The Next “Big” Meme Stock

Who will the people decide to invest in next to create the next big stock?

*Note: I am not a financial advisor nor have any advanced education regarding stocks, investments, trading, etc. This is NOT financial advice,All opinions listened are just that, speculation at best. When it comes to what happens now, your guess is as good as mine!

With the recent news of GameStop and AMC stock skyrocketing due to the Reddit community, the question on everybody’s mind is who’s next! Seeing as the value of the two almost defunct brands turned a complete 180 over the course of one night, we’ve taken a look at just a few options that could possibly see the same fate!


Currently trading at 4.902 and up .212 from the previous day, Nokia seems to be one of the main targets of the “meme investors” as they are being deemed by mainstream media. Seemingly on the rise, investing in Nokia (NOK) is looking to be as time sensitive an investment as its predecessors GameStop and AMC, hell by the time this is out NOK may be peaking out near the previously mentioned!


Legitimately as I’m writing this article I’ve witness BlackBerry (BB) steadily increase as the Reddit community rally’s behind it! Fluctuating anywhere between 15 and 18 currently sitting at +1.33 it appears to be on it’s way to the meme promise land!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

With the acronym of BBW it has to be integrated into meme culture! Alongside that reasoning at current time BBW is trading at 5.42 not dissimilar to its GME predecessor. Certainly the nostalgia factor is there and showing a slow subtle rise over the course of 24 hours, BBW might be on its way to join the party.

Closing thoughts:

The stock market can be a tricky and brutal game but if down right has the potential to pay off big. For years stocks seemed to be the rich mans game but as the Reddit community has shown, it’s there for the people to use! The most expensive I personally have is one class back in high-school so obviously take my opinions and predictions with a grain of salt, but don’t forget the reason for this historical economic moment is all thanks to strangers online! What do I know, I’m just a radio host, but I’d love to know what you think of the list and who you’d like to see become a meme investment in the comment section below!


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