Jake Schrader:Player

Episode 14 of The Rebel Podcast saw the exposé of Jake Schrader. For all our lovely listeners who were not able to watch along live and uncut on the Style’s Rebel Radio Facebook Live stream, Below are the photo shown to Jake for the first time live on air, along with a link to The Rebel Podcast to hear the episode in question! The following photos have been censored to protect the identities of those involved!

Episode 50: HE WAS IN CALL OF DUTY The Rebel Podcast

Celebrating 50 episodes of The Rebel Podcast, Style recalls some of the great guests that made the show possible! The WSRR Discord and SubReddit inform us of some of their most… interesting food combos that actually made us gag, Style stands his ground against Julez and Shayne that math is definitely the color blue, And Texas government is looking alright, alright, alright! All this and more on this week's episode of The Rebel Podcast! If you like what you hear make sure to follow along at stylesrebelradio.com to keep up to date and gain access to exclusive content! Wanna support the show? Style's Rebel Radio is a group of unpaid content creators showcasing Podcasts, Blogs, Videos, and more! Show your support by getting your hands on some sweet WSRR merch Don't forget to join the Discord server!   — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stylesrebelradio/message

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  1. I am the worlds greatest Macho Man Randy Savage impersonator past, present and future! The cream of the crop not…

  2. Everyone talks about what a great wrestler the Macho Man was, and rightly so, but they overlook his ability to…

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