What Are Your Top 5 Distractions And How Do You Deal With Them?

Distraction #1 Big butts 

I try to check out 3 a day tops no more no less without getting slapped I’m literally Tina from bobs burgers 

Distraction #2 Hank Williams Jr.

Almost everything it was so hard to do this blog! I just sat down listened to Hank Williams Jr. 

Cause JR Makes everything better 

Distraction #3 Tacos

Tacos!!! I avoid Taco Bell at all costs but it doesn’t work I probably end up in a Taco Bell drive threw every other meal my motto in life is tits for tacos and I swear I’ll live by that I wouldn’t even call this a distraction I’d say it’s more of a weakness that we can over come 

Distraction #4??

I’m sorry I got distracted damnit! Anyway I’d say as much as I hate to say it music is going on the list 

I’m always listening to some kind of music and it gets pretty distracting! When I’m at work I always catch myself forgetting something cause I put on a banger 

I probably have like 5 write ups because of writing/listening to music 

Distraction #5 Alcohol 

I can’t even count how many times I was supposed to be doing something and I had a beer instead many will say this is problemmm but I call it a little day drankkk

Anyway I try to prevent this by living off of energy drinks instead of a beer I’ll have a good ol monster and I can have one with the bois without getting distracted