Top Marriages and Weddings from Grey’s Anatomy.

There has been so many relationships on Grey’s Anatomy, but only some have become actual marriages.

Below is a list of my favorites from the first 10 seasons.

  1. Meredith & Derek- I absolutely loved it when Meredith and Derek gave up their wedding that really neither of them wanted for Alex and Izzie and had a post-it marriage instead.

2. Izzie & Alex- I loved their wedding simply because Izzie spent most of her time in the hospital planning Meredith and Derek’s wedding but when Izzie took a turn for the worst they gave up their wedding and let Izzie and Alex have their perfect wedding.

3. Callie & Arizona- I know their marriage wasn’t the greatest with the whole plane crash and cheating and everything but they were my favorite part of their wedding was when Bailey officiated the wedding because the minister got sick.

4. Teddy & Henry- Initially Teddy only married Henry so that he could have insurance but eventually Teddy really grew to love Henry and was utterly heartbroken when he died.

5. Miranda & Ben- I loved when Webber showed up to take her to her wedding because he didn’t want her to drive herself but then it took a complete turn when Bailey had been pulled away to operate on Adele, the best part of that is Ben completely understood that Bailey had to save Richard’s wife and were happily married by the end of it.

6. Richard & Adele- We all knew that this was not the best marriage but Richard really cared Adele and I know we never saw their wedding but we did get a flashback of him remembering their first dance during Bailey and Ben’s wedding and it was a solid tear jerker.

7. Cristina & Owen- I know that this Marriage wasn’t the best and it didn’t happen at the perfect time… you know after the shooting… I loved how relaxed Cristina was but you know that is just how she was not wearing white because she thought it was “sexist and vaguely racist” I think that this pairing was the best choice for the both of them simply because they grounded each others craziness.

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