Things I Just Do Not Understand

There are many things in life that are just unexplainable to me, people can try to explain these things to me but I’m not mentally ever going to be able to wrap my head around these couple things.

How people can hack things

It is probably some advanced computer software but my brain thinks it is just people sitting at computers just using peoples street names or their animals names. I am unable to access my Facebook account without changing my password every single time.

Boxers in pants

How the hell is anyone comfortable with baggy type shorts under lets say skinny jeans, don’t they bunch up it seems like too much fabric. I’ve worn shorts under sweatpants before and trust me when.

How NASCAR drivers don’t cry while driving

I can’t even drive in the snow without wanting to burst into tears, like how can you remain calm while going 200 MPH around a track like if you want to die, just say that.


How do you select an object with your phone or whatever you may be using and it connects to that device and that device only for however long you decide to use it like it blows my mind that this exists. Like we literally have devices like Alexa and google homes that can add items to a shopping list on your phone just for asking.

Netflix originals

How can Netflix afford to make million dollar movies for a dying streaming service that only costs $8 a month.

Oh and Electrons…

I failed science class

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