What B.L.M and Antifa riots symbolize for the 2020 Election.

To start out here we are only allowing facts about this subject not feelings or opinions. This is an important subject in America right now. As we watch major American city’s burn and business and citizens fear for not only their lives but their property. We ask the questions about why are B.L.M and Antifa doing this to their own cities.

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Before we start their we should start in the beginning to the founding of these organizations B.L.M or Black Lives Matter. We’re founded on July 13, 2013, after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. Their movement didn’t become national until the case of Micheal Brown. After his death, there were days of unrest in Ferguson Missouri near St. Louis. Also days of unrest in New York City after the death of Eric Garner.

The Founding of Antifa comes from the anti-fascist, anti-capitalism, socialism movement of the far left a Marxism organization that has the same logo and name as its German Antifa Movement.

Image from the NYC Times

Now that we have a little bit of history about each organization and what their about now we talk about how each group has felt they have enough power to commit these crimes for their causes. There are 3 major causes for these events.

#1 political turmoil a lot of these cities are playing politics when it comes to these riots. Feeling as if there is turmoil in their cities. It will help their side in November. Fact most of these city’s are democratic leaders who control these cities. This is causing these groups to run wild in the streets with no one to stop them or control them.

#2 Mainstream Media a lot of the blame has to go to the Media as well. They call riots and looting in the streets “peaceful protests “ which is simply not the case. Why would they do this you ask it’s because they want turmoil again in these cities come November for the election.

#3 Social media and the election of 2016. With the unfoldings of what happened in the run-up to last election and the echo-chamber of social media these groups have felt emboldened. To take on whoever gets in their way. With no one to stop them so far, they feel even more in control.

Finally, we get to the point of what this means for the 2020 election why these groups are being used as let’s say political pawns in a major game of chess. Whoever wins this election Democrat or Republican is going to have a real hard time pulling these groups back from causing major destruction. Especially if the Republicans win because will keep seeing these same riots night after night. That could mean a checkmate for the country if something is not done soon.


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Top Gaming Series ever made!

With all the games in the world today. There are some gaming titles that are simply better then the rest and today we’re gonna talk about them.

#5 Call Of Duty. This War simulation was dominated back when it first came out as the only shooter title on the market. It now has a cult like following with every year people pre ordering their new version of the game. One of the many reason this gaming title is king of the mountain.

#4 Gears of war. This is the big game that Microsoft has had with there Xbox series it is Gears of war. Again another shooter with a twist as it’s not a war simulation. It’s a kickass simulator with saws. Which is why it has stayed popular even in today tough gaming market.

#3 God of War another exclusive from Sony heavy line-up of games. This gaming title however I think is one of the best that Sony offers it has the grit and storyline you’re looking for as a gamer. It should keep you entertained for hours. Now get out there and kick some mutants ass.

#2 Halo This is the gaming title that put Microsoft on the map. Some say it’s the best shooter ever created. From it’s campaign mode to its famed multiplayer mode it has something to offer. Also probably the only gaming title to still have true co-multiplayer were you only need one system which is a plus.

#1 Grand Theft Auto There is no secret here this gaming title has had a level of success in the gaming world that is unmatched. From it’s billion dollars sales. To its level of multiplayer success that will probably never be match. All these reason plus they are doing this well with out even releasing a game Every year. Which why they are the top gaming title.

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Top 5 Best summer foods

On a hot day in the summer, there are certain foods you want that won’t bring heat into your house from cooking today we’re gonna talk about them

#5 A fresh Salad there is nothing like a fresh salad on a hot day. Whether it’s a store-bought or fresh from the garden salad. Not only are you eating healthy but also you won’t have to turn your oven on.

#4 A BBQ Cookout on a hot day in the summer it’s finally time to break out the grill call over the family and friends and get cooking whether it’s burgers and dogs or BBQ chicken and steak you’ll find something everyone will enjoy.

#3 sandwiches this classic stable is perfect for summer. Something simple and easy with multiple options. Good at parties and cookouts or just something for at home that won’t heat up you’re house.

#2 Fresh Fruits from homemade lemonade to fresh peaches to watermelon there something magical about enjoying fresh delicious mouth-watering fresh fruits on a hot day.

#1 You scream I scream we all scream for Ice Cream. Our number one choice for summer foods with its multiple options for flavors to the options for milkshakes and sundaes there are no bad options here. You’ll enjoy this cold treat on a hot summer day.

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5 Easy Meals to make for cheap

So you come home from a long day of either work or school or maybe both. You’re starving and you want to make something good but it needs to be quick well today we’re gonna talk about that.

#5 Peanut butter and Jelly a iconic sandwich that is not only good to eat anytime but most importantly it can be taken on the go as well also good for protein and a money saver as well.

#4 homemade hamburgers nothing is better than a home made hamburger make it your way with what you want on it. Also you don’t have to worry about long fast food lines. Or having to spend money on a bad burger there is nothing worst then that.

#3 Grill Cheese sticking with our sandwich kick is another stable a homemade grill cheese. Put with a bowl of soup or just on its own a true easy meal also quick to make and a fan favorite anytime.

#2 chili now I know what your thinking. How can chili be made easy and quick. It can be you just need to think ahead and plan ahead. Cook your meat and beans the night before then add your fresh vegetables the day of in a pot heat and serve maybe if you have the time a slice of cornbread or fresh bread to go with a good meal.

And finally our #1 spot goes to Mac and cheese something that almost everyone loves and can be made in about 15 minutes after a long day. Also really cheap so you won’t spend a million dollars making it. If you make a bunch you’ll have leftovers for the next day.

That was our list let us know in the comments below you’re favorite easy meal we would love to know!!!

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Top Five S.O.B Never to mess with.

Today’s list is gonna be a tough one literally. These guys are as tough as they come. So buckle up and check your jaw. Cause these guys aren’t anything to play with.

#5 Bob Ross now I know what you’re thinking how is Bob Ross a Tough S.O.B when all he’s known for is his painting. But that’s what he wants you to think. You see Bob Ross fought in Vietnam as a Air Force pilot. Also it was rumored that he worked for the government for years after he got out of the military. Till one day he decided to start painting and the rest is history.

#4 The Boxer know as Butter Bean. When a 300 plus pound man can move like a Train and has the strength to knock a man out You know he’s tough Winning the boxing world championship. Also knocking out former WWF wrestler Bart Gunn he was a man of many talents.

#3 Chuck Norris the man so tough he has a third fist in his beard. The man who makes Fear it’s self shake. The man who wears Cowboy boots out of real cowboys. He is the Texas Ranger and one tough S.O.B

#2 Iron Mike Tyson. There is no surprise here called the Baddest man on the planet for a reason. Was undefeated for a long time in boxing also winning the Boxing championship. Knocking some men out in under a minute. Know he’s back at age 53 to perform again in professional boxing the man is an icon and a tough S.O.B.

Finally #1 on our list is Stone Cold Steve Austin the rattlesnake is as tough as they come the only man to ever push Mike Tyson and get away with it. Carrying his company on his back as a WWF superstar. Also abusing his boss both physically and mentally and getting away with it. He is the toughest S.O.B to walk on earth and his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. That’s the bottom line cause he said so.

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Why Bringing your own Snacks in the movies is worth it!

You just sit down to watch the blockbuster of the year. Then all of a sudden your stomach is rumbling. So you go to the snack shop only to see they want 12.00$ for popcorn!!!. Today we’re gonna talk about how to get good snacks for a low prices.

The Dollar Tree is your friend. Wether it’s snacks or drinks they have everything you need for you’re movie theater run. So make sure you stop on the way.

The old put it in the purse trick. Most men don’t carry purses so here is a good way to not only get a snack but get a date.Then have her put your snacks in her purse. So you won’t get caught.

Finally my favorite most creative way to sneak in snacks is the “fat guy” method you grab a giant bowl fill it full of snacks. Then duck tape the bowl to your stomach to make you look big. So when you walk into the movie theater you won’t get caught.

These are some of the ways to sneak in more cheaper snacks and a spot we’re to find some good deals on snacks. Comment some of your tricks to sneak in snacks at the movies. We loved to know!!!!

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5 of the best Breakfast foods to have anytime

Your stomach starts to rumble you look at the clock it’s 9pm. You want something good to eat but all you have is breakfast foods. Well today we’re gonna talk about the bests ones.

#5 Oatmeal not as popular as some of our other breakfast foods on the list. Things it has going for it it’s fast it has different flavors and it will fill you up.

#4 Egg sandwiches as a stable of breakfast foods the egg sandwich is the best food anytime day or night also really good and filling.

#3 Pancakes and sausage nothing is more yummy then freshly made pancakes and sausage on the side. A true meal that can be eaten anytime.

#2 On our list is a classic it’s Biscuits and gravy. Wether it’s homemade or bought at a restaurant you can’t go wrong with this classic. A delicious meal that can be enjoyed anytime.

#1 Our top spot on the list is cereal. A food that was made to be eaten anytime day or night. Quickly can be made with its many flavors. Your not living till you have had cereal at midnight.

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Why Driving at night is Better!!

You Have to take a long cruise somewhere maybe you’re off for summer break and are going home. Maybe your just going to the lake that’s far away. Well today we’re gonna talk about the best time to drive.

Reason #1. There are less people on the roads at night. Less people mean by the time your on the road you’ll have it all to yourself. No need to worry about who’s around you it’s just you and the open road.

Reason #2 Less cops on the road when you’re driving at night most cops are either in the bigger city’s helping with distress calls and the rest are off duty. So if you want to speed it up a little bit we won’t judge you.

Reason #3 you’ll meet interesting people. Wether it’s stopping for gas or a bite to eat you come to find that most people you meet after dark are let’s just say interesting people and will leave it at that.

Reason #4 you’ll have more time to think about things. Now wether this is a good or bad reason. Depending on what you’re thinking about. At least you’ll be able to get some headspace.

And finally are 5th reason why driving at night is better. Is the fact you can enjoy it you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the night and just relax. Enjoy your time that you are given on the open road.

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Top 5 Crime TV Shows on Netflix and Hulu in 2020

We are Streaming like never before due to staying at home because of the virus. Well, here at Style’s Rebel Radio we got your back for some fresh content you may have not of seen on the world’s top streaming sites.

Image from soda.com

NCIS on Netflix

#5 Number 5 on our list is a classic drama crime show. It shows the crimes from the naval aspect. and the team who investigates these crimes Know as NCIS. Lead by Leroy Jethro Gibbs NCIS Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) and his team find and help the U.S navy fend off crime each week with a twist and turns along the way this is one show to check out.


#4 on our list is another crime show that was a hit showing the mindset of a major FBI profile task force who’s job is to track down some of the evilest serial killers the world has seen. with over 12 seasons and twist along the way. This show is one worth binge-watching over a weekend. 

pic from CBS.com

The Blacklist on Netflix

#3 on our list is the Blacklist a show based around the knowledge of a notorious criminal. A connection to the criminal underworld he has which is valuable to the FBI task forces whose job now is to track and find everyone on the blacklist. 

pic from NBC.com

Longmire on Netflix

#2 on the list is the view of a tough but fair lawman from a small town in Wyoming. After the tragic death of his wife it”s time to go back to work for Longmire a Tough, Witty lawman who’s world has changed a lot in a year one thing that has not is the criminals he’s chasing.

pic from netflix.com

Prison Break on Hulu

pic from hulu.com

Finally, #1 on our list is Prison Break A show that is about how far a brother will go to protect is family. The only trouble is getting in prison to save them was easy. Getting them out will be the hard part.

We hope you liked these hit crime shows on Netflix and Hulu but if your looking for more content check out some of our content down below!!!!

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The Untold Truth about Money.

You see the rich owning there own homes buying sports cars you could only dream of. With no credit card debt, no student loan debt, no debt at all just enjoying their dream life. Then there is you, you are probably working a job right now maybe even two. Maybe you went to college and got a job from that. Like most American’s you probably have no savings, a high living cost and you feel trapped. Making Good money, making wealth that will make you feel better feels like a dream. One day you stop to ask yourself a question how did they do it, How did they get there the Millionaires and Billionaires especially the ones you got their fortune at a younger age. It blows your mind.

You start to think to your self that somehow it was magic. That they somehow rigged the system that they got lucky that they did not earn it. Or that money does not make them truly happy. Then you come to the chilling fact that you will never buy that fancy car or suit or you will never be able to travel to your dream vacation spots around the world. You just give up and go own with the same old same old lifestyle of “living”.

What if I told you there was a way to change your life forever a way to make a change in your life that you always wanted. Now it will not be easy as change never is but I got I feeling if you listen and learn this article might change your life forever. Lesson 1 how do you get money? This has been a question most of us ask our self’s every day. Most people would say work a boring 9-5 every day to get it. Others may be lucky enough to inherit wealth. I say this because the fact is most people’s wealth is a result of their up brings. There is an old saying from nothing comes nothing. This means if you have nothing you’ll probably never have anything which isn’t your fault you never really learned about wealth. Another flaw is that education we talked about most schools do not talk about wealth how to make it, how to keep it and to grow wealth which is a serious problem in our country.

I know, I know we’re gonna have to talk math for a second because there is an equation most of us understand, and its this that working a job brings in a salary mind-blowing I know but it’s wrong you will never make a wealthy amount of money from that. You will how ever lose your most important aspect of being a human and that is time before you know it you have traded time for money but you are too old to spend any of it which is a bad trade-off.

worker running after a sneaky dollar

you have to stop chasing after money like a rat on a wheel you go after money it is what runs your life. What you have to understand it’s about value people will pay someone big time if they are valuable to them. That is what separate’s Lebron James from your local janitor both work but one is more valuable to a company than the other. And are paid accordingly. The oldest way to become very valuable is to solve a problem. someone has more problems you help, the more valuable you become the more money you will make.

Finally to wrap up this article up you have to put this together in a way that you can solve problems in a scalable way and remember you are not trying to do 50 things at once find a problem people talk about make something better because once you find that problem that makes peoples lives better. Money will never be a problem again.

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