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Co-Creator of  “Shooting From the Hip”, A former show on underground radio alongside Style, 1/2 Point is a simple down home good ol’ boy from the middle of scenic nowhere who has an unexplained fascination with Bob Seger.”It’s your barbecue, I’m just here to dance”

The First true and fastest RV buying guide of its time that will save you money [Full Guide]

The true and fastest RV buying guide that saves your money! If you’ve ever been wondering if you could ever buy a new or used RV. Then this True and fastest RV buying guide that saves you money is for you. RVs are becoming like second homes to people these days with the troubles of… Continue reading The First true and fastest RV buying guide of its time that will save you money [Full Guide]

NFL Week 1 Headlines.

Week one in the NFL was like any other I have ever seen. There were no fans in many of the stadiums around the league because of Covid-19. This lead to a very weird quiet tone to the feel of the game. That was only the beginning of a wild week one in the NFL.… Continue reading NFL Week 1 Headlines.

Xbox series X vs PS5

We have finally made it to the new generation of gaming with both Microsoft and Sony announcing this week that they are adding new systems this holiday season. Today we’re gonna talk about what we know about both systems from specs to prices to game library. Prices so each company was very hesitant to give… Continue reading Xbox series X vs PS5

2020 It’s not over yet!

As we look to 2021 it can’t seem to get here quick enough we’re going to look back at some of the moments that made 2020. Also, we’re going to look ahead because we still have a presidential election to look forward to so strap in. January was the start of a new year so… Continue reading 2020 It’s not over yet!

Top 5 Best summer foods

On a hot day in the summer, there are certain foods you want that won’t bring heat into your house from cooking today we’re gonna talk about them #5 A fresh Salad there is nothing like a fresh salad on a hot day. Whether it’s a store-bought or fresh from the garden salad. Not only… Continue reading Top 5 Best summer foods