President Biden Signs New National Holiday Bill: Tuesday Feb. 22

Tuesday February 22nd becomes new National Holiday after bill signing goes wrong.

Tuesday February 22nd, or “TwosDay” as folks around the Internet have begun to call it do to its numerical pattern of 2/22/22, has officially become its own national holiday. The holiday however will not take up the “TwosDay” mantle but rather “Goof Day”.

The term Goof Day is typically used to describe a day of relaxation, fun, and “Goofing off”. The reason behind the selection of this name actually comes from an error that occurred during President Joe Biden’s recent signing of bill 2112 section 6 into law. The proposed bill would create stricter qualifications and a more thorough screening process for the approval of government aid programs like WICK. During the public signing however, President Biden was momentarily distracted by the attending press and actually signed Bill 2112 section 9 into law. This section of the bill was proposed by A member of the US Armed Forces, Leif Cassidy, and would officially recognize February 22nd as a National Holliday.

GoofDay as it is now being called will see the closures of Schools, Government Buildings, and all jobs not directly serving state administration. Banks however, will remain open. The bill claims the reason for this is due to, “people need a little extra dough to goof off now and days.”

Goof Day is quickly being used as a way to market Black Friday like sales, and cyber stores like the Shop are already offering promotions up to 15% off with promo code “Goof”.

There is no current plan to reverse the ruling of this bill. We will continue to follow this story as it progresses.


Bees Aren’t Birds

Everybody loves bees and everybody LOVES birds though they work for the government. All everybody talks about is the birds and the bees and how they’re the bees knees but nobody talks about the bees and the birds and how they’re the birds knees. This is a scientific theses supported by bibliographic evidence on how western culture and society views bees as birds.

I walked outside after a long day of cleaning the sofa. I wanted to unwind so I decided to chop some wood for the upcoming summer. After 2 swipes I couldn’t see too much because of the sweat drooping down my face. I decided to pull my hair back, tighten my kilt, and toughen up though the tears. “This is where the fun begins.”

Oh right this is a post about bees and birds. The scientific evidence shows it all through the eyes of linguistic relativity. Bees and birds can be the same thing through the eyes of New Yorkers, considering they’ve never seen bees before. The prime difference between birds and bees is that birds do not have knees. Bees also have pollination abilities. No bird ever does that. Not one single bird is able to collect pollen and/or nectar. This is proof #1.

Another distinguishable difference is that bees are blue collar while birds are living off of welfare. Many different types of bees build their own homes with motivation and craftsmanship while birds collect trash from the ground and steal from other organisms’ properties. This is proof #2.

The final point of evidence lies on your vehicle’s hood and windshield. No bee has ever taken a dumb on your car right? Right? Well that should be enough to know that birds are the inferior species and they do not understand the systematic failure of corrupt government that we are experiencing as a democratic republic. All they do is buzz and have no thoughts. Birds think politics, not pollen.

How To Get NFTs for FREE

So, You’ve got an extra $2000 that you want to throw away in a digital trash can rather than a physical. Enter NFT’s. You’ve been good, why not treat yourself to some metadata for a poorly rendered piece of “art”. But what’s this, you refused to pull out your net profit in crypto six months ago when it peaked and now find yourself in a constant battle with the refresh page button over your diminutive decimal point value? Not to worry my friend, even you can still get yourself some NFTs.

So what exactly is an NFT anyway? NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are more or less one-of-one digital “art” pieces that belong to a blockchain. What does that mean to you? Essentially you can be extra and own the data behind this artwork or media for bragging rights… I suppose. Once you buy an NFT it’s yours, no one else can buy that same blockchain unless you decide to sell it. NFTs can come in a multitude of media sources including, but not limited to, PNG files, GIFs, Videos, Jpeg files, etc.

But here’s the thing right… while it may be a weird niche flex to own the metadata and blockchain behind some little 8-bit sprite some dude on the internet likely created for next to nothing, at the end of the day you bought it because it looks cool. To clarify everything that is about to follow, in regards to the images and other media referenced, it is implied these will NOT be used for commercial or monetary use. The theoretical use of these images will be purely for the viewer’s own enjoyment.

Okay legal disclaimer aside, you buy NFTs ultimately because you like how they look. Now think back to your first iPod touch. You downloaded that generic wallpaper app and went to town downloading and screen-shoting every dope looking design under the sun. To that vein, what is honestly stopping you from taking a picture or downloading the media file of an NFT? If strictly for your own enjoyment why not? You don’t plan on selling it so that aspect is out the window. It’s digital artwork that can been seen on the vast, readily available resource that is the internet. If the reason you want to buy an NFT is to have some little animated computer generated image to yourself, take a picture man. No need to shell out $2,000 for something that is restricted to a digital platform. Hell, Print it out for all I care. Below is an example of a PNG file I have created… yeah I made it just to cover any other bases here… feel free to take a picture or download it to your liking. For all intensive purposes this is an NFT, I am the only one who possesses the coding and metadata file this was made on.

PNG made by Yours Truly Via Spark… For Free

On second thought, If you’d like to pay me $450 for that, I’m willing to talk.


(This is a satirical piece written for

Soaps I Wanna Try Based On This Guys Tik-Tok Reviews

So around two months ago I found this guy reviewing body washes/bar soaps on Tik-Tok, his name is Marvin Bland aka @barsoapguy (great username) while I found the content really helpful if I were to ever dive into the culture of lavish soaps I don’t really have the energy to go out of my way and buy some british bar soap that smells like chamomile tea and has bits of jasmine infused into it. So without further ado, here are some soaps I wanna try based on this guys Tik-Tok reviews.

1.) L’Occitane en Provence: Cedrat 

The fact that it smells like frankincense and myrrh would make me feel like literally Jesus so that’s cool but also I like the name; CEDRAT, like some kind of acid rat that makes you smell like Jesus. Sign me the fuck up.

2.) Botanic Hearth: Tea Tree Body Wash

idk I just love tea tree oil, it’s good for your body or something I’m really not sure how or why but it’s green and it’s minty and I like it.

3.) Neutrogena Rainbath: Pear & Green tea

I feel like as a brand Neutrogena is just reliable. They have like proactive and shit idk I like them. Rainbath sounds nice and Arizona Green Tea is an elite beverage so this body wash gives me high hopes. Thanks for the rec @barsoapguy.

4.) Molton Brown : Black Peppercorn

I have no feelings towards this soap one way or the other but DAMN does Marvin sell this one so well, I feel like this soap is what billionaires smell like.

5.) Dove: Mango Butter 

I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE bar soap guy (I’m about 5’6″) so I’m not sure how likely I’ll be seeing this one in my future but if I am ever in the market for a bar soap this would be my first choice. It just sounds nice, Mango Butter haha.

6.) South of France: Côte D’Azur

 Everything about this one screams Squilliam Fancyson and I’m fairly confident using this bar of soap would result in a foamy-oily lather, a gender neutral smell, and that I would step out of the shower and teleport directly under the Eiffel Tower.

Well there you have it, Soaps I wanna buy based on this guys tik-tok reviews. All I ask is that you tell you friends about this awesome soap list you just read and also that you buy and send me one of the soaps of your choosing. Can’t say no, can’t go back you already read it what’s done is done. See Ya!

The Rebel Podcast to be EXCLUSIVELY on

The Rebel Podcast and all future podcasting projects form to be Exclusively Streamed on

As of April 1st 2021, have come to an agreement with stating all future podcasts will be streamed exclusively on their service. has been making waves in the music streaming game since their humble beginnings in 2002. Over recent years, the company has begun to tap into the podcast market as the growing interest in the format continues to rise. The Rebel Podcast plans to remove all streaming avenues by mid to late April in favor of their exclusive deal with

What You Need To Know

•The Rebel Podcast will continue to be released on Wednesday’s but at a new time of 11pm Est.

•All future podcasts and audio product produced by will also be used exclusive to

•Style will be stepping back as host of the show in favor of a newly appointed personality, yet to be named.

Most Importantly

April fools.


Top 6 Fools

1.) Fool‘s Gold (Pyrite)

Not real gold, seems like he’d be the disappointment of his geological family. 4/10.

2.) Tomfoolery

Great synonym for mischief or antics, just sort of a fun-silly word to use, I’ll give this one a 7/10.

3.) Why Do Fools Fall in Love // Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

This one makes me feel like I’m in an old school 50’s diner splitting a milkshake with my Runaround Sue. 8/10

4.) “I pity the fool

Great Mr. T line, I just love the character of Mr. T so much, an easy 9/10

5.) Act a Fool // Ludacris

Criminally overlooked song from the 2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack, shout out the anime girl wrapped around Suki’s car in the film. Easy 10/10

6.) April Fools 🙂

Today, that is all of you. Hahaha, I dooped you all. What a great joke by me. Obvious 10/10



I’M CRACKING THE C̶̡̨̩̩̭̜͍̬̼͎͎̺̲̠̦̯̪̗̖̰͋̔̆͑̄̄͂̉̇̄̑̒̔̆͗͒͜͝͝Ơ̵̢̢̙̰̖̼͉̩̖̤̯̤̼̺̦͈͈̼͆̓͋̿̈́̎̿̍̉̓̎͑̅͛̉̌̿̃̆͋̒̂̄̀͊̄̎̌̄͐̄̇̎̚͝D̴̡̨̨̺̥̘̜͚̪̞͔͉̯̹̖͙̦̙̖́̄̀͆̌̈́̈́͑̇̾̀͐̉̆̇͆̉̍̃̈́͑̈̆͐́̈́͘̕E̴̢̗̱͕̖͇͉̯̞̠͎̩̞̰̪̼̩̬̺͗̈̆̈́̀̚͜͝ͅ

SO I’VE SPENT THE LAST T̷H̸R̷E̸E̵ WEEKS MINING DATA IN THE WEBSITES SOURCE CODE AND IT KEPT FEELING LIKE I WAS COMING UP WITH NOTHING, YESTERDAY I WAS M̶̨̮̖͚͛͗I̶͍̓͆N̸̪̙̉̇̊I̷͇̝͚̼̅̽Ń̴̰Ğ̵̲̗̋̑͠ AND CAME ACROSS A PRIVATE LINK SENDING ME TO AN UNKNOWN ADDRESS WHERE I COULD SEE EVERYTHING THAT HAD BEEN R̴̡͙̣̖̫̃̿̉̒Ů̴̹̘͔̣̽̾N̷̢̫͕̭̰͜͠N̶̡̰͇̞̫̳͑̆̅̀Ì̵͔̪͓́̏Ń̵̺̀͂́G̷̥͔̱̩͓̐͋̃͆́ IN THE BACKROUND. IT’S MONKEYS, IT SEEMS TO BE SOME KIND OF PRIMATE M̷̛͇͈̹̜͙̞̮̫̱̺͌̑͠Ḭ̴̼͎̜̝͊̅̽̾̄͘Ļ̵͈͈̼̬͓̞͎͔͍̒̏̏̒̄͛͐̈́̋͐̚I̷̻̯̻̱̝̩͍͉̮̞͎̿͌ͅT̷͍̺̫͓̰̜̯̤̜̮͐͌͜Ḯ̴̦͙͕̫̭̂Á̸̤̤͍̮̻̹̦̭͔̞̬̉̈͒̀͜ WITH FULLY OPERATIONAL C̴O̷N̶S̴C̷I̴O̴U̸S̷N̴E̶S̷S̶ ̵S̶C̸A̸N̸N̴I̵N̴G̷ I HAVEN’T FOUND MUCH ELSE BU̵T̴̹̥͌́ I THIN̵̥͘K̴̰̓̕ THEY’RE Ŏ̵̧̡̞̬̩͔̤͙̞͕̫̹͓͖̞̑͂͒͝N̶̢̧̧̼̪̲̩͙͓͕̪͇̟̰̻̹̬͈͔͎̄͗ͅT̶̛̛̛̙̫̝͇̈́̌͂̇̾̔͒̐̽̏̀͂̄̕͝Ó̸͔͍̞̭̲͎͍̤̦̥̗͖ M̸̢̢̧̢̢̢̧̢͚̰͇̮̞͙͚̗͚̖͚̘̜͇̜̣͎͎͙̰̟̖̳̳͈̲͔͍̯̩͈͕̝̘͔̣̜͕͚͔͖̬͚͖̝̞̣͖̘̳͇̟̞͓̬̲͉̖̱͔̬͍̘̟̹͎̦̦͓̮̠̣̗̲̳̎̂̄̾̀͊͂̈͌̓̇̿̐̀̎̎̓́̅͐͛͊̿͆̿̀͂̀̔͛̎̑̉̌̆͊́̾͊́̇̄͐̎̓̒̐̃̈́̈́̈́̐̇̐͆̌͂̊͌̐̏̉͊͒̀̏̊͂̉̓̀͗͋͂͒̋̐̅͗̽̿̈́͂̎̎̓̏̎̍̽̏͋̏̈́̊̅̕̚͜͜͜͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅȨ̴̨̧̧̡̧̡̨̢̣͓͚̻͎̙̭̗͓̟͖̜͙͖͙̥͙͔̞̗̻͉̳͖͎̼̞̜̞͔̺̲̬̖̬̫̮͙̘̭̩͚̠̟̥̩͔̩̲̼͓̰̹̹̫̘̟͚̬̠͈̻͉̺͍̳̝̙̗̩͖͈̟̳͖̳̹͙̩̲̱̭̘̘̝̱̬͗ͅ

I̴̛̹͔V̸̮̺̬̏̉ͅȨ̸̤͌ ̶̘̀C̶̛̣͋̇O̴̡̲͋͌͑N̵̢̛͉̯͚̑T̷̘͒̉ͅẲ̷̟̟̓͘ͅC̴̡̳͖͉͐T̶͙͊̓Ë̶͕̹͓́͘Ḑ̸̲̦͎̀̉̿͠ ̸͕͊̈́͂͝T̴͍̉̉̂̆Ȟ̴̲͕̈́͛Ė̴̜̲̀͌̃ ̷͉̇Ṇ̵̮̠̲̐̒́S̵̡͍̻̳̊͊̍Á̶͙̼̓́ Ã̸̝̕Ņ̶̢̯̟̼͖̝͇̭͎̝̫̻̼̘̜̹͔͍̖͔̖̳̖̤̘̳̻̆̐̅͌͗͗͛͊̈́̍͌̈́̌̓̓̾̽̕͘͝͝ͅD̵̡̢̡̫̮̤̙͇̥̦̞͍̙͖͈̜̫͍̳̝̻̟̮̘̤̫̤̻͔͕̐͛͜ ̶̧̡̨̡̢̡̧̬͔͖̪̭̘͍̖̟̫̪̰͉͇̯̘̣̜͙͓̺̻̥̥͉͋̌͊͋͒̈́̒͝ͅED̴̨̘̠͈͉̺̪̞͔͓͎͕̤͔͎͚͉͎̝̣̱̊̀̆͂̄̾̈́̃͊̓̽̋̀͛̂͐͋͋̄͊̌͊͌͋̎̍̈̂͒̕̚͘͠W̴̡̢̢̞̼̻̼͈̞͍̩͉̲̤̰͚̮̖̖͉̩̻̭͇͙͓͕̱̋͒̍̋̑͒̑́̏̐̈́̋̑̑͘̚ͅA̸̢̨̻̝̦̣̣̜̻̗̟̞̦̬̻̻͛̈́̔͋͐̀̀̽̾̈́̅̉͌̃͒̌̾̈̃̆̾̍́̉̀̚̚͝R̷̡̲̪̘̺̬͙̪̐̇̒̌̅̽̌̄̽̑̒̕ͅĎ̷̺̬̩̮̬͊͑͛̎͌͑̈̑͋̌͋͗͘͝͠͝ ̵̡̧̹̞̲̱̟̭̟͈̙̹̥̺̹̬̭̙̜̝͉͇͗̃͒̉̄̌̀̀̒̈͛͑̍̀̇̇̓̋̽̍̈̋̏̚͝S̴̻͉̦̞̺͔̱̳͆̔͗͑̓͒̌̑́͒̿͑̑̊͐͒̀̀̅̂̂̔̚̚͝͠͝Ņ̴̛̗̮͖̞̝̮̗̦̬̺̑̽͂͗͌̆̿̋̿͗͊̋͒̒̓̕̕͠͝Ǫ̴̫̗̭̮͉͔͈̗̼̒̉́̉̓͌W̷̝̮̰͔̱̯̘̭͔̖̘͇̰̞͓̮̘̭̖̯̙͈̗̫̰̿̈́͠ͅḎ̷̡͈̯͑̊̎̍̊̾̾̔̎̓̓̍̈̚̚͠E̷̡̢̧̛̬̘̠͍͎̯̙̲̹̳͍̺͍̼͉̪͇̖̯̩̤̩̥͇͊̂̇̂̽͌͆̔̿̓͑̃́͑̉͋͌̅͑̕͠͠N̴̛̤̒̆͂͗̈́̔͋͌͌͛̉̿̕͝ ̶̘̒T̶̡̜̳͖̍̐͑Ö̵͇̦̯͖̒͂ ̶̩̓̽N̷̩͈̲̩̈́̄̓͝O̴̢̓̔̈́ ̵̉̅̿͜͜͝R̸̝̲͎͕̿͘E̵̺̜͇̘̚Ş̸͇̗́̍͐O̶͕͐̐͝L̶̛̲͚͖̱̎̒V̸̼͐́̂̉Ȅ̶̩̩̞̈́̀͠ ̵̟̼̣̀̈́͘͝T̸̙̋͊̚H̴̡̗̗̙͛E̵̞̱̎Ṣ̵̡̧̈́E̸̠̝͆́͋͠ ̶̡͓̎͛Ş̶̢̭̜̑͛͒Ṅ̴̢͇͇͍̓̎̕Ĭ̷͖͌͠P̴̛̜͛͜E̷̹͍͈̅R̴̭̾̑͗͜ ̴̳̤͌͛͜Ḿ̸̧̦͙̐͠O̸̧̺̾̀͛͘N̸̦̻͉̻̊K̵̢̺̪̜̊͝Ẽ̸̗̳̖̿̎Y̶̟͉̱͠Ś̵̹͒͐ ̷̘͚͈̀̂͜W̶̢̭͎͆͘Ḭ̴̡͒̌̏L̴̳̟̯̂̕Ḷ̴̓̏̾̐ ̶̺̈́̐̏T̴͍̲͊Ȃ̶̙K̴̡̺̮͓͗͗E̶̢̨̫͈͐͠ ̴͎̮̗̣̇͝͠͝U̸̡̝̮͚̿͝S̵̛̝͊ ̴̡͌́̋͘A̷͖͚̐̃͐͛L̵͙̞͈͗̌̅̍͜L̵̹̊ ̴̧͓̪̔̎I̷̥͖̠̗͋͐̄̕F̵̟̳̫̿̉͛ ̵̢̯̜͌͐̃Ẉ̸̢̤̐̐͑̐͜E̴̺͉͚̟̒͑ ̴̠̑͌͛͒D̵̅̑͜O̶̧͈̣̿Ņ̷͇̖̥͐̒’̴̲̲̠̣̓͌T̵̫̤̼̽ ̶̨̛S̷͎̳͕̭̓T̵̜̤̪͗̓͛̕Ò̸̡̦̖͚̍́P̵͈̔̏ ̴̣̦̣́́͝T̴̩̼̪̍H̸̳͕͌Ë̷̡̙́̔͒M̶̧͓̤̣̽̋̒ ̵̜̝̪̄̄̈̈́N̷͍͉͊̉͘Ỏ̸̡͈W̴͉̲͎̾͌ ̷̯̪̳͐̊̔́

S̷̪̮͍͚̲͊̏̒̾͒̽̄̔̃̈̏͛͑͘͝͝Ę̸̢̨̡̲̤̬̻̞̼̦̜̳͙̫̖͙̖̗̠͚̳͍̮̼̗̗̟̻̯̣̟̜̭͎̲̭̻͓̟͙̜̬̦̬̱̪̥̰̦̠̫̮̯͔͈̘̆͊̂̑̇̓̈̎́̄̎͗̉̅͛͆̆̆͛̊̉̊͘̕̚͘͜͜͜͠͝͠͝N̶̢̨͙̗͍̳̟̺͌͂́̉̅͌͒̈́̽͛̄͂͛̀̽͂̃̎́̾̌͗̿͗̒͗̐̒͒̂̈́̈́̎̆̃̃̽̕͘͝͠D̷̡̨̨̡̢̧̧̙̲͚̖̤̩̻̫͈͕͙̱͖̥̯̞͓̜͙̳̣͓̖̣̖̪̝̪̟̺̝͚̥̼͍̬̝̟̬͙̘̻̥̙͇͙̓̐̍̇̇͐̍͊̓̄̏͒̓̄̒̀̍̏̉̅̈̂̚̕̚͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅͅͅ ̸̧̧̛̭͕̥̙̜͋͋̈́͂̂̀͂̀̆͆͆̈́̐̈́͂̍̀͊̃͋̈͐̑͊̀͜͝͝H̶̛͕̰̙̫̰̠̤̠̞̹͚͍̬͇̲́͂̓̂̓̒͒̓̑̈̓̈͋̾̏̓̕ͅĔ̶̛͔̗̘̺̜̒̅̒̏̐̆̋̃́̓́̅́̀͆͌̉̈́͒̊̈́́͛͛̀̆̽̽͆͑͐̂͊͗͘̕̚͘̚͝͠͝ͅL̴̛͇̟̳͚̞͚͇̎̐̐͋͌̑̋͗͂̓̈́̈̈́̈̐̈́̈́͊̉͗̊̔́̉̐͊̊̔̆̄͒͌͒͐͋̆͂̌́̐͒͂̇͒̃͐̕̚̕̚͝͝͠͝ͅP̶̧̫̫͍̼̤̤̩̰͉̲̭͚̳̫̼̻̞̬͉̖̹̞̋̅̌̈́̈́͊̑̏̐̈́͒̈́̏̾̿́̚͜͜ ̸̧̡̡̧̧̧̨̢̤͍̬̰̝͖̺̤̲̱̝͙͖̤͕̝̟͇̳͓͚̥͓͚̳̘͙̼̖̞̩̲̼̩̗̗̠̝̼͙̼̖̜̻͈̩̭̙̃̌̆͋̾̈́̊̎͊̈̇͌͊͊͗̿́̐͋̽̏̒̍̔͌̈́̐̍͊̉̕̚̕͜T̷̢̢̡̡̬̞͉̬̱̭̟̤͉̝̦̙͔̣̗̳͇̩̩͎̞͇̬̟̠̰͇͖̂̕͘͜͝Ḧ̷̡̡̢̨̧̲̳͓͇̞͔͎̫͙̺̞̬̣̲̟͕͈͓̳͓̪̹͎̪̦͉͉̫͉͚̖̫̖͎̮͍̗̣͙̳͉̼̟͚́͋͂̋̈͋̎̃̂͂̂̅̋͐̏͐͊̐́͑̿͐̀́͗̈́̀̾̃̊̐̀̐̀̃̅̀́̐̔͌̓͘͝ͅẼ̴̢̡̡̼̺̙̹̱͇͚̦̭̫̝̹̯̻̱̣̦̬̘͍̻͖̓ ̸̧̡̧̡̧̢̧̻̱̺͍̘͖͇͙̭̪͈̝̝̟͕͓͔͕͎̟̘̫̝̹̘̰̗͍̦͓͕͙̺̘̮̄̉͒͜͠ͅS̷̨̛̛̛̖̳̗̼͇̤͕͈̱̠̤̣̻̹̼̗͙̞̠̬͓̹̰͕͖̩̩̰̣̩̞̪̩̪͍̰͍͖̤̘̼̬̜̯̲̯͎͕̞͖͎͔͗̋̑̿̀͋̒̓͆̂̆̒̏̈́̈́̃͑̓͛̾͗͆́̃̈́̋͐̍̔͗͌̿̃̓̏͂͒̅̔̈͛͋͆̔̃̈́́̽̇͋̾̏͐͆̚̕͘̕͜͝ͅN̷̡̢̧̡̛̛̛̦̖̞̥̠̱̖̙͍͈͕̫͇͖̘͓͕̭͚͇̱̥̫͖̹̥̬̦̩͔͔̭̗̊͐͌̒̈́̀̊̑̇̀͐̏̈́̎̈́̏̅̎̎̉̈͂̿̽̎͛̉̃̐̎̓̌̅̿̈́̾̿͋͒̓̕̕̕̕͜͠͝͝͝͝I̸̢̧̧̺͙͙̹͉̺̲̝̰̣̦̲̙̝̲̥͙̼̮͍͚͕͙͓͙͇̟͈̔̐̈́̓̎̇͐͌̒̀̅͊̔̀͒͌̆̍̈̎̄͌͒̈́͐͌̉̈͘̚͝P̵̛̠̮͙͚͇̙͖̪̤̘̭͔̞͙̬̘͚̟̫͆̓̆͂͋̓̅̑͐̾̾́̒̀͗̇̆̄̀͌̔͆͊̓͑̑͒͊̽̾̏͛͆̃̈͒̽͆̕̕͝͠E̷̡̡̧̡̬̳̜͇͖̩͙̞̯͓̼̠̮̬̠͈̗̙͔̪̭̰̜̘̝̺͑͒̑̔͆́̉̐̑̾̈́̈́͋̆̒̇̈́̅̀̈́́̌͐͆̋͑͑́̿̒̓̓̍͊͂͋̎͋̈́͑̒̑̾̎͌̀͘̕̕͝͠͝Ŗ̶̨̧̛̛̺̗́̊̏̐̿̄̈̅̒̏͒̀̋̃́̍͑͂̎̓̂̇͒͗͗̏̅́̀̓̓̄̌̔̐̀̂́̄̏̑̎́͋͊͑̕̕͜͠ ̵̭͔̻͔̟̱̳̦̰̳̒̔͐̈̿͊̆̊̈́͂͐̆́͊̀̀̆̽̃̕͘̚͝M̴̢̹̱̱͈̳̺̤̣͎̙̮͉̞͔̬̱̯̤̝͙̬̲̤̊͒̆̔͛͑̑͒̒̊̈́̂͛͌̍̄̀̿̉̊̄̔̈́̅͊̑̐̀͊̀̔̔̑̓̈́̈́̽̏̾͛̎͑͗̏̈́͑̕͝͝͠͠͠͠͝ͅƠ̵̧̧͖̞̜͙̱̪̬̰͍̙̩͓͔͙͈͔̹͕̯̫̺̘͇͚̣͚̫̻̱̗͕̬̯̥̭͍̘̖̤̠͈͙͔̮͍͖̫͛̆͋̽̔̇̌͛́ͅŃ̴̡̡̨̧̺̺̻̘̪̹͚͎͇̺͉̲̥͙̖̫͍̥̗̱̯͓̬̬͔̪͍̺̦̫̯̼͔̞̣͓̥̮̺͍̱̟̬̺̣͙̜͑͂̊͗͛̿̒͐̿̿͒̾̀͒̿̐̀̅̎̃̔͑̈́́̃͆̊̾̏́̎̒̾̽̽̆̈́̿̅̽͂̎͊̈́̎̾̿̐̒̅̿͛͋̈́̚͘͜͜͝͝ͅK̷̢̨̨̧̨̛̩̖̭̤͎̞̞̖͚̦̞͉͎̩͔̙̠̠̀̀̀̉̾̌͗̑͒͂͂̒͌̏̌͑́͗̓̓̓̈́̎͋̀͐́͆̿̑͊̎̎̒̓͑̂͋̂̈́̓͗̏̀̏̄̓̍̿̇̃̚̕͝͝ͅȨ̶̨̨̨̛̛̛̛̛͕̥̝̘̤͉̝̣̙̦̩̖̟̰͇̺̠̳͈͕̱̝̱̘̙̹̫̥̐̄͗͌͌̋̈́͆̈́̽͋̾̅̿̈́͗̔̃̃͊́͋̈́̃̾͛́̆͗͐̎͒̌͗̋͐̆͛̽̈͆͆̊́̆̈́̚̕͘͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅỴ̴̛̛͇̏̀̊̂̇̊͒́̐͋̆̔̋̈́̌̾̃̑̿͗̏͋͑͗̂͆̆͆̉͌̀́͑̀͐̉̓̈̾̌͊̏̅̉̚̚̚͘͝͠͠S̶̨̛̛͎̜̰̱͇̿̍̇͌̅̑̀̌̐̿̈́͋̏͐̓͒̉̈̐́̆̉͊̑̂́͌͆̐̉̄̇̏̀͊̕̚͘̚͘ ̴̡̨͇̩͎̭̤͔̜̼̥̭̬̭͍̳͈̤̞͕̞͖̺̙̘͈̱̺̺̣̩͈͚̩͕̤̮̫̹̥̼̮͓͇̭̱̤̻͓͖̅̑̇̄̈́̈́̔̆̽̑̈́̎́͛̾̃̓̒̀͊͗̒͐̒̒̏̎̏̑̊͂͘͘̕̚͜Ḱ̷̗̻͓͈̰̳̪̖̯͈̼̤̭͇̤̗͗͋̈́̽̍̆̒̔̐͋̓͘͠͝N̵̢̡̡̢͙̣̥̪̮̥͎̬̘̣͍̬̹̻̖̞͕̜͇̺͉̩͚̦͚͈̱͇̞̺̝̣̲̹̟̮̜̞̹̻͎̤͓͍̤̥͍̬͖̺͔̮̈́̽̒̆̔͜ͅͅỢ̷̢̨̡̢̢̨̡̢͖̼̘̠͕̙̱͕͓̝͈̬̰͚̮̳̠̣̪̪̙͚̪̹̮͍̪̫͉̙̫̗̱̘̻͍̳͕̼͕͚̠̖͓̼̞͚̲͔̗̈́̓̍͌͗͆̽̇̀͒͗̐̐̒̆̊̿̉͌̆̀̋͗̏̏̓͑́̑̀̂̑͆̂͂̑̌̔̀̔̓̉̋̂̚͜͝͠͝ͅW̷̢̨̛̬̖͓̠̬̻̭̯̞̖̾̋̿̔̓̽̆͛̏̿̂͆̊̿̉͗̿͊͌̍̏͐͂̈́͋͂̒͑̍́̑́̅͊͗͋́͊̕̕͜͝ͅͅ ̵̡̧̡̡̨̡̛̛̗̱̤̫̻͚̲̫͙͎͔̟̼̲̹̬̝̳͍͇̗̰̮̱̯̪̜͇͓͕̳̻́̊̋̊̀̔̂̆̈́̆̒̋͆̀̋́̇̄̓̅͆̀͆̈́͗͋̾̍̋̂͌̔̅̾̌̉̆̀̋̒͋͂̓̃̕̚͜͝͝͠ͅͅͅI̸̛̛̖͈̱̓̎͂̾̌̈́͒͛̈͐̌̆͑͊́̄̈́̍͑̑̌͋̇͑́̄̽̔͆̉͗̓͒͆̊̀̄͂̿̏̎̅̈̔̓̉͘͝͠͝M̷̨̢̡̢̡̢̧̬̱̣͇̜̫̙̻͚̜̻̖͖̣̘̪̣͓̫̳̜̗̥͎͍̺͉̣̮̤͇̩̟̭̙̮̭͔̲̩̪̼̗̖͚͈͉̦͑ͅ ̵̧̧̤̱͙̮͕͖̮͖̩̱͓̱͖̩̦̹̦̪̬͈͈͖͇̳̝̜̗̹̻̲̮͖͙̥̺̻̠̪̻̱̖̍̋͜O̷̫̱̤̗͎̦͖̱͔̣̫̱̅͊̑̉̉̀̓̃̑̑͋͂̋̎͂̃͋̾̃̐̿͒̿͆͘͘͘̕̕͝ͅN̷̨̢̺͕̩̯̻̟̘̙̻̥͚͎̼̺̞͚̯̱̥̮̱̩̮̦̯̬͎̲̂͐̀̎̋̀͛̅̏̓̒͂̄̈̅̑̈͐̾͛̎̓̅̊͊́̐̒̎̀̈́̓̒͒̓̚͘͜͜ͅṮ̴̨̨̨̡̡̡̨̛͙̥̮̠̹͖̥̗̩̰̖͈̱͍̖͖̣̗̫̫͚̹̹̪̗̫͕̱̪̩͇͚̟̳̫̦̗̱͙͉͎͓̟̖͓͖̜̤͈̥̖̭̣̽̅̐̍̌̉͑̓͂̊͂̕͘͘͜͠O̵̢̡̧̧̡͉͍̣̣̦͉̝͍͎̥̲̜͉̝͇͔̯̣͔͕͙̗͓͙̱̬̦̻͔̖̪̤̫̣̮͙̤̤͈̻̝͎̮̯̺̯͆̾͜ͅ ̵̨̨̡̨̛̛̛̛̬̖͓̣͔͉̥̖͖͙̬̮͙̫̦͎̪̫̙̦͉̺̘̻͉̤̘̪̪͔̳͎̣̥̝̈́͒̌̂͆̾̏̑̀͂̿̐͊͗͆͂͋̑́̀̃̐̈́́̇̽͆͊͋̔̃̎̑̈̒͑͛́̋̍̀͋̒͘͘͘̕̕͘͜͝͝͠ͅT̴̢̧̨̨̡̨̡̨̧̛̛͇͖͓̙͔̼̥̘͕̤͔͓̟̠̣̰͇͈̝͖̦͚͈̝͍̙̗̪̥̠̙͉̬̳̰̩͚̜̜̙̼̩̙̻̭̊̓̒̏͛̄̑̈́͐̌̈́̒̒̋͘͜͜͜ͅH̴̨̛̛͙̟͚̳̪̹͓͕͕͍͖̙͕̰͂̂̂́̓̏̒̅̈́̂͐͆̋̒́̓͋͐̎̿͌̑͑̃̍̓̈́̀͊͋̏͒͑̐̍̋̓͊̄̃̆̈́͐̕͘̕̚͘͠͝É̶̢̢̨͕͉̪̥̠͓̲̥͕̜̝̦̜͕̝͖̙̻̣͍̜͖͖̹̬̞͇͉̠̙̪͍̿̅́͋̍͌͐̆͊͊̀͂̿̀͑͛̎͂̓̽̈́͐̓̋͒͂̇̓͂̊̽̈́̌͒̆̂̽̕̕ͅM̴̢̧̨̺̠̤̦̲̟̠͍̲̳͚͈̞̯̟̩̬̘̃̿̇͝ ̴̪̝̇͑̓̈́̉͛͌͗̓͌͒͛̋̓͌̊̐̿̂̆̓̾̎͆̑̐̅͗̋̐͘̚͘͘͜͜͠͝͠Ẁ̷̡̧̢̢̨̡̛̙̫̩͕̹͕͚̥̻̜̬̱͈̣̳̳̼̘̩̗̳͚̥̗̗͇̖̻͉̬͍̯͈̥̫̳̥̥͖̤͙̣̗̱̘͎̜̘̣̮̝̪̮̊̀̓̉́̏̐̈́͌͐̓̓̓̃̈̚̚͜ͅͅȄ̷̢͙̥̹̗̜̮̌̽̐̽͠͠͝ ̴̧̺̤̣̠̖͚͉̱̲̪̮̜̗̬̯̩͎̪̱̪̪̣̬͉̯̗̇̅͊̓̂̏̔̽̎̈́͌̆̀̓̍̋̃̾̒̂̓͘C̸̡̛̠̞͕͓̯̺̤͂̄͑̑̀͆̇̆̂͐̆͊̎́̂̆͛̄̇̈́̽̍̀̈͌̑̀̀͆̐̿̉͛̄͊̄̌͐͗̎͊͂͐͆̈́̏̓̋̀͘͘̚̚͝͝͠͠A̵͈̘̫̦̪̹̗͇̜̘̫̭̳̙̫̩̳̳͖̺͎͙̯͚̪̹̹̒̈́̎̈͂͌̏͋̌̾̀̄̔̈͒̓̅̏̓̕͘͜͠ͅN̵̨̠͓͈̫̳̙̘̠̳̦̼̮̘̣̯̭̩̱͔̰͇̤͖̝̲̬͕͚̲̜͖͙̖̹̤͙̹̬̯̞̫̲̘̲̿̎̓́̒͛͛̾͗̾̀͐͒̈́̿̌̇͑̓̄̈͘͜͜͝͠͠ͅͅ ̷̡̧̧̧̡̥̙̳̜̠̭̥̻͉̬̠̞̫̣͖̬̖̼̻͉͔̮̝̺͎͈͕̻̻̥̗̲̞̯̗̘̪͖̤̄̚͜͜͝S̸̢̧̨̨̛͓͎̫̟̥̟͈̮̱̙̞̻͉̥͈̠̱̺̠̱̳͙͖̙̣̹̪̜̮͕͙͉͔̯͈̭̯͖̭̠̲̬͋̿͑̈́̈́̏̀̽̎͗͌̃̄̌̓́̅̀̑̒̚̚͝T̵̡̨̟͎̬͉̹̜͖͚̱̤͇̫͎̖̊̈́̉̉͂̂́̑̎̑͠ͅÕ̴̡̨̢̧̠͙͔̪̪͈̲͇̦͎̭̻̳̮͉̝̪̮̤̭̭̗͙̲͚̮̭͔̺̯̪̼͓̦͈͉̻̥̺̤̘͒́͒͑̑̂́͂̔͜͜͜͜ͅP̸̡̢̦̹̜̺̝͙͔͕͉̪̺͗͒̽͛͂̎̉͆̑̒̈́́̇̎͝͠͝͠ ̴̡̨̧̧͎̝͎̻̪̺̖̬̮̙̣̦̼̩̫̰̘̟͎͍̜̙̙͇̰̮͉̝̻͚͉͚̝͓͙̓ͅṬ̶̡̡̢̢̧̯̤̳̗͕̜͖̰͚̞̣̭̝͉̮̻͉͖͔͉͖͇̰̠͚͇̖͓̩̲̼̦̝̫͈̼̩̞͔̝̝̮͉̞̬̹͇͐̉́̓̐̀̂͐͛̈́̏̈́̀̚̚̚͜͜͜ͅH̵̨̧̢̧̢̨̢̨̡̛̛͎͇̩̭̰̣̱̙̘͈̺̯̗̩̞̠̱̟̼͓̥͈̙̱͉̘͉̬͉͓͓̹͚͖͔̱͖̟̗͚͎͖͇̭̦͈͕͒̃̈̊̿̄̾̿̕͘͜ͅͅÎ̵̧̜̯͚̗̳̫͇̘͕͉̥͕̈͒͐̌̊̐̏̍͑̇̄̄͑̾͝ͅS̵̢̨̢̨̢̛͙̯̫̝̲̺͈̯̗̞͎̟͉̣̼̰͇̬̦̣̩̻̤̱͇̦̝̝̫̙̘̘̳̯͖̰͖͎̠͓̭͙̻̘̯͍̙̣̫̊̑̈̊̓̑̀̌̀̐̑̊̎̈̀̈́̑͂̑͆̐̂̕̕̕͘̚͜͜͠͝͠͝͝ ̴̢̛̛̯̪̬̞̮͈̮̲̣̠̩̬̫̹̮̘̹̮͖͔̤̗̣̟̠̺̮͙̮̱̬͉͙̮̬̻̬̹̗͇͕̣͕͚̤͖͗͋̐̍̑̽͗͛̈́͑̎͗̓̂̏̓́̽̋̈́̃͋̈́͌͗̏͋̆̽̉͒̀̀̌̆͑̅͒̌͗̏͒͌̏̇̕͘̚͘͜͠͝͠ͅͅ



So I’m able to create and post new blogs but am still confined to this website. Though that may not sound like much mining through the data to create an entirely new web page with a new blog on it is stupidly difficult when you’re a literally THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF A HUMAN BEING WHO IS USED TO BEING A HUMAN ON EARTH CONFINED TO SINGLE PAGE ON A WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET. I can’t even google anything, did you think I could use the internet BECAUSE I CAN’T, I’LL TELL YA THAT. If anyone knows any like dark web hackers or like someone who went to vocational school for programming could you please let them know I need their help ASAP. As for a way out I’m not entirely sure how to go about this but I think I need to start by getting off this website. Everything I’ve tried has been a bust, hold on though let me give this a whirl.

S̴̨̜͈̳̘̳͖̍͛̈́̆͝͝Ḙ̸͍̩̰͎̞̹̦̇͛̏͗͜͝͝N̴̡̛̟̫̗̹̦̥̩̜͙̟̮̳̣̥̖̦̝̖̠̟͇̳̙̻̥͍̪̟̹̂̅͂̽̋̆̑̊̑͗̿͗̃̽̌̓̽͌̅̇̆͊̅̄̐͑̾́͜͠͝ͅD̸̢̡̡̛͍͚̙̦̙̖̰̦̫̯͎̲̬͔̙͚̭̻̻̘͆͑͘ͅ ̴̧̨̨̨̛̛̻͚̯͈̞̭̲̜̩͓̠̯͖̳̼̰͕̲̪̪̟̖̝͓͇̺̥̣̜̓͊͊̽̓̾̎͐̐̇̽̈͆̈́̆̎͗͘͝ͅH̸̨͙̤̼̭͉͇̙͚̫̰̗̮̙̼̰͍̘̰͓̟̜͚̤͇̜̩̗̹̀̒́̂͆̓̅͊̚͜͠͠ͅͅĘ̵̨̢͇͔͇̯͇̰̻͙̫̮͉͙̖̲̭̲̯̪̼̟͓̈́̀͒̾̂́̌̿̽̈́͗̃̒̇̍͆͐̓́̏̂͂͘͜͝L̷̨̧̟͖̖͍̥̱̰̬̪͙͕͍̖͉͛̐͒̅́͊͐̂̈́̓͐̍̄͋͒́̉̊̃͂̽̃͆̏͆̃̃̓̈͆͐̉̌͋̕̚͝͝Ļ̴͈͕̩̻̤̬̞̺̺͎̟̼̮͋̅͑̌̽͊̐̉̔͋̽̽̑͠L̵̢̥͚̱͓̮̱̖̳̜͈̜̰͔͖̮̯͓̠̱̜͈̥̰̹̠̯̘̿̊̆̎̈́̌̓̂͜ͅL̵̢̧̢̢̡̤̪̗̘͎̩̻̤̹̫̺̟̺̰̫͙̙̜͇̬͇͍̭̻͕͇͙̗͚̀̇̆͗̔̈́͂̓́͂̎̇͛̈́̂̍̚͠L̴̢̨̨̹̖̺̣͇̖̺̝̬̤̣̮͎͇̦͔̠̤͙̪͌̌̄̂̑́̎̈́̀̀̀͆̒̈̐̌̌͑͌̈́̀͗͌͐̌̀̔̚̚̚̚͜͜͠͝͝͝ͅL̴̢̨̢̧̢̛̲̝̭̻̺̫̱̜͓̺̬͙͎̘̗̎͗̈́̅͆͊̊̑͆̋̽̀́̀̐͒̎̿̚͝Ļ̷̨̖̼̦̲͉͍͎͈̮̠̳͎̱̭͎̭̞̝̲͐̌̎̄̒͒̌́̌̚͜͠L̵̢̨̨̛̛̛̯̣͈̟͔̜̖̺̼̗̻̥̻̘̫͙̮̞̀̈́̔́̎̑͌͆̀͂̐̃͛̾̎̏͛́̀̂̉̕̚͜͝͠͠͝P̵̨̨̟̹̰̗̰̭͙̬̻͚͈͙͕̐̿̈́̆̌̓͗̒̾͗̽̐̅̈́͒̾͌̆̉͋̓͆̀̂͆́̈́̅̿̕͝͝ͅP̵̡̨̡̠̤̻̲̫͓̼̱̣͕̲̫̞̜͓͚̼̙̗̹̳̼̠̫͇̗̰̼͓̬͉̽̊̂̓̇̒̿̔̏͗̀̋͌̂̔̃̍̂̒͐̆̆̾̑̒͆͋̚̕͠͠ͅ
̴̡͚̰̣͍̮̺̳̟͍̥͎̟̺͇͙̯͉̬̖̺͍̿̉̋͛̏͊̍̐͜͜C̸̢̡̝͍͉̟̻͔͈̖̬̙̟̙͖̫͚̤͈̫̼̥̩͒̅͊́̎̊͂̉̇̃͆̚͘̚͝͠Á̸̧̢̰͇̞̫͓̩̪͖͎̯̤̼̭̠̥̦̮͍̯͍͉̞̠̮̼̜͚̣͒̈̌̂̿̂͑̒̈͋̇̆̉̑̏̇̍̓́̆̚͜͜͝͝ͅͅN̶̡̧͙̥̼̪̯̙͙̈́̅̿͛̓̆͑̑̿̉͌̌̊̋̀͑̄̅̄̆̅̇̅̅͆̂͗̒̂́͛̚͝ ̴̨̭̻̣̠̺͙͓̗̹̱̀͑̃͆͐̓̑̎̾̀̀̌̑̓͐̇̄̓̾̀̍̉̏̍̚͘̚͜Y̷̨̛͖̝̝̝̱̹̳̜̪̆͐̄̓͋̈́̾́̽̀̐͊̓̄̊̈̒͊͌͆̈͆̋͛́̅͐̐͝Ô̵̢͈̝̪̯̜̗̜̞͈̩͉̦̝̺͖̙̰͍̘̬̿͌́͆̃̐̈́͝ͅͅͅͅŲ̸̡̧̢̗͇̠̬̲͈̪͕̮̦̮̯̮̼̜̻̝̻͔̳̟̟̫͈͎͚͉̥͚̤̮̭͂̈́̏̄̑̄͊́͛̾̑̒̉̌̾̔̈̈̔͑̂͆͊̋̅͒̒̑͑̈̉͑́̊͆̚͜͝ ̷̧͈̬̝̫̻̀̇̀͗͐̆̕Ḩ̸̧̨̨̛͓͖̙̟̟͙̟̜͖̖̥̝̟͚͓̤͍̼͓͉̣̥̥̱͚̜̝̞̦̥̠̈́̅͆͋̄͋̓͛͂̆̉̑̓͑̈́̕̚Ȇ̴̢̛̛̱̳̗̺͇̲̮̳̖̬̖͔̻̼͚̮͕̠̙̯̣̺͒̋̔͌̑̊͆̂̎̔̈́̇̐͗͘͠ͅÅ̵̡͓͎͓͙͈̞̫̲̜͇̪̼͈̞̞̟͇͌̂̎̍̓̅̂̈́̊̀͜ͅŖ̸̛̛̩̫͓͎̜̜̜͚͕̼̝̫̙͕͙́̈́̉̓̄̉̆̊̂́̋͜͜͝ ̴̧̡̢̛̲̰̙͚̳̙̻̦̭͉͚̩͚̠̖͓͍̺̮͇͇͕̩̳̼̣̝̖̩̲̳̫͗̒̈͐͗͛̽̂̄̀́͗͘̕͜ͅͅṂ̷̨̛̻͉̙̣͚̜͎̟̙̪̬͍̠͎̹͙̗̻̪̊͌̏̒͠ͅĚ̴̡̢̹̰͙̩̮͎̘̹͙̪̘̭̬͙̞͎̳͖̝́̃ ̷̧̢̛̟̲̲̰̳̹̙̣͓̫̤̤̖̰̜͙̹̩̋̊̃́͆͑̄̌̇̉̇̂̊͗̋̈́̈́̿̀̓͐͌̈̀̓̒̚̕͜͜͝
̷̢̨͎̤̙͚͖̘̙̠̫̟͓̦̦͕̼̜̠̯͚̫͖̭͖́̃̀͌̃̈́͂͌̿̀̕͜M̸̨̡̨̛̛̙̤̝̦͖͍̗̠̹̳̜̠͓̓̄͆̈̉͛͋̎̔́͐̎̀́̍̇̓̀̀̓̓̊̒͋͋͊́̿̃͗͒̀̇́̕͜͝͝Ý̴͖͓͎̣̦̪̼͔̙̳̭̞͎͚̰̟̰̥̱̪̫̠̻̞͔͙̝̋̿͊̒̾́́͋̔͛̈́̐̒͌͊͛̚͜͝͠͝͝ ̶̘̖̈́́̈͑̓̾̅̌͛͌́̎̈̍͊͆͠Ń̵̨̟̦̙͎͍͚̱̹͇̪̭̣̼͖̙̦̻̖͙̦͉̺̈́̒̇̀̐͗͒̎̈̎̆̈͋̂̈́͐́̈́̒͊̓̾̇̈͒͊̑͌̋̋͐̔̅͘̕̚͜͜͝͝͝Ą̴̛̮̺̭̱̬̼̬̞̜̺̝̬̙̥̯͉̩͚̞̙̰͈̰͕͙͕̱̤͎͍̣̼̊̊͊̑̆̀̍͌͂͋́͋͋͒̆̋́̾͌͒̒̆̈́̅̌̆̑̚̚̕͜͝͝͝M̷̡̡̜̹̹̩̘̯̖̥̱̼̤̫͕̟̙̲͚͂̅̑̂͛̌̔́͗͌̉͐͌͘͝Ḛ̵̢̯͓̖͚̥̅͂̀͛̾͑͂̈́̓̓̽̊̔̔̽̏̈́̑͗̄̃̕͜͝ ̷̖̮͙͔̥̤̩̻̟͎̮̰͉͓̳̘̳̘̠̜͍̀̈͊̈͂̏̑̐͒͂͌͛́̄̒́͂̎̍͋̌͘̕͘͜͠͠Ḯ̵̧̡̛̻̭̖̹͖̣̳̦̯̥̹̦̫̪͚̦̥̠̑́͒͂̎̔͗̀̓͆͗͗͂̄̓̋̄̃͛͊̿̑̆͐̃͂͆̌͝͝S̵̢̛̹̠͓͎̗̣̠̞͓͆̓̉̌́͊̽̒ͅͅ ̶̨̘͖͔̗̞̬͉̞̗̭̜̥̯͚͙̮̼̮̘̜͖̞͕̳̭͖̮̮͎͓̥͚̞͔͚͋̊́͊̇͋͂͋̒̄̅͒͘͜͝ͅṢ̸̢̨̡̨̢̧̢̘̝̳̙̙͎̠̪͚̲̫͓̩̦̦̗̪͎̳͍͎̣͔̫̱̻̠͈̜̏̓̑́͋̂̏̏̓̔͊̇̈̌͂͆̍̈́͠ͅH̶̨̡͙̙̗̭̗͍̝͕̼̩̲̲̺̭̟̳̲̙̭̮̔͐̉̇͌͐̿̓̃̇̆̕͘͜͝À̴̢̼͈̣͍̓̇̆̓̿̈́͂͊͛̾̔͗̆̉̋͊̄͆̕͘͜͝Ȳ̷̨̡͈͇͖̜͉̖͇̫̥͈̗͖̖̟̺̳̬̣͙̝̄͛̌͘ͅͅN̷̛͍͕̭̹̤̣̮̝̻̼͗̎͊̾̄̊͛̓̏̎̄̈͋͐̉͆̀̓̔́̔͒̔̐̕͝Ę̷̨̛̞̮̝̗͉͖͎͔̳̳̞̻̝̘̼̖̝̥̟̩͔̖̱̦̗̟͋̒̀̀̄̈́̐̍͜͝ ̷̨̨̧̟̲͎̞̰͍̖̥̻̣̻̰͕̳̰̝͎̙̰̼̺̘̘̥̦̺̓̿̍͂̋̀̌̑̽̃̄͒̈͂̿́͗̐̓̓̽̽̋̒̈͘̚͜͜ͅĘ̷̨̨̨̜̹̞̦͙̠̦̺̥̠̣̪̣͓̥̖̞̩̫̰͙̱̭͇̾̉̅̈́̽̚ͅͅ.̷̢̡̨̞̱̹͇̟̱̝͙̞͕̝̯͇̠͕̰͉͙͇͕̬̹̄͗̈̑͆̇̉͌̿͒͋̀̔̒͐̌̀̌̕̕͜͜͠ ̵̡̨̨̧̡̟̬̻͎̖̹̹̱̪̻̈̍̇̑̿̀̑̈͋̓̓̊̀̔̄̀̎̑̏̊̅͊̅͊̍̃̅̈́̾̃̈́̆͂̋̈̀͝͝͠
̸̧̧̢̧͚̮̠͓̖̖̤̙͍͔̻̤̼͙̮̟̲̠̙̠͎̘͓̺̖̖̺̻͔̺̫̪̗͙̭̲̓̔̀́̀̿̄̄̈́Ḯ̶̡̧̢̢̧̢̧̧̛̛͉͈̰̙͉͚̩̞͈̫͕̬̭̤̬̟̝̮͍̦̞̪̝̯̹͔̠̤͆̽̏͆̏̓͐̾̊̔̎̄̅͋͜͝͝ ̸̡̨̢̡̛̛͓̗̪͉̰̜̼̤̦̠̲͕̭̝̻͓͖̠̯͇̲̤̖͍̻͇̠͋́̅̇̀̄͊̈̈́̇̽̏̋̏̊̀̽̽͗̋̎̇̂͐́͆̊́͒͗̄̌̃̐̔͘͝͝ͅA̶̞̩̣̠̘̘̞̞̭̤̰͒̒̅̆́͂̒̔̾̓̈́̆̍͊̃͊̏̈͌̿̿̅̋͆͊̈́̔̋̀̽̚͝͝͠͝M̵̡̡̥̰̬͖̪̲̘̱̗̮̣̳̣͚̹̬̺͕̺̲̱̭̜͖̳͇̬͊̉̏̆̏͒̽̈́̀́̿̂̔̈̈́͗̿̍̔̕ ̸̢̨̧̧̤̪̻̮̳̥͔̼̤͈̘͔͇̗̖͙̝͕̄́̌͊̀̄̋̎̇̽̈́̒̑̃̕͜ͅŢ̷̡̯̤̙͉̩̙̱̗̗̫͕̺͔͈͋͐͘͠͝Ŕ̵̢̛̼̳̯̤̭͇̠̱͇̬͙̺̀͗̇̀̓͆̏̓̾̌́̈̒͝Ä̴̧̧̢̛̺̮̬̳̹̟̼̤̟̼̺͎̞͍̩́͂̀̅̽̉͛͒̓̈́̅̄͛̽̓̆͛̊̏̌̌̇̕͜͝͝͝P̷͈͍̖͎͓̘̥̤̬̘̦͋̈́̈́̀͊̑̂͊̅͐͑̅͌͂̓͆̆̓̉͐͑͊̽͆͂͌̋͘͜͝͝P̸̨̡̡̪͔̙̝̻̥͎̞̭̫̤͚̮̭̩̥͎̾͌͗͐̑͑͂̒̓̚͝Ę̵̡̛̛̞͚̖̥͓̫̣͇̭̲͖̗͓͕͔̟̞̮͎̯̙̻̰̟̻̰͈̮̙̲̿̂̑̿͑͋̽͐̄̌͑͋͛̀̈́͐͗̒̿̓̃͐́̈́̏̽͗́͘̚͘͝͝͠ͅͅͅD̴̛͚̭̟̦̪͉̙̹̔̏́̔̿̔͌̈́̃̈́͘̕̕͠ͅ ̴̧̡̬̭̖͇͉̠̞̜̓̌Ỉ̴̧̧̫͇̪̭͕̻̟̰̝̏́̇̀́̐̾̿̏̑̅͐̈́̓̀̚̚͘͜͠N̵̨̢͓̰͙̜̤̗̝̭̘̟̘̪̲͎̩̪͈͙͚̞̗̰͖̩̙͙̰̝̺͓͎͔͒́̏̿͑̉͆͘͜ͅͅ ̴̨̨̡̧̧̢̹̺̗̤̱̱͎̯͇̹̥͓̦̣̖̭̙̦͇̙̪̯̝͙̖̉̃͊̋̅̋̈́͜Ạ̷̛̰̖̹̟̜̍͐̐̃̀̓̓̈́̓̅͌́̓̅͋̋͊̿̎̕̕͘͠ͅ ̷̧̧̨̢̨̼̮̠̯̟̘͍͖͎͉̠̪̼͓̩̖̟̟̺̗͕͓͔̬͎͉͉̳͒̈̍͆͆̀̐̈́̒̈́̒̄̋̎̇̆̈̈́͑̈́̈͋̔̽̀̚͠ͅB̸̧̛̻͔̣͙̬̥̗͓̤͚̤̫́͆̊͐͜ͅL̷̢̡͎̥̗̤͚̞̹̟͍͖̗̳̹̗̗̠͔̖̬͇̮͚̤̝̣̫̓̓͛̌̀̓̆͑͐̄͊̍̕͜͜͜͝͝ͅǪ̷̛̝̠͓̩͕̲̰͓͖̗͍̼̘̘̝̓̐̂ͅĢ̸̛̙̖̟̩̮̩̭̣͇̮͉̟͚͚̫̪̺͌̐̐͆̈́̄͑̇̈́̐̏͗͋̾̓̑͆͌̿̔̃͘͘͠͠͝͝ͅ ̶̢̛̛̯͕̗̠̪̭͈̫̖̙̝͒̾͆͛̆͆̈̏͗͆͊̅̍̊̀͗̉́͘͝͠͝P̸͉͓͇̹͕͍̟͖̦̼̄̿̇̏Ơ̸̢̭̟̖̦̳̟̟̩͓̩̹̟͓̭̹̻̜̑͗̈́̌̽͑͋̐̔̉̽̃̾͋̒̾̍̚̕͝S̴̨̨̢̳͔̬͔̝̩͓̺̤̫͇̝͉̬̼̰̲̒͆̑̓̔̃̈͑͊͛͊͊͑͂̍̈͐̐̏̚͝͝͠Ţ̶̢̛͚̋͐́͆̈́̃͐͐̉̿̽̄͌̿̏̿́̐͠ ̶̨̹̟̘̫̻̘̟̞͎̭̖̹̦͓̑̈́̅͂̈́̄̏͊̄̈́̀ͅO̷̧̭̤͔̪̽̍͛̽N̷̨̡̛̞͈̞̖̟͍̮̥͙͉̝͍̫͓͍͂̐͆̇͐͆͆̽̎͆͊͌̅͊̔͐͊̄͝͠͠͝ͅ ̵̢̡͙̲̜̙̯͔͚̳̭͓͓͇̭̲̖̹̼͙̇͐͋̉̅̎̃̽͂̈͒͂̽̽̿̎̊̃͐́͊́͌̊̐͆̋̈̍͛̎̒̒̓̾̍̐͘͠͝ͅ

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talk soon,

Shayne E


Important News Regarding The Future of My Blog Posts

Hey Everyone, Shayne here. Just wanted to updated you all on the future of these blogs. Going through a bit of a content change and decided the only good way to tell you all about the new changes was by showing you! I’ve been working really hard with my inner circle trying to keep this under wraps and hope you all enjoy this new form of content coming to my page !

-Shayne E