NFL Week 1 Headlines.

Week one in the NFL was like any other I have ever seen. There were no fans in many of the stadiums around the league because of Covid-19. This lead to a very weird quiet tone to the feel of the game. That was only the beginning of a wild week one in the NFL.

Patriots win without Brady. With Cam Newton taking the place of Brady, there were questions if he would play like the old MVP Cam and he looks real good rushing for 2 TDs and a win over Miami. Getting there first win without Brady in more than a decade.

Brady and the Bucs Struggle against New Orleans. It was one of the weirdest sights of week one seeing Tom in a Bucs jersey. Also an even more weird feeling he lost in week one. It doesn’t get any easier from here time will tell if he made the right choice to go to the Bucs.

The Kansas Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are for real. There were a lot of questions if these two power houses of the NFL would fall of this year. They answered those questions with dominating fashion as each team looked good in week 1. They only question that’s left is will they face each other in the conference finals with a chance to go to the super bowl on the line.

Rookie Joe Burrows looks Ok in Season opener. He did throw one Int and the Bengals did lose but he showed some flashes in his first start even running In for a TD. He’ll only get better from here.

Big Ben is Back for the Steelers. Ben looked real good for the Steelers throwing for 3 TDS in the opener. Also their Defense came to play. It will be very interesting to see what Ben as left in the tank and if he can get the Steelers back to the playoffs one more time.

With week one behind us we move on to week 2 of the NFL season. They’ll be more questions answered this week as teams get more ready to play. After a long break with no pre seasons games. One thing is for sure it’s great to have football back again.

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5 Tips to win you’re Fantasy League!!!

As we move to Fall it’s football season that means hard hits and long runs. Also, it means Fantasy Football is back!!!! Were gonna walk you some tips you may use to win you’re league

Tip #5 DO Not Draft a Quarterback in the first round I know that it may seem like a smart choice given Lamar Jackson and other high profile QBs. The value isn’t there when other QBs like Dak Prescott and Tom Brady can be picked up in later rounds.

Tip #4 if you have a top-five pick take one of the many high value running backs from Zeke to Barkley you can’t go wrong with any of these beast running backs.

Tip #3 Do not Draft a Defense before the last 2 rounds I see this every year some take a top Defense in the 6 round. It’s a wasted pick when you get good value in the later rounds in this case defense doesn’t win championships.

Tip #2 To point out number 3 above please DO not draft a kicker before the last 2 rounds. I see that people take Kickers as early as the 5th round and that team usually ends up finishing in the last place. You can get good value in the later rounds at this positions.

And finally, Tip #1 Have fun enjoy playing that’s what it’s all about. At the end of the day you are the GM of you’re team make it how you want. Whether you’re playing co-workers, Family, or friends go out and have fun. Just please don’t take a kicker in the first round.

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