Julez Blogs

Hi, I’m Julez I am the co-host for the Rebel Podcast as well as former co-host for Shooting From The Hip, Being the only female in the group I try to go toe to toe with the boys and make my opinion heard loud and clear… but not too loud, we don’t want to go down like SFTH!


It has become painfully obvious to me that the whole plot to the movie tangled could have been avoided and now I’m going to tell you about it. In the movie tangled Rapunzel has magic hair and gets kidnapped as a child by Gothel then for the time that she is with Gothel every year… Continue reading Tangled

Scholastic Book Fair

…but for adults I’d imagine that the adult scholastic book fair would possibly offer a wide range of different categories of books, magazines, planners, and adult coloring books like the ones with the swear words. As well as tiny do dad’s similar to the chocolate bar calculator, drum stick pencils, and slap bracelet rulers but… Continue reading Scholastic Book Fair