Evan “The Pige” Sinarski’s Blogs

Currently enlisted in The United States Air-Force, Evan also serves as a writer for StylesRebelRadio.com. Along with providing the voice for many of The Rebel Podcast’s ads, Evan serves as the lead guitarist for Lithium alongside Style. Writing under the name “MiztaPige” Evan also is no stranger to the aliases of; Leif Cassidy, Lord Pigeon, Pigeon Master, and The Chip Enthusiast. In his free time, Evan finds solace in nature, music , and capping off his day with a large glass of milk and a few puffs of a cigarette.

Bees Aren’t Birds

Everybody loves bees and everybody LOVES birds though they work for the government. All everybody talks about is the birds and the bees and how they’re the bees knees but nobody talks about the bees and the birds and how they’re the birds knees. This is a scientific theses supported by bibliographic evidence on how… Continue reading Bees Aren’t Birds

The Time I Shit In Steve Austin’s House

I walked into His house after having a crazy evening out at the store and took a biiiig ole shit. Next thing yaknow He walks in and goes, “Aw hell no! Well goddamn son. That’s the worst dhuke I’ve ever smelt!”

Console Player Stereotypes

This post goes towards the console players and the demographic that fits us all so perfectly. We all know people that are like this. The Eater We all love joining a party or game chat just to hear what Xx_deathk1llR_xX had for lunch. These people are probable one of the most annoying when it comes… Continue reading Console Player Stereotypes

Best Uses For A Greenscreen

Everybody knows that the ways to modern cinema either involves real life locations, CGI, or a green screen. Green screens have been used for multiple cinematic masterpieces, so today I am going to discuss the best uses for green screens around the world. You Can Literally Be In Minecraft Why spend your Saturday morning with… Continue reading Best Uses For A Greenscreen

Greatest Midnight Snacks

Alright listen, we all know that midnight snacks are the best snacks. But to determine which snack is the best is where the debate lies. So I (The Pidge) am going to determine which midnight snack is the most popular and best overall based on my totally credible sources… Here we go. 10.) Hot Pockets… Continue reading Greatest Midnight Snacks

2 A.M. At Denny’s

Let’s just say that today while working at the water treatment plant, you had a run in with your boss’s ex-wife who happens to be your mom and while looking at her, you think to yourself, “I could really use some fucking pancakes right now.” So you quit your job and out of pure excitement,… Continue reading 2 A.M. At Denny’s

How Much Wood Is Too Much?

It’s a rainy night and you just burned down a kitchen making waffles. You’re distraught because you can’t enjoy your favorite 2 A.M. meal but you’re feeling something way worse than anger. You’re scared. You’re scared because years ago, you fought a giant battle within yourself. A battle that little make it out of alive,… Continue reading How Much Wood Is Too Much?