Types of Chumps You Meet Hiking

As a somewhat experienced hiker myself. The general hiking crowd knows about these certain stereotypes and it rubs off on them in either positive or VERY negative ways. Most of these listed are going to follow the latter category, so enjoy.

1) The Yogi


Known as the most spiritual hikers out on the trail, these chumps usually have two reasons for being in the wilderness: they’re either looking for themselves or a new smoke spot. These free-going individuals usually spend extensive times in the woods even though they have a minimal home 30min-1hr away. To spot these chumps, look to see if they’re wearing shoes. If not, Yogi. Long dreads and tie-dye shirt? Yogi. Pungent stench? Either rock climber or Yogi. Climbers will be mentioned soon.

2.) Jesus Christ


These are one of the most common chumps you’ll bump into while hiking. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to recognize these guys. Running into more than 3 Jesus Christs while hiking is a pretty normal thing. Many that read these fit this category pretty well. You look like a Yogi, but we know you’re not. So stop being a FAKE.

3.) Enlisted/Vets


If you think you see Chris Kyle while hiking? Don’t worry. It’s just another identical looking military veteran. It’s pretty easy to spot these guys. Just look for the short hair, beard, and American flag patch on his S.O.G. Backpack. Sometimes they’re with kids, sometimes alone. If they’re still enlisted, check for their boots. They might still be the same ones issued to them on their last deployment.

4.) Commando!

The trek.com

We know that there’s a debate between practicality and health when it comes to not wearing your undies while hiking. What isn’t a debate however, is seeing a lot of asscheek and a lot of nipples poking through shirts while on populated trails. No hate on either end, but sometimes even an outdoorsman can witness too much.



I don’t know how many times it has to be addressed. It IS rude to blast your music while hiking. Most hikers try to get away from the material world and you’re bringing them right back in by listening to modern era radio music. Most of the time, it’s either rap or pop that these chumps listen to and sometimes, you don’t even need to see them to know where they’re at. Take a breath once in a while, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the natural world.

6.) The Good Boy/Girl


Being the most wholesome on the list, the Good Boy/Girl is always a pleasure to see while hiking. Many receive the biggest of treats and pets for staying on the trail or finding the biggest stick to give to their owner. Very few and very sad individuals dislike this category.

7.) The Ultra


Being the most hardcore on the list, these chumps will smoke anybody on the trail to obtain their new PR. Training for months at a time for one race, these guys/gals will always be seen from afar wearing their running shorts, headphones, and fanny packs booking it up or down to the trailhead. Respect for doing it, but everything isn’t a competition. Some haven’t learned that yet.

8.) Insta Hoe


Located at the trailheads or 1/4 of the way through. These chumps are always paying attention to their social media following and sponsorships instead of the natural world. Being in either large groups or solo, it’s best to stay away from these chumps because they tend to be very extroverted and have little to no knowledge of the trail itself. Clout>beauty to them.

9.) Rock Climbers


You can find these sweaty chumps off trail and high up. These guys may also qualify as Yogis depending on how into it they are. Parking near the trailheads in their vans, they either reside solo as a Boulder bro or in groups as sport/trad nerds. They are either really quiet and awkward or way too extroverted (there’s no in between). They’re a cult and always talk about their pumps.

10.) The Geezer


Being spotted as soon as the park opens, these chumps know everything about the history of the park and have been through almost every scenario that you bring up. They’ll pass you and very loudly say “Good Morning!” Then make a dad joke that’ll make you exhale loudly when you pass them. They are slower because of their age, but they have been doing it since 75 baby!

5 Facts about Camping that will blow your mind 2020

Facts about camping why it’s the best activity to do now!

Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

Facts about camping. Are you looking for an outdoor activity that you can enjoy with all your loved family members? Then you must take a look at camping. It is an adventure that can deliver a variety of unique benefits to you. When you start experiencing these benefits, you will even get addicted to it.
Let’s take a look at some of the prominent reasons available for us to call why camping is the best activity you can do.

  • Camping can help you to enjoy the fresh air
Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

When you go ahead with camping, you will be spending more time near the trees. As a result, you will be provided with the chance to take more oxygen. This can deliver a feeling of happiness to you. You will feel good about the decision taken to camp when you are spending your time with it. On the other hand, scientific studies have shown that spending time outdoors can help people to improve digestion and improve blood pressure. On top of that, you can deliver a boost to your immune system with ease. Hence, camping is really good for your health.

  • You can improve your mood
Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

Camping will not just contribute towards your physical wellbeing. It will also provide you the chance to elevate your mental wellbeing. When you come back from camping, you will be able to experience an improved mood. The time you spend outside can reduce the melatonin levels within your brain. As a result, you will be able to overcome all feelings associated with depression and tiredness.

  • It is a great method to beat stress
Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

Camping can also be considered as one of the best methods available out there for you to beat stress. If you are struggling hard to cope up with the stress, you just need to go ahead with camping on a weekend. During the time that you spend on the camping site, you will be exposed to more oxygen. This will help you to Then you can reduce your stress levels and enjoy your life.

Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

Another great thing about camping is that it will provide you the opportunity to enjoy good food. You can get yourself immersed in some of the tastiest foods available out there, while you are enjoying your time at the camping site. For example, you can go ahead with fishing and enjoy freshly caught fish. This will provide you with the best proteins as well as healthy fats. You can make sure that you are not getting exposed to any unnatural ingredients and preservatives through the consumption of your food. On the other hand, the exercise you deliver to your body during the camping trip can deliver a helping hand to you with digesting food with ease.

  • It promotes socialization
Facts about Camping
Facts about Camping

Camping has the ability to improve socialization. Camping alone is indeed fun. However, it is better to go ahead with camping with some of your friends or family members. Then you can gather the unique experience of being together with your loved ones. This will help you to maintain healthy relationships with other people and keep yourself healthy. On the other hand, camping can help you to extend the lifespan. Moreover, you can delay all the memory-related problems that you have to face as well.

Final words

If you are impressed with these benefits, you can come up with the decision to enjoy your upcoming break with camping. It will be a decision that you won’t forget.

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