Casting: The Fantastic 4

Who will be stepping into the shoes of Marvel fans’ favorite faction?

With two flopped movies under their belt, The Fantastic 4 (2005) and Fan4stic (2015), Marvel is finally looking to reboot the beloved team introducing them into the MCU for 2025.

Since the official announcement of the film, fans have been clamoring as to who will fill out the jumpsuits on the big screen. While Marvel has still kept updates on this film relatively close to the chest, these are the castings we may see or want to see in the 2024 reboot.

Adam Driver-Reed Richards

@cndcrd via Twitter
@cndcrd via Twitter

Initially rumored to have auditioned for a different role in the upcoming Fantastic 4 film, TheDirect noted that “Insider” Jeff Sneider, as well as Daniel Richtman both, had it on good authority that Marvel was more than interested in the actor behind Kylo Ren for Mr. Fantastic himself.

Margot Robbie- Sue Storm

Seemingly all rumors at this point, Margot Robbie is heavily being considered to be the perfect casting choice for Sue Storm. While already visual the resemblance is uncanny, Margot is no stranger to the superhero scene portraying Harley Quinn in DC’s 2016 Suicide Squad. With Marvel yet to comment, will they pull the trigger for the fan-favorite Invisible Woman?

Paul Mescal- Johnny Storm

Packaged as a trio alongside Driver and Robbie in the Fantastic 4 rumor mill community, Paul Mescal is a young up and commer known for his role as Connell Waldron in Normal People. We know from experience Marvel is no stranger to taking a chance on younger, lesser-known actors as was the case with Tom Holland in the first MCU Spider-Man film, and Paul would perfectly fit that role as the universe’s new Human Torch.

Mila Kunis- She-Thing

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With no current comment from Marvel or Mila, the rumors have been running wild that Mila Kunis is being planned to fill the roll of The Thing. While The Thing (Ben Grimm) is anything but a small Brunnett woman, the thought is Mila will be stepping into the role of “She-Thing”. With the overtly negative response garnered from the She-Hulk series, this would definitely be an interesting, but not unexpected move on Marve’s behalf.

Editors Note: My issue is how are we going to get a canon She-Thing before a canon Thing…

John Krasinski- Reed Richards

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The only current standing, canon Reed Richards in the MCU, John Krasinski is said to NOT be returning to reprise his role as Mister Fantastic. This may come as an upset to the MCU community who rallied behind him being cast years before Marvel pulled the trigger, but it would seem according to John he will not be returning but rather his Reed Richards is simply one of many in the multiverse that we will likely not be seeing again on the big screen.

Chris Evans- Johnny Storm


With Chris Evan’s Captain America firmly phased out of the MCU and the multiverse firmly established now is the perfect chance to bring back America’s ass as The Fantastic 4’s Human Torch one more time! I can see the meta jokes about Johnny Storm looking familiar now.

Adam Driver (again)- Dr. Doom

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As of right now, Adam Driver is heavily believed to be taking the role of Reed Richards, however, as mentioned earlier that’s not the initial role the was poised for. Early reports showed that Driver was being considered for Victor Von Doom. According to Slender, a reliable insider from Hollywood, Driver was ” approached for both Reed and Doom a while back.”

Jason Segul- The Thing


Rumored to be appearing in The She-Hulk series via The DisInsider, The Thing is being talked about amongst fans to be represented on the screen via Jason Sehul. Much like Daredevil, if Segul does end up being cast in the role of the Fantastic 4’s big man for She-Hulk, it’s not unlikely the lumbering actor may be properly inserted into the MCU.

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