Grey’s Anatomy: My Favorite Show of all Time!

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite shows of all time. Although I had watched many of the episodes when I would hang out with my sister, I enjoyed starting from the beginning.

The show starts it’s first season introducing five interns at the hospital and follows their journey as they move up the ranks in the hospital. As the interns grow as people, and surgeons, they move up in the hospital and eventually some of them eventually become world-class surgeons. The show takes its audience through a whirlwind of emotions including love, grief, anger, suspense, and sadness. The show is a perfect balance of drama and suspense, as the patients in the hospital fight hard to stay alive. Each episode focuses on a few medical cases. Often times they leave watchers with tears in their eyes as they watch patients battle their own bodies. The surgeons fight their hardest to save each patient and each case allows them to grow into better surgeons. Each episode focuses on a certain problem and ends with the narrator of that episode (always one of the characters) sharing the overall moral of the story. This allows viewers to have a new outlook on life and often left me appreciating what I have.

The show is currently on it’s seventeenth season and is still captivating audiences all over. It took me a couple months to finish the seasons on that are on Netflix, so do not take on this task if you will give up easily. It’s no show for a rookie “binge watcher”. Watching the show from beginning to end will allow you to become very connected to the characters in their lives. I often found myself acting as if I knew them myself.

Grey’s Anatomy is a good show to watch because it is popular and many people have seen it. You are bound to have many friends who have also fallen in love with the show and will talk with you for hours on end sharing their likes and dislikes and honestly there could be some disagreements that you could talk about for a couple more hours.

The show is definitely one of my all-time favorite television dramas and I would highly recommend it to anyone– boys and girls alike. I give this show five stars and am currently watching it over again, because it is just that good.

blog by Julez for Styles Rebel Radio

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