Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and MORE to AEW?

Wrestling Rumors for the week of July 30th 2021

Brock Lesnar to sign outside of WWE

As reported on earlier in the week by Dirt Sheet Radio, Rumors have been circulating about The Beast Incarnate’s return outside of the WWE. While at this point in thine these rumors have yet to be confirmed, Dirt Sheet Radio claim Brock, “has signed a deal” with someone outside of World Wrestling Entertainment. While many believe this may mean Lesnar is gearing up for his in ring return to the UFC, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility AEW could have their “Next Big Thing” on their hands! With the recent signings and rumored signings from AEW owner Tony Khan, we may be seeing the first big money contracts rolled out to snag these larger than life talents much like we saw from WCW. Only time will tell where Brock Lesnar will take to suplex city next!

Kurt Angle offered AEW and Impact Deals

Coming off of an interview with Fightful Select, Kurt Angle revealed he was offered an opportunity to make an in ring return with AEW, despite Angle previously stating he wouldn’t work for the company. Angle declined the offer due to his declining physical condition in the ring. Impact would also reach out to Kurt, according to WeestlingInc, for a one off appearance but this would also be declined. It would seem more likely than not we’ve seen the last of Kurt Angle’s in ring career following his WWE retirement match with Baron Corbin, but as it goes in wrestling, never say never.

The IIconics between Impact and AEW

Currently still under their WWE 90 day no-Compete clause, The former Billie Kay (Jesse McKay) and Peyton Royce (Cassie Lee) seem to have narrowed down their post WWE career paths to two major companies, AEW or Impact Wrestling. As stated by Cultaholic in their coverage of the duo, McKay and Lee plan on sticking together wherever they go opting to sign as a package deal rather than go their own ways. During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the two heavily weighed their options and discussed their interests as well as their concerns about joining either company. Cassie Lee went on to claim, “I feel like we could really help their women’s division, though they don’t necessarily have a women’s tag division.”, referring the AEW during the Busted Open interview. As far as Impact Wrestling is concerned the duo believe they have the drawing power to greatly help the company’s exposure.

The American Dragon Makes it Official

News broke earlier in the week that former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will not be returning to the company following his departure after Wrestlemania. Bryan had been in talks with All Elite Wrestling about a contract that would allow for a more lenient schedule and according to it’s a done deal! With both Dave Meltzer and Sean Ross Sapp backing the speculation, despite not being able to confirm, it would look as though The American Dragon is set for a return to the ring with All Elite Wrestling! Although Bryan himself has not made a statement about the matter, CageSideSeats does a great job breaking down everything we know so far about the alleged contract and debut of Bryan Danielson.

“CM Punk to AEW Confirmed”

Ollie Davis of Wrestletalk pun aside, the news that has been blowing up the wrestling community the past week is the possible in ring return of one CM Punk. The long awaited return of the voice of the voiceless is rumored to be under the AEW banner, while every wrestling reporter under the sun is scrambling to piece together whatever evidence they can to support him signing with the company. While the likes of Dave Meltzer are reporting the backstage officials at WWE believe Punk has already signed on the dotted line, no official word has come out from the AEW team nor Punk himself. Meanwhile the community continues to stoke the flame noting the recent Twitter following of In Loving Colour to AEW’s official account, and more recently the entirety of the July 28th episode of AEW Dynamite that seemed to be blatantly littered with Punk References. Most notably on the show was a backstage promo for AEW’s up coming event in Chicago, of all places, where Darby Allin made the claim, “…there’s only one place to really prove that. Right here in AEW. Even if you think you’re the best in the world.” Could we be seeing the long awaited in ring return of The Best In The World in Chicago? Only time will tell! Watch the video of Darby “calling out” Punk below courtesy of AEW’s YouTube.

Who do you think is showing up in AEW, and are there any truth to these contact signings? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out some of our other great articles while you’re here!


How To Fix The Olympics

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When was the last time you purposely watched The Olympics? Honestly, I now I can’t remember, But why is that? The Olympics are boring, plain and simple. The grand event watched the whole world over just hasn’t been able to capture an audience since Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a “broken Freak’n Neck.” However, that does not have to be the case, Here is my solution to fixing The Olympics.

1. One for all

Rather than having each participating nation bring along a team of hockey players, wrestlers, curlers, etc. Each nation should pick ONE national team of 25 people (including injury substitutes) to participate in all the events. Think of it, it becomes less of a competition of who can assemble a better team for each event, and more a competition of who has the overall most talented and versatile citizens.

2. Home-field advantage

Each Olympic season, the process begins renovating one town somewhere in the world to play host to the most notable sporting events known to man, What do the citizens of the city hosting these games receive for that though? In my version of The Olympics, the hosting city should get to choose the first event that will be played in the Olympics. Likewise, each nation who is involved should be able to choose one event to be played, these will be the only events meaning they could change each year. If this were to take place, America damn sure better take NASCAR…


What does every major televised event or reality show need, A good charismatic host! Up to a vote between the nations involved, a celebrity host could bring some much needed liveliness into the events. Steven Tyler, Gordon Ramsey, Wayne Brady, think of the possibilities!

4. Risk vs. Reward

Along with a good host, there has to be a reason for them to be there. Losing events should result in a risk such as making the last place country wear a dunce hat, loose a team member for the rest of the events or even the elimination of a country from the games. On the flip side, along with Medals, Winning events could result in cash prizes, or things to bring back home to their homeland. Imagine tuning into The Olympics and having it play out like an episode of Total Drama Island, amazing.

5. Pay to Play

The Olympics are not about money, The Olympics are not about money, The Olympics are not about money. To that, I say piss off. Going back to a cash reward, give the overall most winning nation a cash prize. Where do we get this prize you might ask, pay to play baby. Hell we could put EA in charge of it, figure out a set amount and translate it into each countries currency respectively and equally. Not only does it feed into the risk vs. reward aspect of the games but the winning team would be able to use the money however they see fit. Imagine taking a chunk out of America’s debt because we whooped every other nations ass in tennis… Or NASCAR

In closing, maybe it’s just me who thinks The Olympics have grown stale, maybe it’s not. One thing you cannot deny though, is that the program described above is some damn good TV.