Sex That’s Out Of This World

So… Out of curiosity has anyone ever had sex in space?

Well it is documented that no humans have ever had sex in space… However it may have happened undocumented, it isn’t like we haven’t sent men and women out in space together before hell we sent a married couple out on the same mission, I mean in 1992, when NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor was launched with a married couple on board. Mark Lee and Jan Davis, both astronauts, met at NASA. They married in secret a year before liftoff. Their joint flight to space was practically their honeymoon.

How would sex be different in space?

We can assume that sex in space is a possibility, but how is it different to ours on Earth? Let’s start with the basics: sex drive.

The little publicly available information that we have indicates that being in space leads to reduced libido, at least at first.

That’s because microgravity, the weightlessness astronauts experience in space, causes hormonal changes, like decreases in estrogen. Low estrogen levels have been linked to a drop in sex drive.

Unfortunately, most of what we know about hormones in space comes only from tests on men. That’s because only 11.5% of astronauts are female, and the relatively few women who have been to space opted to go on birth control beforehand to avoid menstruation. This makes it tricky to disentangle artificial hormonal changes from those caused by space flight. 

Another factor in cosmic sex drive is a change in astronauts’ internal clock.

“When you’re going around the planet right now, every 90 minutes, your circadian rhythms are altered and that alters everything, including your sex hormones and probably your libido,” said Saralyn Mark. 

The science also matches astronaut Walter’s on-site experience. In his book, he writes that, during his short 10-day stay in space, he had no libido. 

But there’s hope: According to Walter, astronauts’ sex drive does readjust after a few weeks in space. 

So spend a few weeks in space and maybe the sex will be out of this world but probably the same release as just not having sex for a couple of weeks and hopping back into the groove.

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Celebrities That Are Secretly Aliens

There’s Just No Way These Famous People Are Earthlings

1.) Elon Musk

Okay, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. I don’t think there’s any way Musk isn’t an alien, from his magic hairline to multiple multi-million dollar companies seemingly falling out of his ass at this point I think it’s safe to say he’s tapped into something us humans don’t quite have access to yet. Sending a car to space “for fun” yeah okay Elon smells like sending data back to the mothership to me. You’re telling me he named his child X Æ A-12 and we didn’t immediatly call out this alien man for giving his alien baby a clearly alien name. You may have the world dooped, but I’m onto you Elon Musk, IF THAT EVEN IN YOUR REAL NAME.

2.) Kanye West

Ok, I gotta spill the beans. I don’t think Yeezy’s an alien. I do though, think he really REALLY wishes he was one. It would just be the most Kanye thing ever, reading the headline “Kanye West Proclaims He’s an Alien from Another Planet.” I’d buy it.

3.) John Krasinski

There’s always a sleeper-agent. Looks normal, dresses normal, nice personality, very likeable. In general Jim’s just an all around good “dude.” I don’t even think he’s a bad alien, seems like the type to share his technology and other alien information. Now, I can’t confirm he’s our sleeper agent, but I do know one thing for certain … there’s always one. *UPDATES TO FOLLOW*

4.) Dennis Rodman

This one’s straight up a zoink-ball. Doesn’t even hide the fact he’s not human, wear’s that shit like a badge of honor if I’m honest. From the wacky game-day fits, to the close relationship to the North Korean Dictator I think it’s safe to assume Ole Dennis has been around the Milky Way a time or two if you’re smellin’ what I’m stepping in.

5.) George Lucas

After years of going on space opera-esque adventures with his gang of rebels, George hangs up his cloak and saber to share the stories of his amazing saga with the people of Earth. Sadly we mistake it for science fiction and turn it into a hit franchise. If only we would’ve taken him more literally.

6.) Betty White

No aliens here, just seeing how many times I can slip this national treasure into my blogs before Style catches on.


7.) Bjork

I think it’s safe to say if you’re familiar with any of her work or seen an interview you can agree this Icelandic singer/songwriter is straight up without a doubt not from Earth, and for those who don’t; Give her a listen/watch and try to argue with me she’s human. I will be gracefully waiting in the comment section.

Criminally Underrated Music Genres

I love Music. Possibly the most overstated sentence in the English language, as well as one of the most untrue. Typically followed by “except country” or “except rap” the statement “I love music” then becomes defunct. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their preference however one cannot simply dismiss an entire genre from having any good tunes because “I don’t listen to/ like that genre.” Likewise, “I love music” is a dangerous blanket statement that is perfect for queuing up genre trivia because of the absolute absurd amounts of musical genres people don’t typically discuss or think about. These are the most criminally underrated music genres that deserve to be commonplace in music discussions .

1.Big Band

Big Band music, often lumped together with Swing, is a genre of music typically defined by including 10 or more instruments. Building off of jazzy undertones and often lacking vocal contribution, Big Band music erupted in the early 20s- 40s however the genre still lives on and is growing today! Groups such as Snarky Puppy infuse the jazz style of traditional Big Band groups with modern instruments. Big Band is the absolute perfect background music for social events or small parties.

2. Japanese Surf Rock

Groups like The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean popularized Surf Rock in the mid to late 1960s. In a classic case of, anything you can do, I can do better, Japanese music groups took the Surf Rock genre to the net level. With a sound that can only be described as a surf-rock guitar being unlocked to its full potential, groups such as Takeshi Terauchi And Bunnys revolutionized the possibilities of the Surf-Rock genre. Honestly, I encourage everybody reading this blog to check out some Japanese Surf Rock, you will not regret it!

3. Space Rock

Yeah, you heard me right, Space Rock. I cannot stress enough how much Space Rock needs to make a mainstream resurgence! The objective of Space Rock is to obtain an other-worldly sound, typically this is accomplished by the use of distortions, wild amounts of reverb, and instruments including guitars, synthesizers, and even the occasional thereon. Popularized n the 1960s as space and cosmic intrigue was at an all-time high, these early effects-heavy tracks create almost an eerie feeling of intrigue! My bandmate put it best describing the sound as the music equivalent to playing the hit game Destroy All Humans.

4. Psycedellic Space Rock

Like Space rock? Well, we’re breaking it down into a subgenre now! Psychedelic Space Rock takes the eerie unearthly feeling of space rock and combines it with the detached mindset of Psychedelic Rock. Emerging in the late 60s to mid-70s, This genre can serve as a much-needed alternative to the Lo-Fi and Classical music many use to kick back, unwind, relax, or study!

5. Western

Now before you anti-country die-hards click away allow me to clarify, WESTERN MUSIC IS NOT THE SAME AS COUNTRY MUSIC! You can consider it a predecessor to Country or even Bluegrass for that matter but Western music is its own entity. Comprised of Spanish guitar and often upright bass, the key to Western music is the storytelling. Possibly the richest in backstory of all the musical genres, Western music goes into great detail describing stories, events, folklore, and tales of tragedy. The absolute best genre in my opinion for long road trips or sitting around a fire, Western music focuses on the story rather than any eccentric musical accompaniments. The unappointed King of the Western Balled, Marty Robbins.