Jake Schrader:Player

Episode 14 of The Rebel Podcast saw the exposé of Jake Schrader. For all our lovely listeners who were not able to watch along live and uncut on the Style’s Rebel Radio Facebook Live stream, Below are the photo shown to Jake for the first time live on air, along with a link to The Rebel Podcast to hear the episode in question! The following photos have been censored to protect the identities of those involved!

Episode 76: Where Is Flight MH370? The Rebel Podcast

October rolls on with one of the largest mysteries and conspiracies of all time,  What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Style and Shayne break down several different theories involving Hijackings, Planned Murders, and Government envolvement. By the end of the show Style believes he's cracked the case, But what do you think? Join in the conversation at any time on the WSRR Discord Server Listen Live on Mondays whenever you go courtesy of the LIVE365 App! To support the show be sure to pick up some sweet WSRR Merch from the shop! For more information, Shows, blogs, exclusives, and more be sure to check out the website! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stylesrebelradio/message

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  1. Thx for this update.. sadly, I don’t currently pick up AEW, (and gave up on VKM years ago!) I read…

  2. That’s so cute! Not a sports guy (aside from old time Pro Wrestling and vintage Roller Derby), so I never…

  3. I agree, time to expand and go buck wild. I have a couple of thoughts based on mutations. 1. Sydney…

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