4 Photos that’ll make you say “That’s not Brendan Fraser,That’s a really comfortable chair!”


Ah yes, George of the Jungle himself. We all know and love the man who burst onto our VCRs in the early 2000s and has slowly drifted away into obscurity as the years passed. Brendan Fraser was a staple of the big screen at the turn of the century with classics such as “The Mummy” series and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” but the made who made the middle part cool has seemingly dissipated from pop culture over the past two decades. Surprisingly enough, even with his absence from the big screen, all of us still remember the soft, comfortable face of our millennium action hero. The question now is, exactly how well do you remember that reclined grin of Brendan Fraser?

New York Daily News/Dlpng.com

It may come as a shock at first glace, but the photo seen above is in fact NOT a still shot from the 2008 box-office hit “Journey to the Center of the Earth” Starring one Brendan James Fraser, rather a stunning light chestnut and ceder rocking chair perfect for a relaxing day on the porch! Understandably, the subtle glimmer of the glossy ceder finish can easily be mistaken for the un-tamable glossy locks of Mr. Fraser.

imdb.com/PNG River

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Do I need glasses?” or even “Is it time for a new prescription?”, Well the answer is simple. If you see anything other than a stylishly crafted and unbelievably comfortable chair, then it may be time to book that eye exam. Not convinced? Don’t worry, i’m no optometrist, but the stunningly round curvature of this chair would be impossible not to draw comparison to the round, robust biceps of Brendan Fraser!


Still in beta, some say it was a gift from the gods, others claim the artist responsible for the blueprint had to take his own life knowing he would never be able to create something as beautiful as this chair ever again, The Brendan Fraschair was designed entirely in one night. Equipped with oak legs, lumbar support, and a lifetime subscription to blockbuster video, The Fraschair is the alpha and the omega in the seating world. While some speculate the chair may have been modeled after Teen Choice Award winner Brendan Fraser, nothing has ever been confirmed. However, the soft smooth fabric pallet chosen, does resemble the calm, cool, and collected voice of the acclaimed actor.


Now I know what you’re thinking, ” But Style, That IS the star of “Looney Tunes:Back In Action” Brendan Fraser!”, Yes, but look beyond the firm, strong posterior of the mummy wrangler himself. This beautiful handcrafted, genuine leather masterpiece serves as the only suitable throne for your lord, the ruler of the jungle and center of the earth alike, THE Brendan Fraser! Worn from the calloused, manly hands of the Encino Man himself.