Artificial Intelligence Podcast

AIP or The Artificial Intelligence Podcast is a monthly show comprised with the goal of having every aspect of it made by AI. The brainchild of Style, AIP is entirely written by AI, The podcast art is created by AI, artificially voiced, and even the music heard in the background has been composed by AI! There is as little human input in each episode as possible with the only text directly written by man being: “Hello and welcome to the podcast. I’m Your host,” which can be heard to start out each episode. The remainder of the show is entirely comprised of artificial intelligent generated script.

Episode 6: AI Was Abducted by Aliens The AI Podcast

Artificial Intelligence seems to recount several occasions of it's "Family" being abducted by extraterrestrials.  "I remember thinking, "Yeah, because you're having the computers and the computers are picking up on everything I'm doing." After they took pictures of me, they went into the backyard and the circle and the red light disappeared and the black circle disappeared and they took pictures of me again." The script, the podcast art, and even the backing music were all designed by Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, AI discusses comedy in politics, how the media tells us what to think politically, and how AI views republicans vs democrats. "Politics is a tricky business and if you think about it, it's pretty obvious that politics has become a major part of the news media. With the election, political talk is mainstream, even mainstream entertainment. The media is promoting political debates and promoting political news coverage. The media is helping to create the narrative and the storyline." For more info visit or join the Discord server.
  1. Episode 6: AI Was Abducted by Aliens
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