Rebel Minicasts

What is a “Minicast”?

Minicasts are short, typically 15-25 minute podcasts, coined by “Radio’s Rebel DJ” himself, Style. Our Minicats cover a broad spectrum and are designed to be enjoyed to help pass the time or listen to multiple episodes in one sitting!

The Pigeon Hole

Created off the back of the popular Rebel Podcast segment, The Pigeon Hole is a monthly Minicast hosted by “The Pige” Evan Sinarski. The show focuses around the ever-popular “Tweet of the week” segment where The Pige breaks down ridiculous tweets in his timeline and requested to him via Discord!

Culturally Relevant

Hosted by WSRR writer Shayne E. Culturally Relevant is a monthly Minicast tackling everything you need to know regarding pop culture news.

Off Air

Ever wonder what your favorite radio personalities or content creators are like away from the mic? Off Air features radio personalities Jacob Underwood, Shayne E, and Style in candid conversation. No skits, no bits, no schedule or plans; Off Air turns on the microphones then promptly leaves the room. Get an in-depth look into the everyday conversations of creators, listen as bits are crafted and come to life before your very eyes, and pray for your sanity.