So You Got A Nickleback Album, Now What?

So you ended up with the last gift in the white elephant gift exchange and low and behold it’s a Nickelback album. There you sit, disappointed, in tears, your family laughing at you, ugly. Fear not, I’ve got you covered! There’s no need to hang your head in shame and bring dishonor to your family for generations by allowing this album to collect dust and impure thoughts on your shelf.

1. The Regift

J.M. Guyon 
    Possibly the most simple and fun way to "give back" is the ol' lemon approch, just pass it off to the next loser! Be it another Christmas party, birthday or quicinera, simly rewrap and unload!

2. PULL!

When in doubt, shoot it out! Who needs to spend dollar after dollar on clays to shoot at when you can break out Silver Side Up! Just load her up and BOOM! Out of sight, out of mind!

3. The Ol’ Fashion Way


Whether it’s a wallet, seventeen thousand, a baby or you guessed it Dark Horse by Nickelback, their classics are always tried and true! You can ALWAYS leave it on the bus.

4. Grow The Hell Up


Honestly just grow the hell up and listen to them. Stop basing your opinions on music on strangers on the internet who listen to pop radio. Expand your musical variety, listen to new music, and NEVER judge an artist based on one song or album! Nickelback makes good music, if you don’t enjoy the classics I would highly recommend checking out some of their newer albums with a harder and faster sound. Honestly, Nickelback would make the perfect half time show, half of the audience would be stoked and the other would tune in to criticize. Just remember, you don’t become one of the best selling artists of all time by being “the worst band” Just some food for thought.