Julez Blogs

Hi, I’m Julez I am the co-host for the Rebel Podcast as well as former co-host for Shooting From The Hip, Being the only female in the group I try to go toe to toe with the boys and make my opinion heard loud and clear… but not too loud, we don’t want to go down like SFTH!

Bugs in sports again

In a big week for animals in sport, the most Disney Pixar moment of them all was arguably Victor Robles’ unexpected companion during the Nationals versus Phillies game. During the eighth inning on Monday night, it became apparent that a large praying mantis had taken a seat on the center fielder’s hat. While it’s not clear exactly when… Continue reading Bugs in sports again

The Athlete To Watch

I hope everyone knows about the best athlete to come to us from the “2020” Tokyo Olympics, if you don’t know who i’m talking about let me introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend La Cucaracha. Weighing in at a whopping 0.12g and having a length of 2″ La Cucaracha definitely is one… Continue reading The Athlete To Watch

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone needs that time for themselves to do what they love best, even though it may not be the most productive, it is known as your “Guilty Pleasure”. Here are the most common guilty pleasures amongst women: Reality TV Romanic Movies Listen to Music on repeat Indulging on your favorite snacks Calling in sick to… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures

Twilight is back!

So netflix put all of the Twilight saga on it’s network and it’s going crazy. Watching them over again brings me back I still can’t believe that they got approved for more after how cringy the first movie was but honestly going back to my pre-teen self the first one wasn’t cringy when I was… Continue reading Twilight is back!

Cheap Fun

Concerts, vacations, activities can add up quickly, leaving you with an empty bank account. Even if you’re on a budget or saving up for a big expense, you can still have fun this summer for less. Here are 41 fun, cheap, and free (minus the fuel costs) things you can do while it’s warm outside.… Continue reading Cheap Fun