The Listeners Vs.Jake Schrader

Jake Schrader is being summoned to Rebel ‘s Court Wednesday September ninth on the grounds of failure to appear along with failure to produce.

Jake has been absent the past two episodes of Thee Rebel Podcast, The first of which resulted from a no call no show and was accompanied by incomplete social media performance. The second absence resulted from Style restricting Jake’s presence from recording due to the continued lack of work through out the week.

See Evidence Below

On the next episode of The Rebel Podcast, Jake will appear in front of the other members of the team in order to defend his case as to why he should retain his position. Half Point will act as the prosecution as to why Jake should not be able to remain on the show.

The ultimate deciding factor however, is the ruling of the listeners. In order to either keep Jake on the show or levy for his removal loyal listeners of The Rebel Podcast may chose to either defend of prosecute Jake Schrader!

Be Heard Providing Your Testimony On The Show!

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