Cyber Monday Steals

The best Cyber Monday deals and steals of 2021.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have seemingly been extended to the entire month of November, there’s still the day of magic for that special sale. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most anticipated Cyber Monday sales to save you the internet runaround.

Hulu Subscriptions

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Starting out strong, one of the best savings out there on something for everyone. Hulu is offering a $12 fo 12 month subscription plan for Cyber Monday! Typically $6.99 a month, this deal will end up saving you roughly $72 over the course of the year!

Samsung 70in Smart TV

One of the forefathers of the Cyber Monday shopping list, BestBuy is currently offering deals on Samsung 70in smart TVs. Typically running you $750, BestBuy now has these smart TVs on sale for $599. There’s never a bad time to upgrade your TV game, why not save $150 in the process?

Windows Laptops

Bestbuy is back at it again, but what else would you expect from one of the worlds top electronics suppliers on Cyber Monday? Currently in preparation Bestbuy is offering up to $500 off on select Windows laptops! Take the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 touch screen laptop, typically retailed at $1400, now available for $899.99!

Google Nest

If you’re like us here at The Rebel Studios, Google Home runs the show. Now available tie all your miscellaneous smart devices together is the half priced Google Nest Hub Smart Display, Originally priced at $100, The Nest Hub can be grabbed this Cyber Monday for only $50!


Connection Chaos

When we think of the world today everyone and everything is connected by one thing. What is that you might be asking well its tech more so “smart”- phones. Today were going to talk about if they never existed what the world would be like and how people might be.

5. Without the invention of the smartphone there would be no “streaming” no “Netflix and chill” and companies like Blockbuster would still be in business. Picture it, it’s a Friday night you and your friends are bored so you head down to the local video store grab your favorite copy of a movie. people did that every weekend and enjoyed the experience it built memories that will last a lifetime. Now people will never know those memories with the smartphone around.

4. People use to remember things before the smartphone if you need to go somewhere you used a map, there was no google maps. If you needed to call someone there were no “contacts” you had to remember the number and dial it. Now with the smartphone people forget everything.

3. Info at our fingertips which causes people to know too much too fast can cause people to overreact in a second which is all caused by smartphones.

2. With the invention of the smart phone came I think a real problem that doesn’t get a lot of attention and that is cyber-bullying its one thing to talk to someone face to face but it’s another to be a keyboard warrior.

  1. Here we are the number one thing that would change if we didn’t have smartphones. People would have nowhere to share their opinion with the creation of social media everyone in the world can share their opinion which causes a lot of extra stress for people all because someone thinks people care about what they say.

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