Why Fallout Should Have Vehicles

The Fallout series by Bethesda has been experiencing a drop in sales over the past few years. Ever since Fallout 76, less and less people are becoming interested in the story and franchise. My boss and I were recently in a meeting discussing what would cause an increase of sales, and I proposed the idea of having a variety of vehicles around the wasteland.

Cinematic Cars


Everybody loves the stories of Dukes of Hazard and SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. But imagine yourself running into one of these cars whilst traversing the wasteland. You’d be hootin’ and hollerin’ too if you experienced this like I did in the picture above.

Speedy Bois

Also Bossman

Who needs mods to make your character go faster when you have the fastest car in the wasteland? Being able to find, restore, and drive around the wasteland running over ghouls and raiders will make you feel like the king himself.

Own Your Own Business

Another Bossman

A super reliable way to earn caps! Think of it as the player trading Fallout 76 offered but with sick ass cars. It’s a reliable way to get to the quests you want without fast traveling. You could also have the hottest car in the whole server making you a target, or a stud.

Become A Professional

You already know

Forza ain’t got shit on these new Fallout ideas. Become the most experienced and respected racer in the wasteland. Battling other players and NPCs in epic tracks and open roads. You could also use this experience for extremely effective drive-by’s on those who deserve it.

Learn the Trade


Learn the REAL LIFE trade in the newest addition to the Fallout series. Who needs schooling and an apprenticeship when you can make an online living repairing the vehicles of the experienced racers and criminals. Imagine yourself as Ellie from the famous Borderlands series and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.


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