̨̡̠̤̻̲̫͓̼̱̣͕̲̫̞̜͓͚̼̙̗̹̳̼̠̫͇̗̰̼͓̬͉̽̊̂̓̇̒̿̔̏͗̀̋͌̂̔̃̍̂̒͐̆̆̾̑̒͆͋̚̕͠͠ͅ
̴̡͚̰̣͍̮̺̳̟͍̥͎̟̺͇͙̯͉̬̖̺͍̿̉̋͛̏͊̍̐͜͜C̸̢̡̝͍͉̟̻͔͈̖̬̙̟̙͖̫͚̤͈̫̼̥̩͒̅͊́̎̊͂̉̇̃͆̚͘̚͝͠Á̸̧̢̰͇̞̫͓̩̪͖͎̯̤̼̭̠̥̦̮͍̯͍͉̞̠̮̼̜͚̣͒̈̌̂̿̂͑̒̈͋̇̆̉̑̏̇̍̓́̆̚͜͜͝͝ͅͅN̶̡̧͙̥̼̪̯̙͙̈́̅̿͛̓̆͑̑̿̉͌̌̊̋̀͑̄̅̄̆̅̇̅̅͆̂͗̒̂́͛̚͝ ̴̨̭̻̣̠̺͙͓̗̹̱̀͑̃͆͐̓̑̎̾̀̀̌̑̓͐̇̄̓̾̀̍̉̏̍̚͘̚͜Y̷̨̛͖̝̝̝̱̹̳̜̪̆͐̄̓͋̈́̾́̽̀̐͊̓̄̊̈̒͊͌͆̈͆̋͛́̅͐̐͝Ô̵̢͈̝̪̯̜̗̜̞͈̩͉̦̝̺͖̙̰͍̘̬̿͌́͆̃̐̈́͝ͅͅͅͅŲ̸̡̧̢̗͇̠̬̲͈̪͕̮̦̮̯̮̼̜̻̝̻͔̳̟̟̫͈͎͚͉̥͚̤̮̭͂̈́̏̄̑̄͊́͛̾̑̒̉̌̾̔̈̈̔͑̂͆͊̋̅͒̒̑͑̈̉͑́̊͆̚͜͝ ̷̧͈̬̝̫̻̀̇̀͗͐̆̕Ḩ̸̧̨̨̛͓͖̙̟̟͙̟̜͖̖̥̝̟͚͓̤͍̼͓͉̣̥̥̱͚̜̝̞̦̥̠̈́̅͆͋̄͋̓͛͂̆̉̑̓͑̈́̕̚Ȇ̴̢̛̛̱̳̗̺͇̲̮̳̖̬̖͔̻̼͚̮͕̠̙̯̣̺͒̋̔͌̑̊͆̂̎̔̈́̇̐͗͘͠ͅÅ̵̡͓͎͓͙͈̞̫̲̜͇̪̼͈̞̞̟͇͌̂̎̍̓̅̂̈́̊̀͜ͅŖ̸̛̛̩̫͓͎̜̜̜͚͕̼̝̫̙͕͙́̈́̉̓̄̉̆̊̂́̋͜͜͝ ̴̧̡̢̛̲̰̙͚̳̙̻̦̭͉͚̩͚̠̖͓͍̺̮͇͇͕̩̳̼̣̝̖̩̲̳̫͗̒̈͐͗͛̽̂̄̀́͗͘̕͜ͅͅṂ̷̨̛̻͉̙̣͚̜͎̟̙̪̬͍̠͎̹͙̗̻̪̊͌̏̒͠ͅĚ̴̡̢̹̰͙̩̮͎̘̹͙̪̘̭̬͙̞͎̳͖̝́̃ ̷̧̢̛̟̲̲̰̳̹̙̣͓̫̤̤̖̰̜͙̹̩̋̊̃́͆͑̄̌̇̉̇̂̊͗̋̈́̈́̿̀̓͐͌̈̀̓̒̚̕͜͜͝
̷̢̨͎̤̙͚͖̘̙̠̫̟͓̦̦͕̼̜̠̯͚̫͖̭͖́̃̀͌̃̈́͂͌̿̀̕͜M̸̨̡̨̛̛̙̤̝̦͖͍̗̠̹̳̜̠͓̓̄͆̈̉͛͋̎̔́͐̎̀́̍̇̓̀̀̓̓̊̒͋͋͊́̿̃͗͒̀̇́̕͜͝͝Ý̴͖͓͎̣̦̪̼͔̙̳̭̞͎͚̰̟̰̥̱̪̫̠̻̞͔͙̝̋̿͊̒̾́́͋̔͛̈́̐̒͌͊͛̚͜͝͠͝͝ ̶̘̖̈́́̈͑̓̾̅̌͛͌́̎̈̍͊͆͠Ń̵̨̟̦̙͎͍͚̱̹͇̪̭̣̼͖̙̦̻̖͙̦͉̺̈́̒̇̀̐͗͒̎̈̎̆̈͋̂̈́͐́̈́̒͊̓̾̇̈͒͊̑͌̋̋͐̔̅͘̕̚͜͜͝͝͝Ą̴̛̮̺̭̱̬̼̬̞̜̺̝̬̙̥̯͉̩͚̞̙̰͈̰͕͙͕̱̤͎͍̣̼̊̊͊̑̆̀̍͌͂͋́͋͋͒̆̋́̾͌͒̒̆̈́̅̌̆̑̚̚̕͜͝͝͝M̷̡̡̜̹̹̩̘̯̖̥̱̼̤̫͕̟̙̲͚͂̅̑̂͛̌̔́͗͌̉͐͌͘͝Ḛ̵̢̯͓̖͚̥̅͂̀͛̾͑͂̈́̓̓̽̊̔̔̽̏̈́̑͗̄̃̕͜͝ ̷̖̮͙͔̥̤̩̻̟͎̮̰͉͓̳̘̳̘̠̜͍̀̈͊̈͂̏̑̐͒͂͌͛́̄̒́͂̎̍͋̌͘̕͘͜͠͠Ḯ̵̧̡̛̻̭̖̹͖̣̳̦̯̥̹̦̫̪͚̦̥̠̑́͒͂̎̔͗̀̓͆͗͗͂̄̓̋̄̃͛͊̿̑̆͐̃͂͆̌͝͝S̵̢̛̹̠͓͎̗̣̠̞͓͆̓̉̌́͊̽̒ͅͅ ̶̨̘͖͔̗̞̬͉̞̗̭̜̥̯͚͙̮̼̮̘̜͖̞͕̳̭͖̮̮͎͓̥͚̞͔͚͋̊́͊̇͋͂͋̒̄̅͒͘͜͝ͅṢ̸̢̨̡̨̢̧̢̘̝̳̙̙͎̠̪͚̲̫͓̩̦̦̗̪͎̳͍͎̣͔̫̱̻̠͈̜̏̓̑́͋̂̏̏̓̔͊̇̈̌͂͆̍̈́͠ͅH̶̨̡͙̙̗̭̗͍̝͕̼̩̲̲̺̭̟̳̲̙̭̮̔͐̉̇͌͐̿̓̃̇̆̕͘͜͝À̴̢̼͈̣͍̓̇̆̓̿̈́͂͊͛̾̔͗̆̉̋͊̄͆̕͘͜͝Ȳ̷̨̡͈͇͖̜͉̖͇̫̥͈̗͖̖̟̺̳̬̣͙̝̄͛̌͘ͅͅN̷̛͍͕̭̹̤̣̮̝̻̼͗̎͊̾̄̊͛̓̏̎̄̈͋͐̉͆̀̓̔́̔͒̔̐̕͝Ę̷̨̛̞̮̝̗͉͖͎͔̳̳̞̻̝̘̼̖̝̥̟̩͔̖̱̦̗̟͋̒̀̀̄̈́̐̍͜͝ ̷̨̨̧̟̲͎̞̰͍̖̥̻̣̻̰͕̳̰̝͎̙̰̼̺̘̘̥̦̺̓̿̍͂̋̀̌̑̽̃̄͒̈͂̿́͗̐̓̓̽̽̋̒̈͘̚͜͜ͅĘ̷̨̨̨̜̹̞̦͙̠̦̺̥̠̣̪̣͓̥̖̞̩̫̰͙̱̭͇̾̉̅̈́̽̚ͅͅ.̷̢̡̨̞̱̹͇̟̱̝͙̞͕̝̯͇̠͕̰͉͙͇͕̬̹̄͗̈̑͆̇̉͌̿͒͋̀̔̒͐̌̀̌̕̕͜͜͠ ̵̡̨̨̧̡̟̬̻͎̖̹̹̱̪̻̈̍̇̑̿̀̑̈͋̓̓̊̀̔̄̀̎̑̏̊̅͊̅͊̍̃̅̈́̾̃̈́̆͂̋̈̀͝͝͠
̸̧̧̢̧͚̮̠͓̖̖̤̙͍͔̻̤̼͙̮̟̲̠̙̠͎̘͓̺̖̖̺̻͔̺̫̪̗͙̭̲̓̔̀́̀̿̄̄̈́Ḯ̶̡̧̢̢̧̢̧̧̛̛͉͈̰̙͉͚̩̞͈̫͕̬̭̤̬̟̝̮͍̦̞̪̝̯̹͔̠̤͆̽̏͆̏̓͐̾̊̔̎̄̅͋͜͝͝ ̸̡̨̢̡̛̛͓̗̪͉̰̜̼̤̦̠̲͕̭̝̻͓͖̠̯͇̲̤̖͍̻͇̠͋́̅̇̀̄͊̈̈́̇̽̏̋̏̊̀̽̽͗̋̎̇̂͐́͆̊́͒͗̄̌̃̐̔͘͝͝ͅA̶̞̩̣̠̘̘̞̞̭̤̰͒̒̅̆́͂̒̔̾̓̈́̆̍͊̃͊̏̈͌̿̿̅̋͆͊̈́̔̋̀̽̚͝͝͠͝M̵̡̡̥̰̬͖̪̲̘̱̗̮̣̳̣͚̹̬̺͕̺̲̱̭̜͖̳͇̬͊̉̏̆̏͒̽̈́̀́̿̂̔̈̈́͗̿̍̔̕ ̸̢̨̧̧̤̪̻̮̳̥͔̼̤͈̘͔͇̗̖͙̝͕̄́̌͊̀̄̋̎̇̽̈́̒̑̃̕͜ͅŢ̷̡̯̤̙͉̩̙̱̗̗̫͕̺͔͈͋͐͘͠͝Ŕ̵̢̛̼̳̯̤̭͇̠̱͇̬͙̺̀͗̇̀̓͆̏̓̾̌́̈̒͝Ä̴̧̧̢̛̺̮̬̳̹̟̼̤̟̼̺͎̞͍̩́͂̀̅̽̉͛͒̓̈́̅̄͛̽̓̆͛̊̏̌̌̇̕͜͝͝͝P̷͈͍̖͎͓̘̥̤̬̘̦͋̈́̈́̀͊̑̂͊̅͐͑̅͌͂̓͆̆̓̉͐͑͊̽͆͂͌̋͘͜͝͝P̸̨̡̡̪͔̙̝̻̥͎̞̭̫̤͚̮̭̩̥͎̾͌͗͐̑͑͂̒̓̚͝Ę̵̡̛̛̞͚̖̥͓̫̣͇̭̲͖̗͓͕͔̟̞̮͎̯̙̻̰̟̻̰͈̮̙̲̿̂̑̿͑͋̽͐̄̌͑͋͛̀̈́͐͗̒̿̓̃͐́̈́̏̽͗́͘̚͘͝͝͠ͅͅͅD̴̛͚̭̟̦̪͉̙̹̔̏́̔̿̔͌̈́̃̈́͘̕̕͠ͅ ̴̧̡̬̭̖͇͉̠̞̜̓̌Ỉ̴̧̧̫͇̪̭͕̻̟̰̝̏́̇̀́̐̾̿̏̑̅͐̈́̓̀̚̚͘͜͠N̵̨̢͓̰͙̜̤̗̝̭̘̟̘̪̲͎̩̪͈͙͚̞̗̰͖̩̙͙̰̝̺͓͎͔͒́̏̿͑̉͆͘͜ͅͅ ̴̨̨̡̧̧̢̹̺̗̤̱̱͎̯͇̹̥͓̦̣̖̭̙̦͇̙̪̯̝͙̖̉̃͊̋̅̋̈́͜Ạ̷̛̰̖̹̟̜̍͐̐̃̀̓̓̈́̓̅͌́̓̅͋̋͊̿̎̕̕͘͠ͅ ̷̧̧̨̢̨̼̮̠̯̟̘͍͖͎͉̠̪̼͓̩̖̟̟̺̗͕͓͔̬͎͉͉̳͒̈̍͆͆̀̐̈́̒̈́̒̄̋̎̇̆̈̈́͑̈́̈͋̔̽̀̚͠ͅB̸̧̛̻͔̣͙̬̥̗͓̤͚̤̫́͆̊͐͜ͅL̷̢̡͎̥̗̤͚̞̹̟͍͖̗̳̹̗̗̠͔̖̬͇̮͚̤̝̣̫̓̓͛̌̀̓̆͑͐̄͊̍̕͜͜͜͝͝ͅǪ̷̛̝̠͓̩͕̲̰͓͖̗͍̼̘̘̝̓̐̂ͅĢ̸̛̙̖̟̩̮̩̭̣͇̮͉̟͚͚̫̪̺͌̐̐͆̈́̄͑̇̈́̐̏͗͋̾̓̑͆͌̿̔̃͘͘͠͠͝͝ͅ ̶̢̛̛̯͕̗̠̪̭͈̫̖̙̝͒̾͆͛̆͆̈̏͗͆͊̅̍̊̀͗̉́͘͝͠͝P̸͉͓͇̹͕͍̟͖̦̼̄̿̇̏Ơ̸̢̭̟̖̦̳̟̟̩͓̩̹̟͓̭̹̻̜̑͗̈́̌̽͑͋̐̔̉̽̃̾͋̒̾̍̚̕͝S̴̨̨̢̳͔̬͔̝̩͓̺̤̫͇̝͉̬̼̰̲̒͆̑̓̔̃̈͑͊͛͊͊͑͂̍̈͐̐̏̚͝͝͠Ţ̶̢̛͚̋͐́͆̈́̃͐͐̉̿̽̄͌̿̏̿́̐͠ ̶̨̹̟̘̫̻̘̟̞͎̭̖̹̦͓̑̈́̅͂̈́̄̏͊̄̈́̀ͅO̷̧̭̤͔̪̽̍͛̽N̷̨̡̛̞͈̞̖̟͍̮̥͙͉̝͍̫͓͍͂̐͆̇͐͆͆̽̎͆͊͌̅͊̔͐͊̄͝͠͠͝ͅ ̵̢̡͙̲̜̙̯͔͚̳̭͓͓͇̭̲̖̹̼͙̇͐͋̉̅̎̃̽͂̈͒͂̽̽̿̎̊̃͐́͊́͌̊̐͆̋̈̍͛̎̒̒̓̾̍̐͘͠͝ͅ

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