Here’s why the VP debate mattered and why Mike Pence Won

With only weeks away from Election Day. And some states already early voting this debate was in some circumstances the most important one of them all. Well, get in the details of who won and why. And why the media was more caring for a Fly than the facts.

Who won the debate?

There was no question that VP Pence won this debate. At some points just shutting down Harris talking points. Forcing her to take a flip flop stance on the green new deal. He made good points on how she was one of the first senators to support it. How she locked up non-violent drug offenders and in some key cases she knowingly withheld key evidence that would have sent that person free.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks during the 2020 vice presidential debate with Democratic vice presidential nominee and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., October 7, 2020.  Morry Gash/Pool via REUTERS

All Harris could do through the night was smile and ”giggle” though it all it looked really bad for her. Not according to the media but will get to that later. She just smirked ever time Vp Pence made a good point about her and her record not a good look for the potential President. Yes, I said, President people believe that Joe Biden is only a filler President just a puppet of the sort, and Harris is in the wings waiting for her time to shine. So in conclusion Harris had no key talking points looked underprepared and did not have a good night overall.

Why the media was so bias in this debate

So with all those facts that we mentioned above, you would the media would say VP Pence won this debate. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong most major media outlets said Harris won this debate but when pressed on how and why she won they really could not give a real answer.

All they had to go one were there talking points first was the same old same old points about how VP Pence was ”Talking down” to Harris and was in their opinion ”sexist” at some points in the debate which isn’t true say what you will about Mike Pence but he is probably one of the nicer political figures we have today. The second Talking point was how VP Pence was ”Racist” in his comments to Harris about her time as a prosecutor. Again which isn’t true these are just their opinions spilling out into what is supposed to be their job to keel it fair and like most times we saw they did not. That brings us to our last point of the debate A fly yep you heard it here first all anyone in the main press could talk about was the fact for two minutes a fly was on VP Pence head. That’s how you know he won. The fact they had no answer for anything Harris did besides some incorrect statements about the VP and a FLY.

Conclusion on what’s next

To wrap everything up on what’s next for Both parties coming down the home stretch here. I think this gives a small boost to the Trump-Pence ticket. In reality, most Americans have either made up there mind on who they’re gonna vote for or already have voted in some states. The main thing here was that Pence destroyed Harris with Cold Hard Facts and all she could do was smile. And all the media could do was talk about a bug but hey it’s 2020 and we still have a long way to go anything could happen one thing is for sure though it will keep us buzzing.

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Top 5 Halloween Candy bars you need to get for Trick or Treat

Everyone knows that certain person who gives out good candy and others that do not. Sometimes you go to a house and you find somebody with the candy apples. Other times you go to someone’s house and you’ll find something as good as a Snickers bar or a KitKat bar. Well sit back and relax because today we’re going to talk about the top five candy bars. Everyone should give out on Halloween.

Number five. Everyone knows that you should give out Snickers bars because you’re not you when you’re hungry. And because of that, Snickers bars are definitely on the list at number five, a creamy, delicious center with the hard chocolate shell. Everyone deserves to have a Snickers bar. A Treat that is also good to trade if you want to try and get something good like we well talk about later on in this list. Not a bad place to start. certainly better than mint or a candy apple.

Number four. KitKat bars. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar as the commercial says KitKat bars can be famously given away anytime really but for the most part. The best part about having a Kit Kat bar isn’t so much the eating of it, it’s the sharing of it. It’s one of the only candy bars in the world that you actually want to share. Because of the fun factor of breaking it off. So just like that old relationship. Let’s go ahead and break it off, except in a break up you don’t get the enjoyment of the delicious chocolate candy.

Number three, no shocker here. Babe Ruth bars. It’s kind of an underdog coming in number three. delicious a carrot nougat.
Just like the Snickers bar But it also has a few almonds so if you like to have a little bit of a crunch to your candy bars then this is your fun activities of eating candy bars. There’s no way you can go wrong, enjoying a babe Ruth bar They named The candy after the Yankee slugger who apparently like the candy bar so the candy company named the candy bar after the famous slugger.

we get into the top two. There’s going to be a lot of debate here between these two candy giants. They’ve been around for a long time, most of the money comes from these two chocolate pioneers. You could go either way here but in my book, I think. Number two is going to be the Hershey’s chocolate bar company. Whether you like milk chocolate whether you like dark chocolate. Whether you like
cookies and cream. They have so many different kinds I believe they have a sugar free kind of chocolate bar coming out sometime if they already do not have it. So you really can’t go wrong with any of the chocolate monsters.

The number one. The Big Daddy of them all the granddaddy of them all on Halloween, Everyone always wants this no matter what they get on Halloween. everyone wants to see is that the scene of that orange wrapper, of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Just the creamy taste of peanut butter, along with the sweet taste of chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with this combination of this industry standard for great chocolate. I mean, you could trade away all these candy bars That we’ve talked about for one
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

So, be safe this Halloween. Make sure you check your candy. Even adults. you never know what’s going to be inside hopefully good chocolate like the ones we talked about today

enjoy your Halloween. Happy Halloween.

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Things to watch for as we move to the 2020 Election

Things to watch for 1 month out from the 2020 election

We are only one month away from the 2020 election and things are up in the air from the president getting Covid-19 to the screaming match at the last debate. To the civil unrest and the potential to a worst-case were we do not know who won the election until weeks later do to the masses influx of voting by mail. This guide will break down all these what it means going forward for the country.

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Fallout from the presidents health with Covid-19

The biggest story coming out of Washington, DC is the health of the president he caught Covid-19 just days after the debate with former VP Joe Biden. We know now that the president has been moved to the Walter Reed hospital to run further test and to monitor him through this. Time will tell the fallout of this breaking news story just days until in election as another debate just 2 weeks away.

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Fallout from the last presidential debate.

At most times it was just a screaming match between the President and the former Vice President. With major issues facing the country right now from health to racial riots in the streets, we as the American people wanted real answers. We got nothing but a circus with most of the attention going to the moderator of the debate Fox News Chris Wallace getting most of the time on air. From yelling at the president to not getting an answer on any questions from the former VP. Well, have to see what the next debate will hold or if there will be a debate at all.

  • things to watch as we move to the 2020 election
  • things to watch as we move to the 2020 election

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What the race riots could mean for the elections

The final point of this election season is what the violence’s in the streets could mean for the election. we have seen well over 120 days of riots in the streets in American cities with the election coming up be prepared for the same type of civil unrest to follow. With reports coming out that we might not know who won the election until weeks later because of mass mail-in voting time will tell hopefully we as a country can move on to a better place where we start to see each other not as democrat’s or republican’s but as American’s. If you like what you read here maybe check out some of our other blogs on under the blogs tab. Or you can check out some of our podcasts on Spotify or where ever you listen to your podcasts.

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The First true and fastest RV buying guide of its time that will save you money [Full Guide]

The true and fastest RV buying guide that saves your money!

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If you’ve ever been wondering if you could ever buy a new or used RV. Then this True and fastest RV buying guide that saves you money is for you.

RVs are becoming like second homes to people these days with the troubles of COVID-19 a lot of people wanted to get away from the bigger cites. Furthermore, a lot of people want to go camping and travel still with their friends and loved ones in a safe way.

This created a market for RVs and travel trailers as the market went up so did the prices. With that we made this True and fastest RV buying guide that saves you money. To get you out on the open road while saving you a small fortune.

Which RV manufacturers are rated best ?

The RVs manufacturers have rated the best Airstream, Jayco, Tiffin, and then lastly Winnebago. There are many more but these four are by far the best in the business when it comes to safety and comfort.

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What should I look for when buying a new RV?

There are many things to consider when buying an RV such as miles, cost style, and type of RV. All these questions will determine what kind of RV you should target when buying a new RV.


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  1. Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome: $280,041+
  2. Coachmen Leprechaun 240FS (450 Ford) Class C Motorhome: $68,700+
  3. Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel: $50,682
  4. Keystone Passport Express 239ML: $18,595
  5. 2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome: $295,200+
  6. Thor Motor Coach Compass 24LP Class B Motorhome: $114,975
  7. 2015 Palomino PaloMini 177BH Travel Trailer: $10,000+
  8. Winnebago Cambria 27K Class C Motorhome: $129,394
  9. Northwood Arctic Fox 28-5C Fifth-Wheel: $42,985+
  10. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29J Class C Toy Hauler: $123,450
  11. Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Camper Trailer: $13,495+
  12. 2017 K-Z RV Connect C191RBT Travel Trailer: $20,402
  13. Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome: $144,675
  14. Prime Time RV LaCrosse 339BHD Travel Trailer: $46,727
  15. Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler: $49,999
  16. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M: $80,118+
  17. Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45AT Class A Diesel Motorhome: $429,660
  18. Keystone Sprinter 312MLS Travel Trailer: $36,994+
  19. Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter 17RD Travel Trailer: $11,999

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Should I buy a new or used RV?

There are many factors that go into if you want a new or used RV there are pros-cons to both. For new RVs, you know what you buying off the lot. there will be no problems. a con of buying new is of course is the prices a new Rv will run you thousand’s of dollars. The pros of buying used are you will save a small fortune. A con of buying used is the risk that something goes wrong with the Rv and you have to fix it your self which could cause you more money.

Conclusion of the guide

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We come to the end of the guide here whatever you choose whether new or used I hope you find the Rv you’re looking for get out there and on the open road from state parks to BBQ and everything in between.

How the Supreme Court could change come November!

We are only 43 days from the election and things just took a major turn and not in a pleasant way. With reports of some Democratic lawmakers saying anything is on the table from impeachment to stacking the courts.

With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the age of 87 it left an opening on the Supreme Court. Which by law has to be filled by the United States President and the U.S Senate. Which will most likely happen before the 2020 election? That is where we run into some problems from the Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Everyone from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi to A.O.C has threatened to block President Trump by any means necessary until the election.

video credit goes to ABC and The Trump war Room Channel

This is only one of the ways the Democratic lawmakers are trying to change the Supreme Court. There is talk that if Joe Biden wins the presidential race and the Democrat’s win the senate come November. They will “Pack the courts” meaning they will just add more Judges until their side wins out destroying our very values. Violate our morals as a country and most likely tear our country into two. A type of them verses us type of mentally a dangerous mindset that could set us back generations.

tweet belongs to Rep. Nadler Found on

With all these comments Democrat’s have set up what they are going to do if they win after the election. Now the power goes to the people are very rights are on the line here one way or the other. There are a few more things that the democrats have said they will do to the senate. Getting rid of the key filibuster and adding two more states to the United States in D.C and Puerto Rico both would be more than likely Democrats members to the senate.

video credit goes to usa today

Time will tell what happens to our nation 2020 has been crazy already as we head to the election things seem to be getting more heated on both sides I hope we as a nation come together as one. whichever side your on come November 3 we need to tone down the temperature and get our country back together before its too late.

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NFL Week 1 Headlines.

Week one in the NFL was like any other I have ever seen. There were no fans in many of the stadiums around the league because of Covid-19. This lead to a very weird quiet tone to the feel of the game. That was only the beginning of a wild week one in the NFL.

Patriots win without Brady. With Cam Newton taking the place of Brady, there were questions if he would play like the old MVP Cam and he looks real good rushing for 2 TDs and a win over Miami. Getting there first win without Brady in more than a decade.

Brady and the Bucs Struggle against New Orleans. It was one of the weirdest sights of week one seeing Tom in a Bucs jersey. Also an even more weird feeling he lost in week one. It doesn’t get any easier from here time will tell if he made the right choice to go to the Bucs.

The Kansas Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are for real. There were a lot of questions if these two power houses of the NFL would fall of this year. They answered those questions with dominating fashion as each team looked good in week 1. They only question that’s left is will they face each other in the conference finals with a chance to go to the super bowl on the line.

Rookie Joe Burrows looks Ok in Season opener. He did throw one Int and the Bengals did lose but he showed some flashes in his first start even running In for a TD. He’ll only get better from here.

Big Ben is Back for the Steelers. Ben looked real good for the Steelers throwing for 3 TDS in the opener. Also their Defense came to play. It will be very interesting to see what Ben as left in the tank and if he can get the Steelers back to the playoffs one more time.

With week one behind us we move on to week 2 of the NFL season. They’ll be more questions answered this week as teams get more ready to play. After a long break with no pre seasons games. One thing is for sure it’s great to have football back again.

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Xbox series X vs PS5

We have finally made it to the new generation of gaming with both Microsoft and Sony announcing this week that they are adding new systems this holiday season. Today we’re gonna talk about what we know about both systems from specs to prices to game library.

Prices so each company was very hesitant to give any info on the price of either system until this week a very weird move. At any rate Microsoft made a good move by all standards when they announced 2 systems at 2 different prices points. The digital version of the Xbox series S at 299$ and the regular Xbox series X at a cool 499$. A smart move by Microsoft allowing gamers to have two options to game. Next up was Sony and they also have two system the only real difference is one will have a disc drive 499$ and one will not at 399$.

Game Library Each company wants to start this generation out with a bang and Microsoft is trying things a little different when it comes to its gaming exclusives with its game pass a type of Netflix style type of gaming we’re the gamer pays a monthly subscription and picks from over one hundred games to play. Microsoft will be relying on this heavily in this generation of gaming, time will tell if it pays off or not. While Sony has announced some of there big titles as well from the day one launch of spider man to the new God Of War game coming out next year to the many other titles they have under there belt. Will have to see which companies plan works out the best for games.

Lastly here before we wrap up can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact we’re finally getting new consoles. So whether you are getting the Xbox Series consoles or the PS5 or both systems lets just enjoy them both for what they are enough of the consoles wars both companies are good at different things and both companies should be celebrated for what they do in the gaming industry. So come November 10th for the Xbox or come November 12th for the PS5 enjoy your gaming consoles this year. As we need gaming now more than ever this year.

Let us know in the comments down below what system you’re getting Xbox, PS5, or anything else we’d like to hear from you also stay with to hear more about gaming in 2020.

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5 Tips to win you’re Fantasy League!!!

As we move to Fall it’s football season that means hard hits and long runs. Also, it means Fantasy Football is back!!!! Were gonna walk you some tips you may use to win you’re league

Tip #5 DO Not Draft a Quarterback in the first round I know that it may seem like a smart choice given Lamar Jackson and other high profile QBs. The value isn’t there when other QBs like Dak Prescott and Tom Brady can be picked up in later rounds.

Tip #4 if you have a top-five pick take one of the many high value running backs from Zeke to Barkley you can’t go wrong with any of these beast running backs.

Tip #3 Do not Draft a Defense before the last 2 rounds I see this every year some take a top Defense in the 6 round. It’s a wasted pick when you get good value in the later rounds in this case defense doesn’t win championships.

Tip #2 To point out number 3 above please DO not draft a kicker before the last 2 rounds. I see that people take Kickers as early as the 5th round and that team usually ends up finishing in the last place. You can get good value in the later rounds at this positions.

And finally, Tip #1 Have fun enjoy playing that’s what it’s all about. At the end of the day you are the GM of you’re team make it how you want. Whether you’re playing co-workers, Family, or friends go out and have fun. Just please don’t take a kicker in the first round.

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2020 It’s not over yet!

As we look to 2021 it can’t seem to get here quick enough we’re going to look back at some of the moments that made 2020. Also, we’re going to look ahead because we still have a presidential election to look forward to so strap in.

January was the start of a new year so hopeful. But things soon changed has not only did half of Australia burn. We were also near war world 3 with Iran after a drone was shot down. Thankfully we did not.

February with the thought of war over we move to next month we’re more bad news starts hitting The world with a mysterious virus hits the planet. They call it COVID?

March now we know this horrible virus has the chance to make a lot of people sick and is killing people in numbers not seen in a long time.

April we now go on full lockdown here in The United States has so does many other countries. Many ask what’s next?

May with the country on lockdown and almost half the US out of work. The US is a tinder box and is sent off after the killing of an unarmed black man.

June the US goes through night after night of riots in major cities. As many people start looting and burning businesses down not seen since the early 60s. Also unemployed is at an all-time high not seen since the 20s

July some good news as some cities and states start to ease up on the lockdowns allowance of work begins again things seem to have turned around.

August again riots start to pop up again this time in rural Wisconsin also in New York, LA, Portland, and Seattle. Nobody knows when the riots will stop.

We are now in September wake me up when it ends. Little word on play there to try and easy the pain. If you have survived all that congratulations now we still have to look forward to. A Heated and probably the most important election of our time so go out and vote also. Except for more riots after the elections so please be safe and also check out we will keep you updated with all the info in this crazy year. Is it New Years yet?

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