Everything We Know About The King Of The Hill Reboot

While not much has been brought to the public yet, here is everything we know about the KOTH reboot.

Originally airing from 1997-2010 over 13 seasons, King Of The Hill left its devoted audience craving more. Over the past decade, fans have been speculating and fantasizing about what Arlen life has been like since the final scene wrapped. The answer to that question may finally be upon the horizon as series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have been reported to be reviving the series by The Hollywood Reporter. The duo is set to oversee the creation and production of the revival under their new animation company, Bandera Entertainment. This announcement follows the revival of Judge’s other popular series Beavis and Butthead, which has been picked up for a new movie coming to paramount+ set in 2022. The movie is set to also be followed by the TV series reboot, however, a time frame for this has yet to be announced.

While Judge has been rather vocal about the return of Beavis and Butthead, it would seem the King Of The Hill project is still being kept close to the chest. Reports of the reboot first came about during a Reddit AMA in 2021 with show writer Brett Forrester when he was asked if there are any plans on a possible King Of The Hill return. Forrester told the Redditor, “I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but… HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill.” It would seem as though all the stars seem to be aligning and aligning very soon. While it is still unclear whether or not the show’s return will be set in 2022, it seems rather likely considering Judge’s similar move with Beavis and Butthead, as well as the trend brought about by the most recent South Park special on Paramount+.

While Judge and Garcia are seemingly keeping the majority of announcements under wraps at the moment, we are eagerly waiting for an official statement on the reboot of one of our favorite series. What do you think will be the setting of the KOTH reboot, let us know down below!


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Five Actors/Actresses That We Think Should Reprise Their Roles

Five Actors/Actresses and their characters that deserve a second chance.

1.) Tim Allen // The Santa Clause Series

Although he did get an entire trilogy as the iconic character I feel after The Escape Clause (2006) Allen left audiances across America wanting more of the great Scott Calvin we know and love. I think a reboot of the franchise a-la Star Wars: The Force Awakens would do gangbusters at the box office. Imagine a scene reminiscent of the final scene in SW:TFO where Rey finds Luke on Ahch-To and attempts to return him his saber, except instead of Rey it’s Bernard and instead of Luke it’s SCOTT CALVIN/SANTA CLAUSE. Could be dope, just saying.

2.) Betty White // Golden Girls

Imagine, The Golden Girls Movie gets announced, America is in an uproar and we as a nation are on the edge of our seats. Open the trailer and come to find it’s an all out action movie in the vein of a John Wick. Betty White (Rose) tracking down the killers of Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia and getting the revenge she so rightfully deserves. Again, could be cool.

3.) Lefty // Hamburger Helper Commercials

While his products remain a suburban dinner-time staple Lefty hasn’t been in the public eye for over eight years with his last commercial airing in 2013. I Think after all the Right has done to America, we could use a little Lefty in our lives. *Bu Dum Tiss*

4.) Genghis Khan // Mongolian Empire

My only comment will be this; Was he a Warlord, yes. But dude got shit done. Literally just the biggest Chad the world has ever seen and I think as a planet we could use another Genghis Khan/Mongolian Empire.

5.) Jesus // Reality

I think his first run in the titular role was short lived and too shrouded in mystery for modern audiences to truly enjoy. A return to this character would do wonders for modern day fans and leave skeptics baffled for years to come.